What does Ollie dog food make 2024?

This company mainly deals in producing dog foods; more specifically, Ollie dog food makes fresh, human-grade, and nutrient-dense recipes for dogs.


Ollie is another DTC brand that delivers fresh, human-grade food for dogs with options for each dog based on their needs. However, let’s take a look at what Ollie actually produces and how it differs from all the other standard dog food manufacturers? This article will detail the various products that Ollie has in its offerings, what these products are made of, and what Ollie believes about nutrition for dogs.

Ollie’s Dog Food Options

Human-Grade Ingredients

Ollie recalls that in its dog food recipes it makes use of human-grade ingredients. This therefore refers to ingredients that have gone through scrutiny to be used in food preparation for human consumption and are safe and of high quality. Ollie boasts about the quality of all their meats, fruits vegetables, and supplements that they use in the preparation of their meals. Their kitchens operate at the highest standard of hygienic food production for human consumption.

Tailored Recipes

It is important to note that Ollie has a competitive advantage that is ready-made dog food recipes which are customized by your dog’s age, breed size, health issues and other factors. When you signup, you fill out a short survey about your pup and it’s food preferences, and Ollie crafts tailored meals to deliver the best nutritional balance. The recipes themselves can also be tweaked over the existing time and according to the needs.

Meal Options

Ollie also comes with full meals that include their proteins, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables while the three are proteins with no produce or carbohydrates. These include; Human grade beef, chicken and turkey proteins.

Delivery Options

Ollie delivers healthy and tasty dog meals to your doorstep based on the frequency of every week to once every sixth week. This is important in order to ensure that the food is as fresh as possible when the pup consumes the food. All deliveries include Ollie reusable tote bags and vacuum-sealed meals for portions that last approximately 3-4 days each kept fresh in your cooler or freezer.

Ollie’s Dog Food Ingredients


High-Quality Proteins

At the base of every Ollie recipe is protein of superior quality and quality that is safe for human consumption. Poultry can vary with the kind of recipe made to fit the customer’s preferences and may comprise of beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, freshwater trout among others. From the movie Ollie strictly follows source requirements to make sure that the animals used are treated well and are of good quality.

Vegetables and carbs

These supply energy, fiber & essential nutrients. Dogs requiring grain-free products have the opportunity to choose dishes without carbs or grains.

Oils and Supplements

Ollie recipes can further have added oils and supplements such as cod liver oil, calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin etc. as per the requirement of your dog. All these promote the health of the skin, coat, joints, heart, and immune system. Dosages are in compliance with other veterinary dosage standards found in the literature.

Doesn’t contain any additives or extra ingredients

Notably, Ollie has eliminated the use of any additives, artificial preservatives, by products or any other ingredients that have no nutritional value. Their short, clean label enables one to know what goes into a particular recipe that feeds your dogs and makes them healthy.

Cook Temperatures

It is essential to cook meat and vegetables to such conditions that would kill all the possible bacteria and pathogens. This standard is similar to using food manufacturing for people against lower standards often incorporated in pet food production factories.

Tested for Quality

In the process of producing each batch, Ollie performs quality control tests touching on bacteria, pathogens, ingredients, and other nutritional aspects to be sure they meet the predetermined goals. This is done by ensuring that any shortages or lack of elements are removed by way of disposal of the particular food.

Flash Frozen

Once prepared, all Ollie meals are then portioned and flash-frozen using a method that maintains the flakiness of nutrients and food quality. Temperatures therefore decreases sharply from about 1600F to well below freezing point within a short period of time.

Vacuum Sealed

Every pack of frozen food is packed in a resealable vacuum bag to exclude air and keep away freezer burn and ice consequently affecting texture and nutrient value when the goods are still frozen.

Safely Store For Months

Therefore, Ollie meals can be stored frozen and packed in a vacuum-sealed bag; the quality of the food decays only slightly when frozen for 6 months. Consumers just stew or boil the food and store it in the refrigerator or freezer to be served as needed.

Gentle Reheating

Ready to eat, the vacuum packed pouches are opened and the content are then warmed up using microwave, oven or by heating it on a pan on a stove. Cooking guidelines are given for reheating thus keeping food quality, taste, appearance, and texture intact along with acting as a guideline to ensure safe consumption. Now, let’s pour it and head to the party!

The guidelines on nutrition and sourcing of foods for Ollie’s Company.

Veterinary Designed

In order to provide balanced, complete and healthy meals to dogs, through its recipes, Ollie works with a Veterinary Nutritional Advisory Board that ensures the recipes correspond to the nutritional standard and is based on scientific evidence.

Whole Food Ingredients

Unlike kibble filled with processed meat meals, vague ingredients such as ‘by-product,’ and synthetic nutrient ‘fortifying,’ Ollie offers real food digestibility with wholefood sources visible to the naked eye, with Innate Trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids and many more.

Strict Sourcing

Ollie’s ingredients range from meats, vegetables to nutritional supplements and to date it takes its time to scrutinize suppliers to meet its animal welfare standards, safety measures, testing and quality control mechanisms which are not common among other commercial pet foods producers.

Analytical Testing

Apart from supplier screening, the food delivery service provider known as Ollie conducts regular laboratory tests of finished meals including microbes, pathogens, bacteria, mold, and nutrient profiles. According to most of the food recipes, if one batch does not satisfy the requirements, the whole lot is considered as useless.

Veterinary Approvals

In an effort to gain third party endorsement to their quality, all recipes that Ollie produces have been reviewed and endorsed by veterinary nutritionists from some of the reputable universities in the United States, including Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, and University of California, Davis.

Delivering to Your Door

Automatic Shipping

After enrolling by taking the 3-minute diet quiz, Ollie comes with a feature of automatically scheduled deliveries of the customized meals to avoid running out of stock. Constant shipment of individual plans or as infrequently as once every six weeks.

To Your Door

Each meal pouch is vacuum sealed and comes with a box and reusable cloth bags which can be recycled. All orders are delivered packed with recyclable insulation and gel packs that make sure its contents are either frozen or refrigerated if required The shipping is free and comes right to your doorstep.

Pause or Cancel Anytime

As you will find, Ollie has the right cadences suggested by nutritionists but the flexibility is given to the user in terms of ordering and changes can always be made to the order through the dashboard if needed.

Ollie’s sustainability efforts

Ollie wants to position itself as the market leader in healthy and environmentally friendly food as awareness of these issues increases among the consumer population. Below are some of the major activities they have embraced.

Responsible Sourcing

From the farm to the plate, Ollie is committed to sourcing ingredients from suppliers who are adopting farming practices that enhance the health of the soil, decreasing the use of chemicals and ensuring proper treatment of livestock from birth to slaughtering.

Reduced Processing

Ollie was created with minimally processed whole food recipes free of artificial preservatives that radically decrease energy demand, water usage, chemical leaching, and packaging in contrast to industrial pet food production.

Reusable Packaging

It is also worth pointing out that all shipments come with canvas tote bags, which are reusable in an effort to reduce disposable cardboard and plastic. Ollie also offers a refill service for bags that get ripped off, with prepaid shipping labels for recycling.

Renewable Materials

Using FSC certified recyclable shipper boxes for the meals and plant-based insulation sheets made of renewable sugarcane and wheat fibers, Ollie makes use of renewable and compo stable resources where feasible.

Donations and Outreach

Ollie has donated meals for over 500,000 dogs that a re being sheltered. They also host and support pup events and workshops regarding care and feeding of pets, beh avior modification, and many more.


All in all, Ollie stands out from other meal delivery services for dogs by providing homemade whole food recipes for your dog based on his or her dietary needs and delivering the meals right to your door. Besides having human-grade food, high standards in their professional-level kitchen and forage, veterinary-designed meals, and environmental sustainability, Ollie is a great choice to improve your dog’s quality of life. Visit them to find out if tasty Ollie fresh meals tailored for your pet could be a great solution that will come right to your door.

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