The Allure of Acrylic Nails: A Beginners Guide for Achieving the Best Manicure.

Gel or acrylic nails have been widely adopted by women as a nail enhancement technique across the globe. Contrary to nail polish which fades off after some time with some cracks appearing, acrylics can last for weeks depending on how they are taken care of. Not only are the acrylic manicures full of colours and possibilities of different designs, but they also blend with the natural nail so smoothly that it is no surprise that the procedure has its devoted fans.

In this detailed guide, whether you’re a first-time acrylic wearer or are on the lookout for your next new set, we have got you covered.

What are Acrylic Nails?

It is a nail product which is created from polymer powder and liquid monomer and falls under the category of nail enhancements. The combination develops into a thick paste which is followed by painting the paste over the nail that is located at the fingertip and using hands sculptor, it is then influenced into the required shape.It is cured within 30 seconds to a minute under UV lamp or LED lamp and sticks to the nail bed tightly providing a protective layer that can last for weeks at a time.

Acrylic Nail Shapes

Indeed, the shape of the acrylic nail extension will prove to be an effective way of changing the appearance of your hands. From the traditional round to the modern fashionable points, the technology of today enables one to shape the acrylic nails into any that they desire.

Some popular acrylic nail shape options include:Some popular acrylic nail shape options include:

– Oval: The oval is a shape recognized worldwide that perfectly complements the fingers by making them look longer. It is suitable for those who have long and short nail beds, and it avoids the need for any kind of enhancement.

– Squoval: The squoval in turn is exactly what its name suggests, an amalgamation of square edge tool and a rounded tool with sharp corners smoothed at the ends. This shape is simply a stylish oval that is perfect for today’s fashion.

– Almond: More pronounced than the oval shape, the almond shaped nails have a sharper tip and are slim towards it. This shape is ideal for mid and below average nail beds as well as long nail beds.

– Square: Finally, if one is seeking a more edgy, geometric design, square acrylic nails terminate in right angles, with corners that are jagged on the sharp end. They give the picture of having wider fingers than that which is actually present.

– Coffin: But less glamorous than the almond shape, coffin nails are long, thin, and pointed at the very end. They are more famously known as ballerina nails; they give out a striking fashion statement.

Acrylic Nail Finishes

Aside from selecting a shape, there are other aspects of acrylic manicure which you can also further tailor according to your preference. From shiny gloss to matte vehicle today acrylic finishing offers a range from glamour to sophistication to elegance or even simplicity with neutrals.

Some popular acrylic nail finish options include:Some popular acrylic nail finish options include:

– Glossy: This silky gloss provides acrylics with a wet-look luster that looks remarkably fresh, even in the light.

– Matte: Therefore we can classify them as having an ultra-modern minimalist look due to their non-reflective, velvety appearance.

– Chrome: Serious bling is available in chrome acrylic which gives an iridescent mirror-like reflection.

– Glitter: Not only does glitter make acrylic nails that much more fabulous but it also increases the fun level. You may choose between a glitter acrylic style where all the nails have glitter or a style of having glitter only in certain parts of the nails.

– Colour Ombre: Colour gradient acrylics: fade effects apply two or more colours on the same nail and blend them in the most natural way possible.

– Marble: Among the many nail art designs currently on trend, the faux marble nails design is the most popular.Several features are put into the nails to ensure that they are all differently twisted to have a pattern that resembles the formation of stones.

Acrylic nail enhancements benefits:

The following are some of the reasons why individuals go for acrylic nail enhancements:

– Reinforce Weak Nails: Acrylic products are applied to place on the natural nails for a shield that is flexible and made of artificial material. This is quite beneficial for strengthening the soft, fragile nails which tend to split and break easily.

– Lengthen Nails: You can wear acrylic extensions since they enable you to adjust the length of your nails. You could shave your lower extremities right down to the skin and get nails as sharp as claws within an hour of the beauty salon. Grow your nails longer not only because they look beautiful but also because you will not be able to bite them.

– Hide Nail Flaws: Fine lines, ridges, and even stains are impossible to see when the acrylic has been applied evenly on the skin. Both the extensions allow one to start with a clean sheet, as it were, to enhance the application of nail polish.

– Creative Options: It is a technique that allows for creative freedom that cannot be found when doing a regular manicure. That is why, when it comes to acrylics, every week one can have completely different nails, for example, regarding their shape, colour, length, ornamentation, etc., you see what I mean?

The Acrylic Application Process

Now that you are in the know that acrylic nails are not limited and can be made to suit a client’s natural nails, let’s know what takes place during a normal acrylic nail booking.

It usually takes about an hour or more if it is the first time that the full set of equipment is applied. Growth taking less time is fill-in appointments.Here is an overview of the basic acrylic nail process:Below is a brief description on how to do basic acrylic nails:

  1. Grooming – This the first thing that your nail technician will do to prepare you for washing and shaping your nails and cutting your cuticles.

 They will also polish and soak the skin of the nails in order to smoothen them and create a good base for the gel polish.

  1. Sizing – For the purpose of understanding your preferred nail length and the general shape of your nails, your nail beds and fingers are sized. It is recommended that if you are going to use acrylic extensions, they should be in the correct size of the hands.
  1. Removal of nail polish – When preparing to apply acrylic, your nails have to be first treated with glue. This is a step that helps ensure that the acrylic adheres correctly to the surface without any issues of lifting or falling off. Some technicians also use nail glue for enhanced grip as well as to meet customer expectations.
  1. Acrylic Application – Using a brush paint applicator the acrylic powder and liquid monomer are mixed to a wet dough like consistency. The acrylic mixture is then skillfully applied and molded over your natural nail to form the nail extension length and style you require.
  1. Finishing – After the acrylic becomes hard, perhaps in under 30 seconds when exposed to the UV or LED lamp, your nail technician has to use files and buffers to smoothen the shape. The contours are polished to the best of the surface.
  1. Additional coats – The last process is to give the final coat to the nail finish of your choice whether it is a high shine of a matte effect. Some insert diamonds or glint with rhinestones or chrome powder at this stage.

Acrylic nails care:

Acrylic nails are fake nails that are worn by people especially women to enhance their appearance of their nails.To care for them you should:

If you follow proper care of your acrylic nails, then it conforms with a duration of 4-6 weeks before a fill is required. To get the most longevity and prevent costly breaks, be gentle with your acrylic extensions and follow these care tips:As mentioned earlier, it is vital to take utmost care of the acrylic extensions so as to ensure that they can last for long and that there will not be frequent, or rather expensive breaks.

– Don’t select them and then peel them.  Avoid tearing, ripping, or biting acrylics as they are likely to peel off the natural nails along with them.

– Could use the palms instead of nails whenever you are opening any cans/bottles/doors to avoid the pressure.

– Never use bare hands when cleaning and washing dishes as this will make the acrylics dry and cause them to chip due to friction.

– Treat nails gently.  Do not utilize them as utensils, and refrain from banging the object against a hard surface.

– Soak and massage cuticles and nails with oil on a daily basis in order to avoid splitting or lifting where cuticles meet nails.

– Apply a base coat which you want to protect it from getting stained from dark polish you want to apply.

– Sand in tiny splits and dents as soon as possible to ensure that they do not widen any further.

– Do not take out your own acrylics. One should seek the services of a professional in order to remove this crawly in order to avoid damaging it and risking injury.

That is why, if no harm is done to your nails with your fingers, the quality acrylic manicure can last longer than even the most hard wearing polished lacquer.

Acrylic Nails Removal Process

At some point the product in question becomes too large to remain in contact with the cuticle effectively so it is removed and replaced. You also should also take out the damaged acrylics as soon as possible.

Even though it is quite appealing to remove chipping acrylics, this can shed layers of the natural nails. However, do not attempt to do it on your own, instead seek for a professional removal appointment.

Here is what typically happens during acrylics removal:Here is what typically happens during acrylics removal:

  1. Soaking – This is a process of softening the acrylic nail from the natural nail surface by immersing your hands in a nail polish remover with pure acetone for about 15-20 minutes.
  2. File Remove – Scraping off the acrylic nails with a small file, a drill or a cuticle pusher, your technician makes sure not to harm the natural nails beneath the acrylic.
  3. Buff and Shape – Once you have washed your natural nails for one and a half hours or more, your nails are then buffed and polished. A strengthening treatment might be used if a nourishing treatment is deemed necessary.
  4. Clean up – There is a final washing of nails to ensure that all remnants of acrylic are removed then you apply a basic polish to the nails or leave them without polish.

It is better to do this gradually than try and pry them off yourself which will cause permanent harm. Many salons offer a soak-off removal service, but the prices may vary from $15 to $30.

A quick Guide to Selecting an Acrylic Nail Technician

Spare no effort in establishing that not all nail salons and technicians use good products and have professional artistic skills required in creating perfect acrylic nails.When searching for your acrylic nail professional, look for these positive indicators:Thus, when looking for a suitable acrylic nail expert, you should consider the following signs:

– Specialized Acrylic Training: Request information about how the technicians were trained and certified on the use of acrylic. This is a training that goes beyond basic manicure/pedicure training, though it may incorporate aspects of it.

– Experience Level: Ask the number of years the company has been operating, opinions, and duration of time that the technicians have been providing acrylic services. You want someone who knows about providing acrylic finishing.

– Quality Products: Responsible salons buy salon-grade acrylic powder and liquid monomers from such companies such as Young Nails, Tammy Taylor, and CND. Avoid locations where installed material is low-grade hardware store acrylic products that don’t bond as well.

– State Licensing: Most states require nail techs to provide proof that they have a current license in cosmetology or nail technician and documents that show they meet safety and sanitation standards. Ensure that the respective active state licenses are clearly displayed.

– Sanitation: Make sure that all tools used in the service of the clients are clean or preferably sterilized and the workplaces are clean. This greatly reduces infections.

Based on the above findings, it is clear that although acrylic nails cost more initially than simply changing polish, they last longer if properly applied. Picking a good acrylic nail technician is key to maintaining healthy and glamorous nails from your natural nail during the manicure.


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