Elegant gel nails: Guide for Elegant and Professional Looking Nails at Home


It is common to see more and more people opting for gel manicures since they are neat, smooth and they last long. Gel polish does not wear off like typical nail polish does after three or four days; rather, it is UV cured to produce a very hard, enamel-like finish on nails that can remain intact for weeks at a time.

Although professional gel nail polish applied by the nail salon contributes to the glamorous look, it is relatively expensive in the long run. Fortunately, the current available gel polish kits available in the market allow one to achieve appealing gel nails like those obtained from a professional nail salon but at a cheaper cost.

One can find home gel manicure systems which include everything starting with the base and ending with the top coat for chip-free nails. The common products that are found in most types of kits are LED lamp, gel nail polishes, nail cleanser, primer, bonder, and tip guides. These systems make it very convenient for anyone to gel nails to perfection without any professional help with a little practice.

If you fancy getting to know the finesse of the gel nails with no going to the salon, then read on. Here, in this extensive article, I am going to explain to you all the necessary information to get gorgeous, sophisticated gel manicures at home.

Selecting the Best Gel Nail Polish Kit

In particular, it is necessary to note that there are only a few at-home gel mani systems by trusted brands available on the market. Specifically, although the contents of the kit between different brands may not be significantly different, quality and wattage of LED lamps can be different. Oh yes, lamps with higher wattage do aid in curing polish faster and more effectively that is why clients recommend using lamps with high wattage. Here is a brief on some of the prominent brands, you may wanna consider:

Makartt Gel Nail Polish kit:

Gel nail polish has today become something that everyone needs in their lives, but particularly women as it assists in enhancing the outlook of nails.

– 30+ Gel polish colors trends

– The inventive concept of the invention lies in developing a portable 40W LED lamp.

– Lacquer, sealer, cleanser etc are some of the additional items that are included.

– Budget-friendly price point

Modelones Gel Nail Polish Kit:

– 30+ color selections

– It has a 48W LED lamp which is a powerful source of lighting.

– Oils/gels/specialty products for gel mani + pedi

– Cure times are substantially shorter than those that specify conventional heat-cured ceramics.

Revolution Gel Nail Polish Kit:

– The Premium 48W LED lamp is one such product.

– Wide color selection

– Tools with guides and nails, respectively

– Travel-ready case

Even though budget kits such as Makartt can be used to get started, purchasing an enhanced system like Modelones or Le Mini Macaron will yield better polish quality, quicker curing period and longer durations.

Proper nails preparation:

Before applying gel to nails, it is essential to follow a few steps to ensure proper nail preparation.

Gel manicures are famous for their long-lasting and bubble and peel-free nature of the nails The following procedures are important for proper nail preparations for gel manicure.This will make the gel polish to lift, chip or peel off before the expected time if the nails are not prepared appropriately. Follow these tips for ideal nail bed preparation before your at-home gel mani:

Remove Old Nail Polish

Begin by wiping off nail polish using non-acetone nail polish remover if you want to start from scratch. Even acetone removers should be avoided with gel since they are too harsh on the hands and tend to dry the skin. An oil-infused remover will make the nail bed smooth as it conditions, upon correct use, it will strengthen the natural nails.

Trim and File Nails

If nails are previously avulsed, use clippers and a file to trim nails to the appropriate size and structure. Make sure it is clean shaven especially round the edges to avoid future tears and fraying.

Push Back Cuticles

In order to remove the cuticles, use a cuticle pusher/remover tool to apply moderate pressure around the nail plate. Do not cut the cuticles as this can lead to hangnails and eventual bacterial infection.

Use Nail Dehydrator

They are normally supplied with the gel kits in the form of the nail prep dehydrator/cleanser; use a lint- free wipe to wipe the nails. This cleans the nails removing all the residual oil and creates a surface that is suitable for the application of gel polish.

Apply Bonder

After filing and polishing the nails, apply a thin coat of nail bonder to each nail and place it under the LED lamp for 30-60 seconds. Essentially, Bonder serves as a first layer, which prepares the surface to ensure that gel polish will bond correctly.

Ways to Make Home Gel Application look Unnatural

Although gel manicures are durable and less likely to cause harm to the nails, the application involves very delicate handling. Skilled application is crucial here because hasty work or the improper use of certain steps eliminates the chance of getting the ideal look and results in a short duration.

Here are some common gel manicure mistakes to avoid on your home manis:

– Using the polish in the wrong technique by applying it too much

– A final note to the free edges if they are to be left messy

– Omission of proper nail plate cleaning

– This one neglected the nail bonder step

– The final stage of the process is that of curing and here again, errors can be made in that some batches may be cured for too short a time or perhaps unevenly.

– Leaving the nails without the glossy top coat finishing off

Closely monitoring and being keen on the small details goes a long way when doing your own elegant gel nails. Pay great attention to all kits instruction for perfect outcomes every time!

The steps to follow to get an elegant gel manicure

Gel polish is designed to give you the freedom to achieve any style or look you want, whether you want to stay subtle and natural or go full-out with bright and flashy nails! Here are useful application tips for achieving different elegant gel mani finishes:

The Ultimate Guide to Gel Manicure 

– Select one of the lightest neutral colour options, such as pale beige or pale pink.

– Thus, it is advisable to keep application very thin

– This is especially important for people with short nails as they should shun dark colors close to the cuticles.

– The final step is the surface varnish or applying a slick finish on the surface.

Classic French Gel Manicure

– In the case of painting tips, white gel polish is good to use.

– They are curve tip ovals that run parallel to cuticles.

– Both the painted area and the edged area need to be done with a detailed brush.

– Top with windshield smooth polish

Sleek Luminous Gel Polish Manicure

– Choose the best luminous gel polish color

– Use it slightly thicker on the sidewalls

– Cap free edges with minimal transitions

– Cure for two minutes is required if you wish to use dark shades.

– Finally, allow the surface to be sealed like a mirror.

Utilizing a great precision and some rather simple steps, one can easily and effectively achieve gorgeous gel nail designs perfect for any event right from the comfort of one’s home.

Elegant Gel Manicures: 

Pampering the nails after a gel manicure done at home is vital, and normally, gel manicure will last for about two to three weeks without chalking off or causing any harm to the nails. To get the most wear time from your elegant gel nails, be sure to:For your beautiful gel nails, it is advised that: – Take the appropriate steps in order to get the longest possible wear:

 – Apply nail oil on the nails daily in order not to cause dryness on the nail bed.

– It is also important not to scratch or pick at polish.

– This includes wearing gloves for wet work.

– Apply to any small chips as soon as possible

– It is however prudent to avoid free edge tapping.

This means that whenever growth initiates to cause lifting near the cuticle area, it is time to soak off the gels and apply polish again.

Gel nails are a popular choice, but they come with their fair share of dilemmas, most especially in the removal process, here are some tips on how to remove gel nails safely.

Although gel polish is quite durable in the sense that it does not chip or peel easily, it must be fully dissolved and soaked off to prevent the removal of layers of natural nails.

Safest DIY gel removal method:

– Rub surface lightly to remove greasy sheen

– Use nail polish remover that is composed purely of acetone.

– Cold water – cotton ball – apply on nail

– Tear off pieces of foil and cover each finger individually.

– Allow it to stand for 10 minutes before rinsing and washing it off.

That is why when removing polish it is helpful to use plastic nail tips as it is so much easier on the nail bed. Repeat this if any of the residue is left behind.

Why Are Gel Nails Better Than Normal Polishes? The gel manicures are slightly freer from some of the disadvantages seen in the lacquered polish which appears to be in the nail manicured appearance and longevity.

Consider the pros of gel polish,

Flawless Appearance

Gel polish provides nails a shiny and smooth appearance that imitates glass, and lasts for weeks.

Enviable Strength

Gel polish layers are built on the nails so they do not chip, crack or break despite the usage during rigorous hand tasks.

Quick Drying Time

LED lamps facilitate the quick curing of gel polish so you can enjoy a shield to your nails without smearing.

Super Convenient

Manicures with gel can be scheduled when desired, and these at-home gel kits enable them to be done at home.

Budget-Friendly Maintenance

To the average human being, the initial investment in supply might seem much but doing your gel manicure at home is a fraction of what you would spend on gel manicures in a salon monthly.

If you appreciate stunning nail designs that can withstand the rigorous activities you engage in, gel nails are highly fulfilling. At-home systems offer the same elegant stunning results, but not at the hefty price that is usually accompanied by professional systems.

Gel nails are one of the most popular types of nail enhancements today, and clients often ask various questions regarding the same.

Is it time to book an at-home gel manicure system but you are not sure how and where to start? Here we answer some commonly asked gel nail FAQs:

What is the truth concerning gel nails and the health of nails?

If used correctly, gel polish does not harm healthy nails on the natural nails as many people have thought. Soak off gels can be worn longer than other enhancements and are believed to be less damaging for nails. Do not select polish and go for nail oil for its health.

Nail gels are becoming popular mostly for home use because they last for an average of three weeks without chipping.

On average, people can do it themselves and keep the gel manicure up to 2-3+ weeks without any chips or any signs of damage if the nails are maintained properly.

The main differences between gel polish, builder gel, and shellac include the time it takes to dry, the tools used to apply it, and the type of gel that is used.

Gel polish and shellac are alike – gel polish is a ‘soak-off’ gel gel that applies color through the use of UV light. This builder gels can be applied to natural nails for extensions/sculpting only.

Which gel polish is better if applied at home?

Some of the best DIY gel brands include Makartt, Modelones, Sensationail, Lavish, Bluesky among others, with consideration to the quality and prices of their products. Compare pros of each!

Is it possible to have gel manicure done if one has weak or thin nails?

Allow me to be clear: gel polish is accessible to everyone, regardless of the state of their nails. Cut closer and into round shapes, to avoid breakage. Two dimensional fortifying treatments should be under gels.

It happens that sometimes my gel polish comes off – what could be the problem?

Possible causes of gel polish detachment at early include improper preparation, failing to apply bonder, shifting of nails during polymerization, application of oils/creams after gel application or trauma to manicure.

Is gel polish bad for kids’ nails?

In fact contrary to this belief, gel polish itself will not harm the nails of children if they are treated appropriately. The removal technique referred to as soak off might be uncomfortable for the younger kids. Use caution.

I recently got Gel nails done and I would like to know how I can make my Gel nails shiny again.

Always use nail oil for your nails after the gel manicure is done and gel sealant or topcoat cured under the LED light. Wipe over any areas that may have become lackluster after a week.

What is the secret to attaining an elegant gel manicure?

An elegant gel mani is said to be filed in a shape that compliments skin tone and type, very thin and neat polish application, pastel colors and the usual natural or cool tones, free edges that blend perfectly, texture is smooth and a high quality and glossy top coat.

Inspiration; Gel Polish Shades for the Elegant Nude Manicure

The key to a beautiful nude or natural pink gel nail polish job is to choose the best sheer and soft colours that are close to the skin tone. Here are beautiful gel color options to try:

Ballet Slippers – A tape of soft, sheer shade of pink that represents babies.

Blushing Bride – warm pink with nude undertones

Top Coat – sold as milky sheer white nude

Sandy Beach – movie star tan, pale

Marshmallow – translucent tender pink

Cover Pink – this is a bright pink akin to that of a ballerina.


Gel polish kits that can be used at home mean a lot because they offer fantastic opportunities to make beautiful manicures without waiting for salons and without getting professional help. Yes, the usage of gel requires some skills though it is easy to master and even an ordinary woman can get excellent results and long-lasting gel nails.

Buy a good gel system, spend time on preparation of nails and do not make these disastrous sins on nails. Braid the hair carefully while applying gels at the tips for a classy look, take proper care of it on a daily basis, and remove safely after 2-3 weeks. In relation to the normal polish, gels offer unbelievably long, perfect, impeccable and chipping free finish.

If you want to find out that you can have beautiful, well-maintained nails that will have other people thinking that you just got out of the nail salon – then try getting a gel manicure yourself. Taking care of minor aspects and making sure they are carried out continuously contributes greatly to the final outcome which embodies an aura of sophistication – all in all very classy.

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