Top Fashion Styling Tips: Elevate Your Wardrobe with Expert Advice


Fashion styling is a craft that lets you express your personality, and transform your life with the outfits you decide. Clothing always helps in defining the personality of a person, even before you open your lips to utter a word. Fashion tricks and tips will assist you to coordinate a fashion look that suits you in every way and makes you feel strong, beautiful and comfortable in your skin.

In fact, fashion is a rather liberal art where you can create numerous combinations and variations of your style vision.

Establishing a Signature & Logo Color Scheme

Amidst all the fashion trends that may be in and out of style during a given season, the secret to dressing well for years is to have one’s set of favorite colors they could easily rely on for stylish and classy outfits. Decide which of the above shades you find very suitable to contrast with your skin and hair tone. Blondes are best complemented by light pastel pink shades while browns enhance the beauty of the brunette hair color. Embrace what colors make you look great and feel amazing.

As for me, most people look great in glasses, their eyes are as beautiful as the color of the shades.

When you are buying new clothes, focus on which color people compliment more often and ensure you keep those colors in your wardrobe.

Invest in Versatile Basics

Basic pieces are the building blocks of good dressing and will be utilized to contribute in making clothes that leave one’s breath taken away. It is imperative to select the basic patterns and pieces in plain or solid shades of colors devoid of excessive prints or ornate work. Easy to accessorize – solid colors of blazers, faux leather leggings or v-nick tees transition well with trendy pieces such as, button down shirts, cropped flare jeans, cropped sweatshirts and neon computes to create a sophisticated look.

The 10 essentials include:

  1. White button-down shirt
  2. Faded blue jeans
  3. Black blazer
  4. Faux leather leggings
  5. Patterned scarf
  6. Hoop earrings
  7. Ballet flats
  8. Trench coat
  9. Band t-shirt
  10. Little black dress

Mix Textures and Fabric

This is why the use of contrast in a piece of clothing adds a bit more flair to the piece. Experiment with mixing and matching fabrics that balance the opposite characteristics, such as shiny leather with lightweight chiffon or textured wool and knit-laden garments with smooth, shiny skirts. Layering dimensions makes it easier to come up with a neatly arranged look because it breaks the monotony of using a single type of material.

Take care how specific fabrics drape across you and how they highlight and enhance the best of you. touched fabrics such as denim make the body look longer and thinner while soft and drapey fabrics enhance the curves.

Flatter Your Frame

Learn how to dress your body type to perfection and appreciate your unique figure. The 5 main somatotypes are the ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph, endomorphic mesomorph, and ectomorph mesomorph, and the attributes of each of these somatotypes must be completely understood to ameliorate one’s figure. Conduct a comparison of body confines by measuring the shoulder belt, midriff, and hipsterism circumferences.

Hourglass-Top and bottom are nearly equal in size; the middle part is narrow or constricted. Skinny jeans, wrap dresses and belted cardigans give curves definition and a flattering look when fitted.

Apple– This body type is characterized with broad shoulders and bust with more weight around the abdominal region. Dark shades together with vertical stripes on the suits, V-neck and A-line skirts moderate tone.

Pear– Fuller hips accompanied by slimmer shoulders and a well-defined abdomen. Fitted figure-hugging gowns, trousers or pants, A-line dresses, flared skirts, cropped or tucked in tops lengthen.

Inverted Triangle – The upper body was defined with broad shoulders and a thin waist compared to the hips. Emphasize the lower body area with choices like full skirts, tapered pants and loose draped tops.

Rectangle- least Body friendly, having straight no curves at all. Volume can be introduced through layers, such as a puff sleeve, and a peplum or wrap dress.

Accessorize to Elevate

For any outfit to be complete, it must be adorned with the right accessories that add a touch to the ensemble. Layered statement necklaces and cuffs can be worn to accentuate the face and make people look up more. Piled bangles, thin bands, and danglers complemented faces. Bolster with shades of entertaining color or touch by means of shoes such as colored heel or leather pumps, laced up boots with studs, wooden sandals or ballet flats with ribbons.

Even if they are in the simple styles such as circle, cylinder or even rattan, it would complete the whole look and add a little touch of the designer. Assert creativity desire in accessories such as sculptural pendants in the modernist spirit or insect brooches.

The accessories make or break an outfit and complete the style statement one desires.

This tutorial implies introducing certain changes to the concept of Elevate Basics in order to make it more interesting and complex.

The secret of getting ready and appearing as if everything is pulled together is being able to add interest to the most simple things, with the help of show-stopping layers and details. such accessories as graphic sweatshirts, oversize button-downs, ombre dusters, and embellished kimonos can turn dull outfits into glamorous boho luxe ensembles. Wear structured blazers over sheer pieces of clothing such as dresses to add interest and visual interest.

Use captivating covers to make basics more intriguing and make outfit finishes as unique as one’s personality and creativity.

Cultivate Signature Scents

Similar to accessories which give the final touch, good fragrances are the final product of a good branding. Scents are intimate and evoke memories, so by figuring out the perfect scent category it means you can put on the feelings and moments you love. Whether its citrus fruits or exotic lilies, warm vanillas or the simple fresh air, associating a scent cements your style.

Spend on perfumes that would not only give people the confidence to carry on with their day but also make people feel the glamor when the scent wraps them in a warm and cold embrace. Some luxury scents to consider adding:Some luxury scents to consider adding:

  • Chanel No. 5 – the first glamorous aldehyde, floral and timeless scent.
  • Le Labo Santal 33- exotic gentle fragrance of sandalwood and spice note of cardamom
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid – the scent of a rum-soaked black truffle with the sweet undertones of ylang ylang.
  • Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 – the royal essence of saffron and jasmine
  • Byredo Mojave Ghost – the scent of magnolia and Dominant heady notes with a trail of sandalwood musk
  • Yves Saint Laurent Libre – a luminous freshness of lavender and orange bloom.

Develop a Theme for Your Ultimate Lipstick vanity

Just like choosing favorite scents or deferring to a signature scent, there is a particular makeup look, which could be chosen to enhance one’s features – this kind of activity also demonstrates active personal style. For eyes, use a metallic colour swiped across the lid with full, long lashes.

Concentrate the shine on lips by applying a matte orchid or crimson stain and adding a layer of gloss. Take the green and orange tones to revive pale skin complexions with a dusting of bronzer, and highlighter applied along the contour of the cheekbones. Add more curves to the eyebrows to shape the face more effectively when groomed.

It means that you have to learn your face shape in order to use certain application techniques that would be best appropriate. There are 6 main face shapes:There are 6 main face shapes:

Oval – Apply blush by dabbing it on the highest point of cheekbones, then glide it towards temples. Apply the eyeshadow by spreading it across the lids starting from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer corner of the eye.

Heart – draw along the contour of the jaw line and hair line since it would be unfair to have the upper part heavily marked. Apply highlighter along center of face on chin area and blend very lightly on the apples of cheeks.

Round – Blend blush in the hollows of cheekbones and sweep down the hairline for slimmer cheek line. ConTouring: Contour under the cheekbones and jaw line to get that depth. Use highlighter and place it just below where the arch of the eyebrow would be.

Square – Smooth out ‘C’ shape with bronzer and blush blended back towards the hairline. When applying the shadows, use a light shimmery shadows on the inner corner of eyes. Using a soft blending brush for the matte shade, apply this colour on the outer third of the eyes.

Sweep blush across apples of cheeks blending back towards hairline Oblong – This is the next area. Blend first shade with depth towards the outer corner of the eyes to give width. Then, take light shimmery shadow and mix it in the inner corner of the eye.

Diamond – Brush on blusher to the area above the cheek bones patting it in with the tips of your fingers. Contour slightly underneath cheek bones blending into the hairline to bring out the slimness of the jaw. Swipe in a side-to-side direction from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner.

Maintenance for Closet and its Contents

A neat closet proclaims the process of building a personal stylish favorite items only capsule closet full of excitement. Declutter: If there are items you don’t touch, it is time to let go of them. Clean clothes make you feel refreshed and even the act of putting on a clean set of clothes feels and looks like a reward. Brush the pet hair off the fabric, do not use bleach as this will kill the color and wash in detergent with bluing additives.

Fine wares and knitted wears should be stored in breathable garment bags. Do not rub leather and suede pieces because this will result in the material becoming damaged by wearing and do not wear leather and suede without giving them enough time to dry up before wearing them again.

Polish scuffs off to restore vibrancy on shoes. Missing buttons must be replaced immediately, as well as loose hems should be mended so nothing gets in the way of comfortable wearing of preferred garments regularly. Dividing sections and the use of the slim hanger makes it all run smoothly with excellent access to items.

Define Your Seasonal Style

Perpetual fashion forwardchic is when a woman creates a style that is specific for a particular season and is linked together through the theme of the next collection that is appropriate for the change in energy of each solstice. As much as the hot summer’s June requires flirty flowy summer dresses, the bitter December nights require the warm, sultry velvets to swaddle comfortably.

Setting of aesthetics for every season can be based on the natural body attraction towards the certain colors, textures and silhouettes associated with respective temperatures.

Just as low-key murky browns, dusty yellows and warm greys capture the spirit of a crisp autumn frost, bright cherry reds, spots and ruffled dresses mirror the sumptuous freedom of the summer sun. In turn, I noticed what is formed of one’s current wardrobe, any holes found and then filled with intention.

Summer Look – Evoking a tropical image with bold and vivid hues, the use of synthetic fabric such as eyelet cotton, shorter lengths of skirts and dresses, and the popular strapped sandals.

Spring Fashion Trend – Floral designs on clothing, slipskirts, wedged espadrilles, denim shirts

Autumn Trend – Most notably the oversized sweaters, tall riding boots, olive green utility jackets, and plaids.

Winter Fashion Trend – How about wearing velvet all over, ribbed tights with ankle boots, top with fluffy sleeves, and capes.


Identifying the concept of signature style attributes by color, fit and textures of garments, accessories, makeup, and seasonal concepts makes fashion an enabler of positive transformation and human creativity. By applying these tips, the development of wardrobe literacy will occur progressively through consistent selective buying that transcends the aesthetic and focuses on the moral. Therefore, the last piece of fashion advice is understanding who you are in your inner core and embracing that being confidently with no regret.

Then there is the inward style, which should be defined with great care and then boldly put on.

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