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While the preparations to the wedding are always nice and beautiful, the stressful part which always comes with planning the wedding can be very stressful most especially if you are the bride- to-be or the groom to be. Preparations that go into a wedding are numerous, ranging from arrangement of services and various products, preparing the list of invitees, choosing the attire and many other tasks. Couples in most instances will be attentive to some aspects even if they are fully absorbed in planning issues of the wedding.This article seeks to highlight some of the things that engaged couples should avoid when planning for their wedding. Knowing these things can enable one to have a perfect planning period and perfect wedding without any hitches all through.

Picking a Date

A significant dimension of a wedding includes the selection of a date, which is among the initial topics that can be considered. This may seem straightforward, but there are actually a few key considerations couples often forget:While it may sound simple, there are really a couple of important points that partners fail to remember:

– Pull the date to see that the rest of the close family is free and those in the bride or groom entourage are also free so that their dates do not conflict.

– Ensure that venue, caterer, photographer and all intended service providers are free on the intended date before finalizing.

– Consider weather conditions we are planning to host either an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception.

– Therefore, to reduce Guy’s traveling time he or she has to avoid going out at the following times of the year when the number of people using the roads are high; during weekends, festive seasons etc.

One should resolve a date with the partner at the initial stage of the planning process when contracts are signed with venues and other vendors. Also do not forget to properly consult the date with your VIPs even if your event is large scale.

Creating a Budget

As much as it is a sensitive topic, money and finances can sometimes be a thorny issue especially when planning for the wedding. However, one of the biggest issues that people face when planning is not having an accurate budgeting plan. As with any business, the moment bills begin to accrue without any proper schedule or blueprint, financial issues and stress are not far behind. couples forget key elements when determining their budget:couples forget key elements when determining their budget:

– Conduct a survey of all the costs of vendors in the given area to ensure that the costs accrued are real estimates.

– Consider expenses such as tuxedos, engagement rings, invitations, decorations, candles, chairs, servers’ tips, and other necessities.

– Contain expected gifts from parent or other members of the family

– It is also important to leave for some leeway in the form of a buffer, especially for cases where more time is used than expected, or other unexpected incidents arise.

Discussing financial issues in advance and providing for the concrete plan in terms of budget minimizes chances to spend too much and face some problems later. Some specific costs you should revisit and review as you’re booking your vendors include the following.

Choosing Vendors

With many aspects of the wedding process being complex and tiring, one might postpone making a decision on vendors that are crucial for the event such as the photographer, the DJ, the Florist, etc. Couples often forget to:

– It is advisable to look for research options early, and the respective vendors should be booked 6-12 months prior.

– Verify packages, costs, customer feedback, and samples of completed assignments carefully

– It is advisable to ensure that all necessary reservations are made and proper contracts that state payment and policy agreements are signed.

– It is also important to discuss the contingency measures in the event that a vendor is unavailable on the big day.

Influential vendors require bookings in advance hence it is recommended that one gets to book as early as possible during the planning stages. Hiring your preferred list of wedding pros doesn’t just help when time is of the essence. Do the same for your vendor contracts and payment terms as well just to keep yourself organized.

Making a Guest List

One of the most challenging tasks that are often sensitive when it comes to choosing the number of wedding guests to invite and which family and friends to invite is the wedding guest list. This sort of discussion generally prefers deferring specifics until save the dates are due. Unfortunately failing to collaborate on a guest list can cause problems down the road including:Unfortunately failing to collaborate on a guest list can cause problems down the road including:

– Conflict within the family if one particular group is not invited or if they feel they have been ignored.

– It might just implode if the list gets to explode and venues and catering are too small.

– Over budget if now will host more people than estimated

Of course, the number of individuals who are invited to the wedding ceremony and reception defines the general cost of a wedding. That is why it is important for you and your partner to check the statuses of your family duties and the friend circles you would like to invite. Also, when it comes to determining the budget and headcounts, it is important to include the parents who are paying as well. Review this challenging assignment well before the occasion of sending out invitations.

Registering for Gifts

The process of registering for wedding gifts is considered to be one of the exciting aspects of preparation for marriage for two-to-be. In fact, thanks to the numerous gifts available for purchasing online and in physical stores, the involved couples often end up creating unnecessarily large registries. However, couples often forget a few key considerations when registering:However, couples often forget a few key considerations when registering:

– Modify registries to be more consistent with the rest of your aesthetic and individual room count

– This should involve budget-friendly items for guests of varying spending capabilities.

– Choosing a few expensive brands and a few cheaper brands

– Sign up diverse shops in order to provide guests with a variety of options.

Take into consideration your guest list as well as your budget when you are planning to register for gifts. Ensure that there are choices available in different stores, as well as at different levels of cost to ensure each invitee can comfortably afford to bring something. It is not only registries which should be revisited but registries should also be visited more often to remove unnecessary items on the way too.

Booking Hotel Room Blocks

Yet if you are having a destination wedding or if there are many guests flying in, getting a room block in the close by hotels is mandatory. When it comes to deciding where to hold a reception, arranging the catering service, choosing decorations and countless other considerations, the details of where to spend the night are often not given enough attention by couples. It’s easy to forget important lodging considerations:It’s easy to forget important lodging considerations:

– Check up on competition offers and book block early in a few selected hotels

– The types of hotels that the travelers can choose include a set of hotel types for every budget.

– Stipulate the room block cut-off dates and the number of nights that the discount can be utilized.

– Inform guests with room blocks before they book individual reservations.

Since guests’ travel schedules may be dependent on hotel space, not looking into blocks early is inconvenient. Make specially reduced rates with a couple of hotels and immediately convey accommodation information to your guests.

Writing Vows

Since there are a million things to do on the wedding, writing your own vows which you intend to say to your partner on the wedding day, it is usually not a priority. Couples with the best intentions to craft heartfelt promises end up resorting to generic traditional vows in the final weeks before “I dos.” To prevent last-minute scribbling, remember to:Couples with the best intentions to craft heartfelt promises end up resorting to generic traditional vows in the final weeks before “I dos.” To prevent last-minute scribbling, remember to:

– Before getting into the techniques, it is crucial to identify realistic manifest promises/declarations for your partner.

– Hire a private time for each to write a special promise or vow several months before the wedding.

– It would be unwise to leave choosing what to say at the reception until the rehearsal of the same is conducted.

For a couple, vows occupy one of the most significant, romantic moments of the whole event. Instead, try to ensure that writing them is a priority, not something you do only when you find time for it with your fiancé. Do not share the drafts of the covenant before the final copy so that your covenant is not a mere rhetoric.

Finalizing the Playlist

Tone setting is one of the key aspects of any reception and music especially fills the air during the wedding reception. What is worse, couples are so busy focusing on the tangible aspects such as flowers and silverware that they fail to compile songs for important events. To paraphrase, DJs are left to guess or resort to the usual troupes and pedestrian choices. Avoid playlist pitfalls by:

– Deciding on particular songs for the groom and bride entrance, the couple dance, the parent dances etc early

– Apart from presenting a list of songs not to be played, the band/DJ should also be given a list of songs that must be played.

– The organizer must make a list of back-up songs to play in case there is a problem with the selected songs.

– Forwarding the playlist to the wedding pros several weeks before the reception

Songs that are to be used, like your first dance song, should be unique representations of the two of you as a couple. After a discussion with your musicians or playlist curators, share what you expect of them in a short period after that. Final touches should be made within the last month on the various choices.

Remembering Decor Items

With stunning flower arrangements, fairy lights, or gorgeous curtains, the decoration of a wedding determines the aesthetic of it. Couples pin beautiful ideas but come crunch time forget to actually order key decor elements like:Couples pin beautiful ideas but come crunch time forget to actually order key decor elements like:

– Like the grand ceremony and grand reception, the floral arrangements for both the locations were done.

– Divorce custom couple names and dates on backdrops and signages

– Of lighting extras like gobos, pinspots, uplighting

– Charger plates, chiavari chairs, and linens unless already provided

As you scroll through the apps, you can get lost pinning away to build your decor idea. Make sure every magical detail required to be ordered gets ordered in time for wedding pros to perform as per your inspiration board and master checklist.

Accounting for Extra Hours

When it comes to the wedding, most couples end up spending more time on the event than they had proposed when designing the schedules and time-frames. That much enjoyment on the dance floor means people wouldn’t wish the party to end! Couples often forget logistical planning pieces like:Couples often forget logistical planning pieces like:

– The following strategies have been identified to be implemented in order to reduce the occurrence of late events: Increasing the vendor booking periods by one hour.

– Including extra time between the photo session after the ceremony and the photo session before the reception

– As for after parties or lounge spaces as a way to keep the celebrations going after official events.

Make sure you do not get caught off guard by asking your band, photographer, venue, etc, about overtime rates in advance. There should be some flexibilities that have been incorporated intentionally into the schedule just in case something goes wrong.

The other one is about how to manage invitations, that is, to keep track of those who have confirmed or declined attendance to an event.

Hunting for RSVP is one of those unglamorous tasks that all brides have to face during preparations for the wedding. Unspecified response card deadlines and ongoing nagging of guests through checker services turn into a colossal headache for working couples rapidly. It’s common for hosts to:It’s common for hosts to:

– Omit date of response by dates on wedding website and cards

– Overestimate how often they’ll have to remind consumers with emails and other forms of communication

– The issues of struggle with catering guest counts with late declines.

Ensure that your guests reply as early as possible by providing specific due dates for RSVP near any printed material. Contacts from guest groups should be followed up by call, text and emails to get definitive numbers. Make sure to check a final head count with your caterer prior to the event to avoid having tiny portions for guests.

Preparing for Emergencies

As much as you I hope everything runs well, it is wise to prepare for the worst in order that you do not panic while handling the unpredicted incidents. Among common oversights couples make:Among common oversights couples make:

– Lack of adequate wedding insurance, especially that with the liability coverage

– They include missing the chance to share the vendor contact info and timelines with the wedding party.

– Lack of kits with items like sewing kits and hairspray that one needs in an emergency

Explain to your vendors specific matters of concern such as weather or when some members fail to show up. Also, do consider sharing your professional contacts as well as specific details of critical events with your bridal party. Emergency kits and back-ups are helpful if Problems arise because it takes away some of the worry that comes with it.


That is why planning a wedding is a very intricate process as you have to keep tens of thousands of things clear in the midst of emotions and joyful anticipation. It is still possible to miss some things given many aspects to consider with both the design and the content. Check through this list of tasks that many people forget to do when they are packing so that you do not miss any. Check the vendors’ behaviour with contracts and payment schedules to regularly remind them of their responsibilities. Discuss financials honestly and openly with your partner in the beginning and then discuss the budget only as you make your booking for the pros. Specify the targets for the catering plan with tentative deadlines leaving margins for buffers and check the final confirmations on the headcount before finalizing the catering plans. The regular check on the master list and preparation coupled with communication does wonders in ensuring that easy-to-forget jobs are accomplished. It’s not difficult to achieve flawless planning in all those area…

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