The Ultimate Guide to Milk Thistle Tea 2024: Benefits, Uses, and Preparation


Milk neck tea is an herbal tea derived from the fruit of milk, also known as the sacred neck. Some seeds are fractions that contain silymarin, a plant compound called antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and liver health promoters.

For those of you who want to know more about milk thistle tea; The benefits associated with it, how to do it, how to take it, and much more are the ultimate guide here. You should continue reading this article to learn everything about this popular herbal remedy in order to comprehensively understand how it could benefit you.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a specialized plant which is a flower and belongs to the family of Composite. It mainly frews in California and in all the other warm regions of the Mediterranean type. These plants have peculiar large purple flowers and large green leaves with prickles and white patterns. These white veins, running on the surface of the plant’s leaves resemble milk drops thus afford it its common name of milk thistle.

The seeds part of the plant is the one that is used in preparing of the tea. This bioflavonoid complex is primarily found in milk thistle with silymarin being present in a concentrated form and seeds having the highest concentration of antioxidants. These antioxidants can be extracted by boiling the seeds to make milk thistle seed tea While it is easy to prepare, it is only suggested that the seed be used for a short period of time.
Health Benefits of Milk Thistle Tea: Wonders of Why We Should Drink It

1. Supports Liver Health
Milk thistle tea serves to strengthen and maintain healthy function of the liver and thus, helps in detox procedures within the organism.

2. Boosts Antioxidant Levels
Milk thistle is endowed with the antioxidant compounds particularly the flavonoid group known as silymarin-8. Free radicals are responsible for aging, certain cancers, and other diseases.

3. Helps manage diabetes
Initial studies into the efficacy of silymarin have provided some evidence it may be useful in the treatment of diabetes. Research shows that it is useful in reducing blood sugar levels in the body especially for diabetic patients thus improving the amount of control over blood sugar. Further research is necessary, however, integrating milk thistle tea in a diabetic’s diet plan may be of great help.

4. Reduces Inflammation
Chronic inflammation on its part is linked to one or many non-communicable diseases. The compounds in milk thistle tea have been found to act as antioxidants and therefore decrease inflammation by beating inflammation markers present in the body. Reduced inflammation means that there is a diminished probability of inflammatory conditions.

5. May Support Brain Health
In the neurons of the brain, oxidative stress results in low cognitive abilities and neurodegenerative disorders. This is due to the fact that milk thistle tea has a quality of being an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory, which may help boost brain function through shielding cells in the brain from damage. More research is still needed to confirm effects, though potential risks also present themselves.

As mentioned above, the milk thistle preparation entails steeping the seeds in boiling water to form tea.|
Milk thistle seeds are the main product from the plant used in preparation of milk thistle tea. You just crush the seeds and then if you want to use them, you just prepare a black tea like consistence from the seeds by merely soaking them in water. Follow these steps to make your own healing cup of milk thistle tea: Follow these steps:


– 1 TBSP of crushed organic milk thistle seeds
– 8 OZ boiling water
– Some people prefer to take raw honey or lemon if they feel uncomfortable with the smell.


1. Take a clean coffee or mortar and pestle to crush the milk thistle seeds until they are in coarse powders.
2. Pulverized seeds should be put in a tea basket, sieve or teabag so that they can be easily removed from the beverage.
3. Place milk thistle seeds into a regular teacup or a mug that is suitable for microwave.
4. For 8 Oz boiling water add the seeds.

5. Add honey or lemon if you want to.
6. Enjoy hot or cold!

If you want to prepare more servings, then scale the amounts up proportionately, according to the size of your teapot, but remember to retain the basic proportion of the milk thistle seeds to water. To prepare it, steep in hot water for about 5-10 minutes and then drink.

On how to use milk thistle tea the following points should be understood:

– It is recommended that one or two cup per day for normal functioning and overall wellbeing. Consuming up to 3 cups daily is allowed for the individuals with liver related diseases.
– Milk thistle tea can be consumed plain or it can be accompanied by lemon, honey, milk or other herbs such as peppermint.
– Milk thistle taken as tea can be consumed once in a day, best when combined with a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits, whole grain products, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds.
– It is also recommended to consume milk thistle tea for liver support over a week or even months if possible rather than just for several days.

Is There Any Bad Thing about Drinking Milk Thistle Tea?

Milk thistle tea is generally safe to consume when taken in moderation and by any adult who is in good health. When taken as prescribed, adverse effects are likely to occur in only a few individuals. However, potential side effects can include:

– Upset stomach or diarrhea: Large amounts have the ability to interfere with the digestion process. If this happens, it is advised to cut the consumption rate.
– Allergic reaction: Milk thistle allergy is rare, however, if one experiences hives, itching or swelling after drinking the milk, it is advisable to stop doing it.
– Headaches: It may be easily consumed in large quantities which is not good for people with headaches. Reduce the consumption if instances of headache start to persist.

Additionally, the following groups should exercise more caution with milk thistle tea:

– Pregnant or breastfeeding women: It is impossible to conclude full safety since safety is still an issue of concern sometimes. In some cases avoid or consult your doctor before using them.
– Diabetics: Because it can lower blood sugar, blood sugar should be closely monitored when taking milk thistle tea to reduce side effects.
– Those getting ready for surgery: It should not be taken for at least 2 weeks before a planned surgery since it helps to lower blood sugar.
– Parkinson’s disease: Risk of experiencing increased severity and frequency of multiple illnesses. This medication should not be used if you have this condition, so speak with your doctor before beginning treatment.

If the reactions are unfavorable, MILK thistle tea should be dropped. If side effects are numerous or persist, consult your doctor, even if it has been several days since you stopped using the medication.

Similar in flavor to typical herbal tea, milk tea is slightly sweeter due to the presence of silymarin.
Some people do find that the taste of the milk thistle tea is reminiscent of black tea. This beverage has a rather heavy taste that is described as earthy and herbal with a hint of bitterness coming from the milk thistle seeds. The color of the tea is dark reddish brown just like black tea also, when brewed for too long.

Others have also noticed hints of vanilla, oaky character and nutty undertones. Nevertheless, the flavor will grow bitter if the mixture is steamed for too long. It is also advisable to avoid long steeping time as it might result in bitterness and to strain out the seeds, which are the most tannin-containing part.

But, if you do end up with a batch that is too bitter, then you should add something sweet such as honey or milk. Lemon also serves to complement the earthy essences of the concoction while also providing a splash of lightness.

If you are not very comfortable with the bitter taste that comes with milk thistle taken on its raw form, mix milk thistle to herbals teas. The bold flavor enhance well with other herbs such as mint, ginger or dandelion root for instance. Challenge yourself to develop your very own idea of the ultimate coffee experience.

Some of the frequently asked questions about milk thistle tea include:

But guess what? Even to-date, there are some things you may not know about the milk thistle tea. In this section we present and discuss some of the most common questions asked regarding the topic.

Can I purchase milk thistle tea over the counter, and where?

You can easily get readymade milk thistle tea bags from any of the health food stores or through Internet vendors. If you’d like the most current tea, it is advisable to buy milk thistle seeds and process them to prepare fresh tea. These are available from the natural food stores, herb stores or over internet.

Is there any Caffeine in Milk Thistle Tea?

It is also important for consumers to note that milk tea seeds do not contain caffeine.
Dieters who are also sensitive to caffeine intake can drink this herbal tea without fear of side effects. This makes the milk thistle to be a good relaxing herb that is without caffeine this making it preferable to black or green tea. It is not safe to drink milk tea every day.

However, tea is powerful and should be consumed in moderate. It is non-toxic, and standard milk thistle tea means that 1-2 cups can be consumed daily for general health purposes.
. Where your health involves particular conditions, it is advisable to consume 3 cups per day, but it is wise to consult your doctor where such conditions exist.

Next is the shelf life of milk thistle tea?

Storing it correctly in an airtight container in the refrigerator, the freshly brewed milk thistle tea keeps only for 3-4 days. Needless to say, refrigerate and eat leftovers within four days to keep the food as fresh as possible without signs of mold

For long-term storage of milkweed seeds for tea, the seeds should be stored in an airtight glass container, stored in a cool dry place protected from heat and light but if seeds store well and otherwise once started, seeds can last up to 3 years.


Milk Thistle Tea Milk thistle is a beverage and has many health benefits confirmed by research. It also has benefits for the liver, can help regulate blood sugar levels, has anti-inflammatory properties and can help the brain if taken regularly over a long period of time

Preparation of milk thistle tea for home use is easy if you have organic seeds of the best quality. Crush the seeds and put them in boiling water, steep for 5-10 minutes, then use a sieve and drink every cup. Its taste can be strengthened or weakened with additions including honey or lemon.

Milk thistle tea is valuable for its protective compounds, and consuming 1-3 cups of milk thistle tea daily will provide hydration and a boost from the herb. Combine your morning/night glass of milk thistle with whole foods diet and other healthy ways of living to promote health from the inside/out.


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