The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Cat Boarding Facility for Your Feline Friend

It is always uncomfortable to leave your beautiful cat home alone every time you go on a vacation, but choosing the right cat boarding facility will help to ease the burden. It is useful and reassuring for your cat and helpful for you to know that your pet is being well cared for while you are out of the house. Read on to find out what factors you should consider when selecting a cat boarding service so that your cat enjoys the best treatment possible.

Understanding Cat Boarding Facilities

Cat boarding amenities, catteries are exclusive establishments created exclusively for cats when their owners are not available. These premises offer the cats’ appropriate diet, hydration, comfortable accommodations, and care throughout their stay. But while regular kennels provide services for dog and cat boarding simultaneously, cat only boarding services provide more comfortable and less stressful surroundings for the animals.

Here are some of the basic attributes that one should consider when choosing cat boarding facility:

  1. Cleanliness and Hygiene

It is important for the facility to be clean to enhance the wellbeing of your cat. Ensure that you choose a boarding facility that is well sanitized and neat. This entails cleaning of the litter boxes, feeding and watering bowls, and the general environment of the pet’s area. There is always a minimized risk of disease transmission since the environment must be clean throughout your cat’s stay.

  1. Spacious and Comfortable Accommodations

Cats require the leeway to roam and have the freedom to controvert. Make sure the boarding facility offers sufficient space that enables the cat to move around, play, and rest adequately. Seek private compartments that can allow sufficient space for activities like climbing around. Certain structures even have multi-level condos for additional enhancement.

  1. Climate Control

Maintaining the temperature and humidity levels of your home is important in ensuring your cat’s comfort. Cats often have issues with heat or cold and you’ll be glad to know that your feline friend will be kept cozy all year round in a good facility.

  1. Proper Nutrition and Feeding

Explain to the staff of the boarding facility that your cat has specific dietary requirements. A good facility will be willing to help the cat to continue being fed in the special diet or following the special feeding hours that the cat has been used to. Some of the facilities also have specialty diets, or you could bring your feline’s specialty diet from home.

  1. Health and Safety Measures

The organizational standards of health and safety in the facility should also be considered. This comprises matters related to vaccinations, controlling fleas and ticks, and other things regarding treatment of medical complications that may arise. A good facility needs to request the evidence of current vaccinations to minimize the spread of contagious illnesses among all cats residing in the facility.

  1. Social Interaction and Attention

Cats have to have their brain occupied just as much as their body and they should also need social interaction. A good boarding facility should be one that offers continued interaction with humans as well as playtime. Some facilities also have extra amenities such as bathing and individual playtime periods to ensure your cat is bored and playful during their stay.

  1. Experienced and Caring Staff

Les employés et leur affectioin pour les animaux peuvent contribuer ou nuire à la personne qui garage son chat chez cet établissement. Select a facility that has a well-equipped, compassionate and diligent human resource that is sensitive to the cats’ behavior and needs. Receptionist and front office staff are more aware of any problems and will ensure that they attend to it in a proper manner.

  1. Reviews and Recommendations

When choosing boarding facilities, ensure that you get recommendations from any of your fellow cat owners or even your family veterinarian. It is beneficial to seek opinions from patients who have been admitted to the facility for knowledge on its quality of care and reputation.

First of all, acclimating your cat to a boarding kennel can be a good start to ensure that your pet is comfortable when you cannot be there to look after it.

  1. Visit the Facility

It is advisable to take your cat to the boarding facility, preferably before being taken for boarding. This enables your cat to have an opportunity to acquaint itself with the environment it will be in, and this also reduces stress.

  1. Pack Comfort Items

Take along to the hospital items that are familiar to the cat and these include blankets, toys and even the bed that the cat uses at home. These items make a child or a student feel at ease and this reduces stress that is brought by a new environment.

  1. Maintain a Routine

It is also advisable to strive to keep your cat on his normal schedule as much as possible before the actual boarding time. Coordinating the class also helps enable flexibility and minimizing stress and making the transition easier.

  1. Provide Detailed Instructions

Inform the boarding facility about the time table of when to feed your cat as well as the type of diet you prefer for your cat and any conditions your cat has. Proper communication helps provide the best care for the cat to prevent any arising of such issues.

  1. Ensure Vaccinations are Up-to-Date

Ensure that your cat has had the appropriate shots done, and you should provide the boarding facility with records of this vaccination. This helps not only you and your cat, but other individuals as well resident cats.


Choosing the right cat boarding facility is essential for your peace of mind and your cat’s well-being. By considering factors such as cleanliness, spacious accommodations, proper nutrition, health and safety measures, and the quality of staff, you can ensure your cat enjoys a comfortable and stress-free stay. Preparing your cat for boarding by visiting the facility, packing comfort items, maintaining a routine, providing detailed instructions, and ensuring vaccinations are up-to-date further enhances their experience. With the right preparation and a trusted boarding facility, you can enjoy your time away knowing your feline friend is in good hands.

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