Hydrafacial: Read about this commonly administered skin treatment everything you need to know right here.

Hydrafacial is a new facial treatment which is gradually gaining popularity in recent years due to the numerous advantages that are said to accrue out of this treatment while at the same time reporting the least number of side effects or recovery time. In this all-inclusive article, you will find out what hydrafacial actually is, the aesthetic conditions that it seeks to address, the different types of hydrafacials, and the advantages and risks that are associated with it, including the possible side effects in the short and long run, and if it is right for you.

What is a Hydrafacial?

A hydrafacial is a non invasive, non surgical treatment as a type of skin resurfacing where the skin is washed, peeled, have the sebaceous filaments removed, and infused with moisture. Peels are one of the few treatments that effectively reach the pores to unclog them while at same time providing the skin with nutrients like moisture and antioxidants which prevents skin from sagging.

A hydrafacial is a facial treatment, which works based on vacuum technology and hydrafacial serums containing active botanical ingredients necessary for the skin of the face. He described it as a wet facial on steroids – with much higher intensity and stronger chemical solutions that penetrate the skin than a mere facial does.

The machine used is nearly identical to the ones used in microdermabrasion and goes a step further beyond simple abrasive exfoliation, using something called hydroinfusion to infuse the skin with things such as botanical hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, peptides, and a handful of other nutrients.

This improves the outcomes of the exfoliation and extraction steps of the treatment and also reduces the amount of time that one might spend under the surgeon’s operation like in the case of chemical peels or microdermabrasion. This is why hydrafacials have been deemed as the best solution to getting a quick fix skin resurfacing treatment that is so much desired before occasions such as weddings, parties, among other occasions.

Hydrafacials can be useful in the treatment of many skin conditions, but the effectiveness of the treatment can vary depending on the specific skin condition:

It is useful in the management of facial and body skin diseases and instantly makes the face look young and enhances it further in the next subsequent sessions. These are the most common conditions where dermatologists and med spas use hydrafacials:Here are the skin issues that for which dermatologists and med spas mostly employ hydrafacials:

  1. Pores and blackheads – Regular but mild scrubbing helps to clarify the pores and get rid of impurities, while encouraging the penetration of beneficial ingredients into the skin layers. It yields similar results like fractional lasers at one point in time.
  1. Lack of skin luminosity – The last step involves the utilization of the peel solution and vacuum to eliminate dead cells and softened sebum. LED light therapy and intensive serums with added light bring skin to life.
  1. Rough skin and fine lines – Improved texture through a series of sessions promotes the generation of fresh skin cells to replace the rough skin and reduce fine lines.
  1. Acne, pimples, and oily skin – In this process, blackheads, whiteheads, sebum, and other wastes are vacuumed from pores while hydrating the skin to counteract overproduction of sebum.
  1. Uneven skin tone – Scrubs and peels help to remove dead skin cells for a smoother surface, while hydrating serums fill in space on the skin’s surface to decrease pore size.
  1. Skin texture problems – Including skin rashes, minor skin acne and rough skin is eliminated through the shedding off of the layers of the skin and provision of nutrient/ moisture.
  1. Minor irritation or redness – Soothing ingredients in the serums reduce inflammation, while antioxidants include fight sensitivity.

Hydrafacial can be used for all skin types and both male and female but may not recommend for people with very sensitive skin. It is also not suggested for persons with severe acne, cystic acne, open skin injuries or rosacea.

Types of Hydrafacials Offered

What is most important to note is that there are several hydrafacial options that can be available and can offer slightly different outcomes by addressing some specific concerns.Now, the Hydrafacial system has also been further divided into some categories of some specific problems such as acne, melasma and deep tissue. Ask your medical spa or dermatologist about these options if you have one or more of the following concerns:Discus these options with the medical spa or dermatologist that you visit if you need to address any of the following issues:

1.Hydrafacial DELUXE- this is the top HYDRAFACIAL that one should opt for if at all they have powers to do so.I can vouch for it as it clears, scrubs, ‘pops’ and moisturizes to address virtually all cosmetic skin complaints. This may vary between half an hour and an hour depending on what you want to achieve.

2.Hydrafacial Platinum – The facial treatment involves dermaplaning before the procedure. Dermaplaning will include the use of blade that looks like scalpel to shave the peach fuzz and the dead skin. This enables the hydrafacial to absorb bettering and increase its efficiency as a cleaning as well as the beautifying equipment.

3.Hydrafacial with Britenol – adds in a specific chemical peel depending on the severity of the skin and the ending with the LED light treatment. These three steps exfoliate skin more thoroughly:

4.Hydrafacial with Growth Factors – involves the application of growth factors from hydro infusion serums. Stimulated growth factors are more or less cells that possess the ability to promote the healing process. This promotes the formation of new collagen fibers and also the cell proliferation rate.

5.Perk Hydrafacial – one that is less invasive and is to be used for lighter touch maintenance, that is only between 4-6 week intervals that the standard hydrafacials require. A lighter resurfacing.

6.Hydrafacial Body Treatments – special vacuum serums that initially, remove dead skin cells and next provide moisture and purification minerals. Perfect for keratosis pilaris and dry/uneven skin on the arms, legs, back, etc.

7.Hydrafacial Acne – involves using solutions for acne that unclog the pores while not leaving the skin dry. Salicylic acid and blue light eliminate the bacteria causing acne while botanicals alleviate inflammation.

8.Hydrafacial Melasma – tropical fruit enzymes and mercaptan system works effectively to fade melasma and the uneven skin tone while raspberry and Kojic acid work to prevent any formation of new dark spots.

9.Hydrafacial Neck and Decollete – incorporates this kind of light to nourish the skin and also employs nutritive serums containing multi-peptides and hyaluronic acid to deal with this area.

10.Hydrafacial Sensitive Skin – The Hydrafacial Sensitive Skin does not include the face massage with an active wheel for exfoliation, and it includes gentle acids and peptides for sensitive skin. Power biologics and arnica help to eliminate all possible discomforts.

11.Hydrafacial Keravive – for the skin that is extremely dry. A hydrating peel, proteins, and enzymes recondition a skin banner while hyaluronic acid gives profound moisture to the skin.

Due to the different hydrafacials that one can take, this treatment is fairly flexible for the kind of facial skin that one would like catered for. The majority of medical spas provide the signature and Platinum choices, but to utilize the most hydrafacial treatment kinds, you may speak to a dermatologist with this specialization.

 The Immediate and Long Lasting Benefits.

The beauty of hydrafacial is quick realization of the effects of the treatment and the progressive change in the skin with constant sessions every 4-8 weeks.

Immediate visible benefits include:

– Reduced swelling and inflammation of the skin and get a bright and glowing skin complexion.

– These temporary effects include the diminution of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the tightening of skin.

– Just that instant touch of moisture to make the skin glow like new, and look porcelain with beautiful healthy looking pores.

– Less congested skin and there is 70% reduction of acne type skin problems such as blackheads and whiteheads.

– Miniaturized pores to make them appear to be cleansed right away

Over repeat treatments, a hydrafacial provides these beneficial results.

– Permanent erasure of fine lines and wrinkles to achieve a better look of youthful skin.

– Coverage of dark spots, pigmentation, and melasma and evening out of skin tone

– Reduced visibility of small pimples and relatively minor pockmark scars

– The texture is less bumpy from the keratosis or roughness as seen in the earlier regimen.

– This makes the looking pores to appear to be smaller since debris is regularly removed out of them

– Firming and elasticity that make the skin appear to be firm for some time has a lifting effect on the sagging skin.

– Brightened complexion and glow that result from a thorough but not harsh scrubbing process

– An enhanced water retention capacity function which enables skin to retain moisture optimally

Other effects that may be associated with the medication to lookout for:

Though it is regarded as an extremely low-risk and safer method as compared to the more aggressive skin resurfacing techniques, there are some side effects that have been reported to occur in few individuals, both in the short and long term resulting from a hydrafacial treatment. These include:

Short Term Side Effects

– Mild inflammation, erythema, and tenderness for 24 to 48 hours

– Mild inflammation and dryness or flaking of the skin that lasts for a period of two to five days.

– Occasionally breakout due to removal of toxins, etc

– Skin may feel more tense after the procedure or within the next few days.

Longer Term Side Effects

– This is because skin may develop dependency with the treatment as much as retaining moisture is concerned.

– Exfoliating can rob skin of its natural oils and dry it out making conditions such as rosacea worse.

– Despite the fact that the skin is shedding, people with herpes simplex may get cold sore breakouts

– Can be bad for acne-prone skin, especially those suffering from cystic acne.

Minor side effects remain commonly reported and are usually short-lived especially when patients adhere to post-surgery advice. The hydrafacial is a mild procedure and patients should ensure that they use recommended ointments and creams, refrain from the use of other treatments and aggressive skincare products for at least one week after the hydrafacial.

Finally, it is important to know that side effects can increase in frequency and seem more severe if treatments are done too frequently before skin has had a chance to adapt to the product.It is for this reason most providers advise that people should opt for hydrafacial once in every 4-8 weeks and for this reason this service falls under the luxury service.

HydraFacial – Are You a Candidate?

The hydrafacial treatment works well with most skin types and skin related conditions though in some instances the treatment is not as effective or does not meet the expected results depending on the skin problem and/or the desired outcomes.

A hydrafacial is typically NOT recommended if you:A hydrafacial is typically NOT recommended if you:

– Try to have skin that is highly sensitive and easily get affected by reactions and rashes.

– Are you prone to rosacea or sensitive eczema?

– Have cystic acne that is inflammatory in nature or have any open wounds on the face

– Desire prominent change of severe creases and tired cheeks.

– Are in search of a salt-like tiny pore minimizer appearance.

On the other hand, those who CAN benefit include people who desire:

– More youthful appearance and brightness of the skin with less visible pimple marks and other minor skin blemishes.

– The youth get a chance to look young and fresh before occasions such as weddings and parties.

– Depigmentation, freckles, lentigines, melasma, photodamage, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and slight scar removal.

– This cream has the ability to help in lessening fine lines with consecutive applications.

– Piezoelectric toner deep cleansing clogged pores and blackhead removal

– Luminescence, porous shiny skin surface dry

– Used for moments when there is a break in the dry skin or when skin appears to be less dull.

It is important to note that there are likely going to be differences in the results but, nonetheless, over 90% of patients who have undergone hydrafacial reported the improvement of their skin and high satisfaction. Some slight numbness or sensations related to contraction and relaxation during the treatment process itself is expected.

Many clients describe the 30-minute facial as an enjoyable experience and can go back to their normal activities with rarely prolonged redness that lasts for less than two days. Most get restored beauty of skin in a less invasive way for them to look even more youthful with monthly sessions.


Hydrafacial works with vacuum suction, application of nourishing serums and rejuvenating chemical peeling that penetrates deep into the skin without being invasive.

This facial helps to reduce some of the usual skin problems such as fine lines, rough surface, skin discoloration, and pimples, among others while providing the skin with adequate moisture and elasticity with as little as possible side effects.

This is because in terms of treatment solutions, the treatment can be adjusted depending on the skin type and condition in addition to technology making it possible to receive instant and progressive change making hydrafacials to be revolutionary in the medi-spa business.

If achieving facial peel at an affordable price for non-invasive skin rejuvenation is your objective then hydrafacials may provide the freshness that you want every time you visit your aesthetician for the maintenance session.

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