The Java Plum: A Nutrient-Packed Superfruit for Your Diet 2024

The Java Plum: A Nutrient-Packed Super fruit for Your Diet


Java Plum Java plum also called black plum, Indian black berry, berries, jam bolan , Java apple  is such a super food that does not receive its deserved credit. The Java Plum is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and neighboring parts of South and Southeast Asia and has been employed in Ayurvedic practices for millennia but has only recently appeared in the Western Hemisphere.


In this article, I will explain all about the nutritional value of Java Plum, the health benefits of eating this fruit and how it can be adopted in our diet. Read on to know why it is essential to make this healthy fruit part of your list of must-have healthy foods.


Introducing the Java Plum Fruit


The java plum or the fruit of the Eugenia jambolana tree is native to Asia, more particularly to the tropical region. It is a small oval fruit which is usually dark purple-red when it reaches the maturity stage. It has a tender and juicy flesh and contains a large cavity at the center. The raw form of java plum is quite sour and has a little hardness in its texture but once ripened it is very sweet and juicy.


Java plums are raw and fragile fruits that are not suitable for long distance transportation and consequently cannot be stocked up in supermarkets in the United States for long. However, as this fruit becomes more popular, one is likely to find the processed java plum in forms such as frozen, canned, dried or powdered java plum. Nevertheless, as the java plum comes to be more popular, its processed varieties such as frozen, canned, dried, and powdered java plum are more easily found. 

This fruit is also rich in many nutrients which are as follows;


Indeed, some scientists have discovered that it might prove to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods per calorie of any superfood. Here’s an overview of what you’ll gain from adding java plums to your diet :Here, is a list of potential benefits that you are guaranteed to enjoy in your diets once you include java plums:


Antioxidants: Java plums contain flavonoids such as anthocyanins and ellagic acid. These compounds work against the effects of oxidative stress and inflammation in humans. Java plums can be known by the dark purple skin; fruits with dark skin are recommended for they contain more antioxidants than the skinless fruits.


– Vitamin C: Java plums average Vitamin C content that helps in enhancing the immune system about 14mG per 100G serving.


-Polyphenols: They include gallic acid, and epicatechin among others that have antioxidant functionality that shields your cells from peroxidation.


Electrolytes: Java plums also contain electrolytic constituents such potassium, magnesium and sodium that assist in regulating fluids in the body as well as aiding in the transmission of impulses to cells.


– B-vitamins: These are B-complex vitamins and as we know that Java plums are involved in the metabolism of energy it is significant to mention that Java plums contain very little amount of B-complex vitamins on an average.



– Fiber: The fiber contained in apples also plays other roles in enhancing digestion, and better heart health.


– Phytonutrients: Raw and processed Java berries are packed with phytonutrients that possess antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antitumor and neuroprotective functions.


– Low Calories: One thing about this java plum is that it contains only 60 calories for every 100 grams which makes it perfect for any diet that aims to eat healthy and lose weight. Vegetables and lots of fiber and water, which are very satisfying while containing few calories.


There are a number of health benefits of Java plums and some of them are:


Several studies lend merit to most of the recommended applications of Eugenia Jambolana. Here are some evidence-based ways that java plums can improve various aspects of health: Below are the roles they play in enhancing different aspects of health as supported by research:


Several research studies show the positive effects of java plum extracts that effectively can treat diabetes. Fruit extracts also lower enzymes that are involved in glucose metabolism and increase insulin secretion by the pancreas thereby enhancing the use of insulin in patients with diabetes mellitus Hence fruits can help to control glycemic levels. It also contains high fiber in addition to polyphenol, which makes it useful in regard to glycemic index as well.


Enhances Heart Health 


Java plums contain a diversity of antioxidants that help in preventing free radical induced oxidative stress and inflammation that is characteristic of heart diseases. Animal research also shows that fruit reduces high cholesterol; potassium and fiber content of fruit also enhances blood pressure and vascular health for better heart function.


Supports Brain Function


It possesses neuroprotective effects in some research works – it protects neurons from damage, enhances mental functions and possibly promotes the growth of brain cells. These effects are due to antioxidant phytonutrient rich foods that increase the oxygen supply and simultaneously help protect neurons from free radicals. The early findings also suggest that it holds promise as an Alzheimer’s disease remedy as well.


Detoxifies the Liver


Java plum contains substances that can shield the liver cells from the toxic effects and stimulate development of new cells in the liver tissues. This accounts for why they have been used in the past mainly for liver ailments. The same goes for liver health since it also produces a positive impact on the general health of a human body.

Antimicrobial Properties 


Concentration analysis of the java plum extracts and the java plum essential oil provides proofs that they possess antibacterial and antifungal activities. This reaffirms the use of the fruit in traditional medicine systems to treat diseases infecting the body. Such bioactive compounds like ellagic acid are supposed to be involved in the antimicrobial activity.


Anticancer Potential


In-vitro and animal studies show that java plum polyphenols also possess anti-angiogenic, anti-migratory and anti-invasive properties, thus inhibiting the growth and spread of many forms of cancer. This includes skin, breast, lung, colon, prostate, blood cancer, and many others. Further research is required to confirm the results and to establish the prevention and treatment of cancer in human beings.


It is very easy to eat Java plums, as there is no hard outer shell, and they do not have a large seed.


And just how do you consume this potent antioxidant packed super fruit wonder? Here are some delicious ways to eat java plums :Here are some delicious ways to eat java plums:


– Raw: Wash fresh fruits in light of their ripeness and eat them directly for immediate, sweet-tart and most importantly nutritious taste. 


– Juice: Java Plums seed can be soaked in water and strained and the water consumed as an instant drink. It’s important to also add other fruits into the juice as well.


– Jams & jellies: Cook chopped java plums with sugar to have tasty jam, especially for sandwiches. For instance, it goes well when taken with cheese.


– Syrups: It involves boiling fruits in water and sugar before bottling syrup to be used when serving foods such as rice and others. It is especially enjoyed by kids, preferably over ice cream.


– Chutneys & pickles: Java plums blend very well with Indian spices prepared in chutneys and sharp, sour vinegary preparations. 


– Pies & tarts: Use the java plums that are pitted and sliced in pies, tarts or crumbles to give you that perfect dessert. 


– Yogurt: Mix java plum that is chopped into the yogurt, fresh or preferably frozen java plum221


Greek variety. It becomes tastier with granola.


– Smoothies: Substitute java plum pulp or powder for smoothies containing bananas, berries and green vegetables.


– Salads: Slices of raw or dried java plum are pleasing to the eye and provide additional nutrition when added to raw green and grain based salads.


– Baked goods: Plum powder or dried fruit is to be added to muffins, cookies, energy bars, and breakfast cereal mixes.


– Tea: Java plum tree has dried leaves that can be brewed to produce a herbal tea that has antioxidants and is used to treat digestive system disorders.


Potential Side Effects 


In moderation, they do not pose as many problems for healthy individuals The Java Plum has been noted to contain slightly more calories than other fruits and recent research has pointed out that Java Plums may have a diuretic effect, so people with urinary problems should avoid taking them in large quantities. But people with diabetes or blood clotting problems should refrain from consuming excessive amounts as the fruit can cause dangerous drops in blood sugar levels, or worsening of bleeding tendencies. Kintam introduces java plums while taking necessary precautions and closely observing your health and medication schedule.


Peculiarly, some people may also get mild gastrointestinal upshots such as diarrhea when overdoing it. Allergic persons having java plum allergy should not consume the fruit at all. Like for pregnant and nursing mothers, they should limit themselves to normal culinary measures also until more scientific safety information is gathered.


Java Plum – The Main Places Where to Purchase


However, fresh java plums can be difficult to find at grocery stores or markets unless exactly within the growing regions. However, the frozen, dried, supplement varieties are gradually sold both through the Internet and in some grocery stores. 


Try specialty Indian, Asian and organic food stores for java plum. Current retail shops too; other online stores including Amazon also offer different powders, dried fruits, seed oils, extracts and supplements that contain the super fruit. Prices range

varying significantly, with prices ranging from a few dollars for dried whole plums to more than $30 for some supplements.


To choose java plum products, check labels regarding purity and product quality as USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO verified seals. The food you take should also not contain any extra ingredients such as coloring agents, preservatives or even flavors that are not required. There are many suppliers of Java Plum that contain high quality and some of them include Navitas Organics, Starwest Botanicals and Swanson Health.


The Takeaway 


Rich in vitamin A, C and minerals, with excellent levels of phytonutrients, the java plum is set to be the next hot topic among dietitians and nutrition experts. In earlier days it was used as a health elixir and modern science has found that it possesses loads of curative properties from controlling diabetes to regulating liver and heart ailments to even brain diseases to even curing cancer.


These are benefits that can be obtained easily by just consuming the fresh fruit or by including java plum in the form of juices, jams, powders and supplements to the day’s diet. Let this magical antioxidant gem enrich the quality of your meals and, therefore, boost your wellbeing!

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