The Bond of Best Friends no 1

Being best friends means having an unbreakable connection independent of any types of friendship.


This is because best friends have a bond that can never be broken and this bond will remain intact even in the future. The friendship between best friends is not just a typical friendship but it has a deeper level that could only strengthen even if they’re going through the worst of times.

Some of the very encouraging feelings that best friends share are comprehending and appreciating one another, and motivating the best in each other. They confide in each other, discuss their plans and dreams, joke and even cry together. The best of friends, events and experiences make it possible to forge one of the most memorable lifetime bonds.

What makes this bond between two best friends so special

Friends are special and the best friends are those who are chosen to be. Unlike the family members, which people are born into, a best friend is usually an individual’s choice. It is more meaningful to have a friendship that comes out of the blue and deliberately decide to be friends because of the purpose and intent that is attached to it.

Also best friends interact on an extraordinary intimate level, and there is nothing like such a bond. Both of them know and embrace without question every idiosyncrasy, imperfection and feeling. This level of familiarization, of being able to know and be known in return, fosters great credibility and ease.

The final thing that makes the best friend bond distinct is that it stays even when people are separated geographically, or when they are occupied with tasks and other responsibilities.

This is an indication that despite the life events that may force them to settle for less communication or even no visits at all best friends are always able to get back to their usual level of interaction. It is revealed that the relationship between them stays active in their mental language even if the physical interaction is not an everyday thing.

Shared History and Memories

Having grown through different stages of life with their bezzies , friends are able to build up a rich and interesting story.

The stories, laughs, stories, and other exciting occasions they have make it a treasure trove of happy memories. The feelings and affection between them are heightened when they begin reminiscing about the past that they have enjoyed together. It also becomes a way of helping them to recall all that they have had to go through together.

Mutual Personal Growth

Over the course of the years, the amount of quality time spent with each other gives best friends adequate opportunity to positively shape each other’s growth and development. With the never ending conversations, comedy, arguments or deep emotional discussions they share ideas, opinions, advice, and truth that contributes to their personal development.

To have a friend that understands you and your failures to the core yet who has not lost faith in you motivates growth. Writing about care, one can add that encouragement in a best friend helps to strive higher and overcome problems.

Unconditional Acceptance

The bond between best friends is to love each other in spite of the worst that they are capable of becoming and to cherish each other in spite of the best that they are capable of being. They are always there, providing embraces and encouragement without unnecessary commentary.

The fact that a best friend accepts someone unconditionally is something that people have great liberties and assurance with. She explained that in an environment where the relationship is safe and there is unconditional acceptance, they are able to run through imperfections or issues that they have in the relationship without the risk of being dumped.

Most of the time you may have friends who surround you when the weather is good, but a friend will stick with you when the weather is bad. However with friends there is a doubly sure that the best friend of a person will stand by him or her for worse or for better.

It also assists in having someone to turn to for support particularly when one feels overwhelmed by what seems like a mammoth task that needs to be accomplished. A best friend indeed is like strength like no other as the incredible support.

Stillness knows you in a way no one else can

Since best friends are aware of each other’s personality, past events, tastes, dislikes, aims, and aspirations, more closely than anyone else can, they are very well aware of each other. You don’t feel the further necessity to justify or explain anything to them; they just understand you.

This ensures that communication is as easy and natural as possible. It also brings clarity and a sense of order in one’s thoughts and thus a person feels relaxed. Incomparable is the moment when one feels transparent and, in turn, perceives the depth of another person.

Makes the Best in You Come out

In the company of your best friend, there are no masks that you have to wear or a false person that you have to pretent to be. You are the versions of being funny, intelligent, foolish, and kind that you never imagined you can be. It is a very powerful feeling, seeing their unwavering trust in you and their sincere happiness for who you are, and it makes you rise to the occasion.

Iron sharpens iron and this is especially seen when two best friends work on improving each other’s personalities. By carefully guiding the clients and encouraging them to be more responsible and achieve more these specialists promote change.

Friendship is a priority, and it is the main reason why people are willing to go through many hardships just to be with someone they love.

Whereas in best friend relationship, partners dedicate their time to friendship not because they have to, but because they love it. He devotes a considerable amount of time, effort, and energy into maintaining the connection because it is very important and fulfilling for him. To prioritize your best friend means that you are expressing your love, concern, and commitment to your friend for life. In doing so, it raises the friendship to a level of tremendous value.

Good for a Long Time

Friends choose their best friends and the relation between them becomes more and more close with the years passing by. Years pass, geography divides, and situations alter but true friends and their friendship stay connected soul to soul. Years may elapse between phone calls and face-to-face contacts, but a best friend’s bond can be easily refreshed at any time.

They continue exactly from where they stopped right from years, it might take them a day or two to fill in each other’s gaps. Such a possibility to continue friendship right from the moment when people leave and go their separate ways proves the solidity and reality of friendship.

The use of the four basic components of the interpersonal communication model to ensure that shared secrets, hopes, and dreams are protected in a relationship.

It is reassuring to have someone concrete to whom you can turn to reveal your deepest thoughts and secrets. Best friends are secure enough to share amusing stories that make them blush, personal distress, dreams for the future and greatest dream.

This means that, having an idea that one’s closest secrets, fears, and desires are secure in the hands of an individual who fully accepts one, gives the confidence to take chances and grow toward self-actualization. Dreams seem closer with inclusions willing to help you strive towards success.

Realize the Best In Each Other

Jovial companions, whether male or female, must learn how to take a simple joke and laugh through it. They go on exciting activities as one, and they also make ordinary moments attractive. By making others happy, they are funny, caring and understanding to make the other person be the best version of themselves.

With your best friend, you get to showcase your best and happiest self your funny bone and even your smart self. There is something about their shining spirit, and their unwavering confidence in you that makes you believe in yourself and rise confident.

Are Always Always Truly Joyous for Each Other

It is also important to note that, while other people might have feelings of envy in the relationship, best friends only feel happy when their closest friend shines. Their love is sacrificial, supportive, and inspiring; they rejoice when there are victories, encourage when there is improvement and glory in achievement.

Thus having a support that will encourage you when you are winning is really encouraging and makes success even sweeter. As you travel through life, having your own personal supporter and fan is truly a gift from above.

In this article Robert Sokolowski explains that the bond with all the other relationship is surpassed by the bond.

In this case therefore we can think of the devoted love of two best friends as one that does not change with time. Not like in-laws or siblings who may give wrong interpretation or negative remarks but friends stand by and encourage you gently. The fact that two people will take the lifetime responsibility of supporting one another’s development, happiness, and achievements as best friends do results in an unmatched, unshakable bond.

Best Friends Are Family

While friends are special people in your life, best friends are like your siblings or even better than that. It is like and election system where you select them and in turn they also select you back. The voluntary, mutually beneficial nature of the connection leads to biased, non-provoked helpfulness, nurturing, and self-sacrifice that resemble the love of family.

However, the appreciation and love that people can have for their best friends might be far more profound than that of siblings or relatives. In this way, the concept of friendship turns into a sacred cherished family as people freely choose each other to become the members of the family.


Having a lifelong best friend is perhaps one of the most precious things in life and there is no one who can substitute for this person. They are always faithful, loving and have a deep appreciation of your character and personality making them all related to you for eternity.

Magnanimously, staying together through thick and thin for several years creates an unshakable bond that defines the person you turn out to be. He and She are the best friends who fell in love and turn into the family that rich people can not buy with their money.

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