Our list of the ten best electric breast pumps in 2024



Being a new mum and desiring to continue providing breast milk for your baby as much as you go about your business, it is really important to select the right electric breast pump. These pumps have such aspects as dual mode pumping, variable suction, battery types and other aspects in mind. This article will guide you in selecting the right electric breast pump in terms of the benefits they offer and which one is best suited for you and your lifestyle by presenting the ten top options. Continue reading to discover your soul pump!


Some of the things that you need to consider while buying a breast pump include the following:.


In order to help you better understand what makes the perfect electric breast pump, let’s explore the basic specifications and features of the top 10 electric breast pumps below. 

The key factors to consider include:


– Double pumping may be done in some cases but the most frequent type of pump used is the single pump while double pumping saves time.

– Strength of suction. They affect the general output and the level of comfort that is experienced while pumping.

– Portability. Often it is necessary to travel with the car, and in this case, having a battery-powered, small pump is a must.

– Affordability. Pump up your budget, and get hold of the right pump.

– Quietness. Pumping can be noisy if you are interested in the quieter models make sure to look for those depending on whether you will be pumping in the office, at home or in the presence of other people.

– Ease of use. Pump head usability and ease of cleaning contribute to higher output because there is less friction.


With those factors in mind, let us proceed and discover the best 10 electric breast pumps to try on the market.


#1. Medela Pump in Style Advanced This breast pump is also portable and can easily be carried around in an evening bag or even in the car.


The Medela Pump in Style is one of the best pumps for working moms who wish to nurse during the working days. This is a double electric breast pump that delivers strong suction but at the same time gentle on your nipples throughout the different stages of pumping.



– 2-Phase Expression Technology replicates the natural suction rhythm of the baby’s mouth.

– Pump enhancement through MaxFlowTM technology of 18% higher throughput of pumping.

– Same as that of rechargeable battery and a small container in which the battery can be placed in for easy transportation.

– Quiet, discreet operation


Fast and with higher outcomes in a short span of time, this Medela pump is one pump that can help you get back to work in no time. It also makes it the only pump that has been certified as hospital graded, showing that can be used for a long time. The Vacuum and Speed adjustments have adjustable options that are designed to provide a better experience in increasing milk flow.


#2. Spectra Baby USA S1 Plus Premier electric breast pump


With 12 suction levels and 5 massages, able to be adjusted fully, Spectra S1 Plus is a single/double, ultra-quiet pump that is multi purposeful. It is flexible and can be carried easily when at home or at work.



– Closed system also helps in maintaining the health and cleanliness of the milk.

– Custom night light and the ability to set a timer for it to turn off for extra usability.

– The rechargeable battery is useful for the music player and lights for 2 and over an hour.

– Dismantling/reassembling and cleaning require only a few parts.


Spectra is the most recommended breast pump by physicians, lactation consultants, and new moms due to its hospital grade quality that fits into a small size. This pump is delicate and optimizes the extraction process to take only a short amount of time to make the breast uncomfortable.


#3. Medela Freestyle flex smart breast pump


The Freestyle Flex builds on top of Medela’s research and adds the highest technology to a perfect pump system. Launched with the MyMedela smart pump, wireless control of the pump settings and output is made easy through the pump’s built-in application for monitoring and tracking. It is also possible to reach lactation consultants at the touch of a button with the help of the app!



– Control the pump by Bluetooth connection and Android application

– Flash cooling for effective nipple stimulation for milk let-down.

– Virtually silent operation

– Self-feeding dishes along with nipple cups for feeding

– Store data of pumping in a sealed manner within the cloud


From how it is built and constructed to the fact that this appliance has parts that are sanitizable, to the fact that this appliance is rechargeable, there is no challenge that this do-it-all pump cannot handle with great ease and convenience while at the same time ensuring the utmost comfort of the user.


#4. Product Motif Duo Plus Double Electric Breast Pump


The Motif Duo Plus is a double pump with a quiet motor and an attractively designed casing, which allows pumping anytime unnoticed. Being able to select 8 suction levels with ease using a single knob control is a major advantage for many. Also, the memory button is also very useful because it can start your settings right from where you stopped.



– The Elica offers 8 suction levels and Touch Button Control.

– Whisper-quiet pump motor

– Night light effect for shh pumping

– Fully chargeable using a Dual Battery or AC adapter

– Powerstick Charger for power to the cordless


The high output of this Motif pump means that you can obtain the required bosom milk quantity for your infant in a shorter amount of time. 


#5. Lansinoh has developed the Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump


Lansinoh pumps have been used for over 50 years in breastfeeding and moms owe their success to the fact that they are efficient devices at an affordable price. The mostly used breast pump called Signature Pro has 3 pumping modes and 8 strength levels to mimic your baby’s feeding pattern and help stimulate letdown reflex.



– KeyFit Breast Flange System helps in getting the right shield size as well as suction.

– The closed system with hygienic design of the products do not allow any contamination of the milk.

– The pump digital display will also show the pumping mode and its strength.

– Easy to carry and can be used at any destination of the trip.

– Latches bottles to prevent spills


The Lansinoh pump is simple to use and is designed to be compact and stylish so that you can easily maintain supply. However, it is one of the best low-cost electric pumps for use by individuals on a tight budget.


#6. Willow Wearable, Cordless, Double has many different types of breast pump products among them we have Wearable, Cordless, Double Breast Pump.


With Willow, enjoy the freedom of tube-free, double pumping. Pump flanges: Just place each flange where the self-contained pumps recognise and record the pumping data. SafePump suction technology is the process in which Willow’s suction will happen safely inside the flange without involving tubes and bottles.



– Very low noise level and non obtrusive, fully headset mounted system

– For measuring the volume of milk produced by the cow, this could be done digitally through an application.

– Each of the devices featured a touch button control mechanism.

– The 2400 mAh battery provides multiple sessions of usage.

– Comes with earphones or fits in the provided bag or pockets


With Willow, you may continue living your life unhooked from outlets and tubes while pumping which keeps you comfortable and supplied. No more having to pause what you are doing to pump your milk, your hands are then free to do other things like holding your baby or working while their smart sensors take charge.


#7. Elvie Stride Breast Pump


Intended for parents who need basic convenience and are not eager to go to the office with a pump, the Elvie Stride is a single that measures 7 pound, and fits in the palm of your hand. It neatly hooks up to the SurePulse Auto Control in reusable bottles; It regulates suction and speed to match your flow. Available simulations are concise, which is more suitable to control; the fewer settings, the less stress there will be.



– Structurally, the shoes offer a super lightweight design that tips the scale at 3.75 ounces.

– Self adjusting motor reduces pumping settings noise.

– The power source, which is a rechargeable battery for cordless operation.

– Hybrid construction of 5 essential elements.

– Connects to the Elvie Pump Tracker App


The design of the Elvie Stride and its software is detailed and optimized for the best pumping experience–pumping smarter. The lactation pumping tracking through the app creates a visual representation of the pumping data to enhance visibility. In summary, control stress is avoided throughout pumping by Elvie Stride while confort is not compromised.


#8. The BelleMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast Pump is a high-quality product that has an easy to use and comfortable design for the consumer.


The BelleMa offers professional-grade pumping capabilities and a high level of flexibility and adjustable settings to mimic the sucking pattern of babies and get more milk in less time. This being an innovative feature, it enables you to control the pumps with the touch screen to select stimulation or expression phases and adapts automatically depending on the flow of milk.



– Commercial-grade vacuum strength

– Another type of pumping is 2-Phase pumping which is a process that is unique to each breast.

– Memory returns the last configuration on the device that you were using.

– Easy to use, simple, friendly, touch screen.

– Soothing seven-color nightlight


This results in a high efficiency for pumping since BelleMa’s technology also adjusts the fine detail of settings, as a default, after the push of one button. The closed system helps in avoiding milk backup and the pumping and storage bag makes pumping very portable.


#9. NUK Simply Natural Electric Breast Pump


NUK has been a prominent brand for baby care products for more than fifty years; the company retains the aspects of easy usage and comfort when creating their pump technology. The NUK Simply Natural Electric pump features an ergonomic design and its Flexishield™ Areola Stimulators which are bendable, stretchable and which gently squeeze similar to how a baby sucking on the breast would.



– The ‘soft petal massagers’ are inflatable and can bend and twist.

– Low noise producing motor together with simple dial for adjusting its speeds.

– Night time pumping LED light

– 25mm Flexishield has been designed to mimic the general appearance of baby latch.

– Lightweight at 1lb


The NUK Simply pump has two pumping modes and soft touch points due to the double pumping system and it expresses milk to ensure your baby gets breast milk with ease. And without high cost!


#10. This is the Mom Cozy Electric Double Breast Pump


Last but not the least, coming to the 10th position for this list is the electric pump from Momcozy with the two-pump option to save more than one hour for every day. It comes with stimulation/expression modes where each has 9 levels that can accommodate the mom’s body type. Sanitary and simple, the touch pad can be used to change settings, switch on the night light or the timer.



– It has a hi- definition TFT display touch screen.

– Whisper-quiet operation

– The simulation showed 9 suction strengths in each mode.

– Rechargeable battery built-in

– Food-grade, BPA-free plastic


Hospital grade motor on Mom Cozy advances milk ejection time without aggression. All the pieces easily clip on to the bottles for feeding or storage and there are no additional difficult to remove accessories. This makes pumping easy and fast!




It tells you what’s out there in the market of top electric pumps, even though every breastfeeding mom’s needs are a tad unique. Now that I have explained the general features and advantages of the top 10 models of the year, it will be easier for you to determine which pump design suits you best so that you can achieve the desired pumping!


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