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What is Periorbital dark circles and its treatment?


Dark circles around the eyes are a common skin problem known as periorbital dark circles, under eye circles or simply dark eye circles. They look like dull ‘patches of skin that are darker than the normal skin tone or a shade darker than the natural colour of the skin and are located under the eyes’.It means that although dark circles under the eyes are a possibility because they run in the family, they are most likely to occur with age.

Reason Behind Formation Of A Dark Circle Around The Eyes?

People with periorbital dark circles do not lack sleep only There are other causes of periorbital dark circles. Some can be psychosocial and that would tell us how they are formed so that we can get some indication of how to address them.

Anatomy and Thin Skin

For instance, the skin under the eyes is noticeably thinner, to be specific, ten times thinner when compared to the skin on the rest of the face. It is about 0. Five times thinner compared to the rest of the face skin , which is 1. , thus the estimated average thickness of the steel plates used was determined to be about 5 mm thick.. This thinness means there is less coverage over the underlying blood vessels, which in effect reduces their density. This can cause an unnatural darkness around the eyes, especially below them as seen in some of these vessels.

Moreover, epidermis thinning and dermal layers become progressively thinner, while collagen and elastin production slows down with age. This leads to thinning of the skin due to loss of all the structural framework of the dermis. The skin of the periorbital area also loses elasticity due to which the blood vessels become more prominent and create shadows and darkness beneath the eyes.


There are those whose genetics have it that they will always end up having dark circles under their eyes. Individuals with dark skin complexions have more shadowing and blotches under the eyes compared to individuals with light skin complexions. But if one has fair skin tone they can also have dark circles and if there are other members in the family with the same problem then such individuals can also face this problem. It is possible to note that thin skin under the eyes has a genetic predisposition.

Sun Exposure

Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays which contribute to black skin known as hyperpigmentation. Later on, the skin is exposed to the sun and it leads to an increased melanin which is formed in the facial parts thus leading to the formation of dark patches. The skin in the area of the Suborbital 🙂 is thin so the changes of the pigment will be clearly seen.

Vascular Abnormalities

Another reason is the presence of aneurysms, varicose veins, or thrombosis in the blood vessels located beneath the eyes. They can cause formation of bluish tints and shadows beneath the eyes because of the blood which is stagnant. People with eczema and allergic skin diseases that result in the rubbing of skin in the eye area are likely to develop the vascular manifestations with time.

Lifestyle Factors

This includes the behaviours that one takes in his or her daily life, these are the major causes of the changes in periorbital skin. One of the most common reasons behind under eye circles is the condition of sleeplessness. While we sleep we are also able to lose some of it and as the blood vessels become wider the collagen and elastin starts to degrade. This compounds any thinning or sagging of the skin that is surrounding the eyes.

Collagen health can also be down the drain through frequent consumption of unhealthy foods, smoking, taking alcohol frequently, dehydration among other ill-health habits. This makes the under eye skin to become thinner and develop discoloration compared to the outer layer of skin. The situation can be even aggravated by such harmless conditions as seasonal allergies, which cause inflammation and a gradual expansion of the narrow blood vessels located under the eyes when one is tired.

Medical Conditions

Some medical causes might include problems with blood circulation or lack of blood flow which may lead to the formation of periorbital dark circles. Diseases like anemia and thyroid disease affect blood oxygen-carrying properties and compromise the vasculature of the skin and other ocular tissues. It is advisable to visit a doctor for the diagnosis of an underlying disease or ailment that might be causing hyperpigmentation or vascular crunch of the skin area surrounding the eyes.

Common Treatment options for periorbital dark circles

It can involve medical treatment, change of lifestyle and even cosmetics to produce a better appearance of the under eye region. It is comforting to know that finding an approach that can tackle a particular need or concern of an individual proves to be the best course of action.

Medical Treatments

In a scenario where other conditions such as anemia, allergies, eczema, or hypothyroidism are the root cause of dark eye circles, then it is compulsory to treat them. Thus, replenishing depleted nutrient levels, participating in immunotherapy, moderating inflammation, or adjusting hormones based on blood testing reduces or eliminates the secondary manifestations of the disease, such as periorbital discoloration.

Topical Creams

Lotions that are easily available over the counter such as the creams containing niacinamide, vitamin C, licorice extract, mulberry extract and retinol make the skin around the eyes lighter. An example of how an eye cream benefits skin is that it contains antioxidants which reduce daily skin stress. Silicone based products provide a silky finish to prepare the skin’s concealer zone while hyaluronic acid delivers water to the delicate eye area. Using eye creams is effective when applied at least in the morning and at night, because it gradually fades off the blood vessels and the discolouration.

Eye Masks

With an infusion of hydration to the sensitive skin under the eyes, the cooling, hydrogel eye masks offer a soothing sensation. The hyaluronic acid and collagen that is used in the eye masks can temporarily fill up hollowness in order to eliminate the shadows. Such revitalizing components include plant stem cells, which reduce the appearance of eye tiredness. Regular masking helps replenish the skin’s elasticity to reverse the darkness caused by thin skin.

Massage Therapy

Light stretching also helps in improving the blood flow around the eyes to avoid accumulation and formation of pools. When applied gently, eye cream even on the orbital bone wipes out puffy eyes and fights off lines. Reducing the amount of fluid deposits in under eye bags by drainage of the lymphatic system reduces the appearance of holes and shadows.

Concealers and Colour Correctors

Yet, if the aim is as simple as getting a quick lift to complexion, then camouflaging the uneven tones with makeup is the solution. To cover up peach and orange circles, products with blue tones are used to colour correctly. In the case of full-coverage concealers that are one shade lighter than the skin, the concealers only illuminate and the brightening pigments help to reflect light. But for concealers to look smooth and natural on the skin, don’t forget to prepare the skin in advance. Use an eye mask, follow it with the application of eye cream on the eyes and spot the concealer only for the regions that are darkening.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels that are performed in the office eliminate any causes of spotting. Anti-aging glycolic acid, salicylic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), and retinol formulations help restore skin, and eliminate lifeless outer skin and cells. Doing several treatments helps remove pigmented areas such as dark spots under the eyes through exfoliation. Gentle peels done at 4 to 6 weeks are optimal to make the eyes bright without causing inflammation.


Microneedling with radiofrequency energy, or a fractional laser, sends pinpoint signals of injury to specific areas. The micro wounds start collagen repair and remodeling processes. It is important to perform multiple treatments with an interval of 4 weeks; this way, microneedling forms new layers of the skin that are tighter and brighter in comparison to the previous ones. If delivered together with microneedling and special serums, PRP treatment or lasers, the collagen boost is twice for sunken eyes.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Concerning IPL or intense pulse light, this is a treatment approach that employs the use of various wavelengths in order to deal with pigmentation.

Through making adjustments on the filters and making them individualized, IPL deals with uneven skin tone and redness on the area that includes the upper cheek and orbital bones. IPL is frequently used alone or in conjunction with such complexion enhancing treatments as customized facial, antioxidant facial, etc, in order to get a complete facial rebalancing.

Filler Injections

If there is hollowness and volume loss in the region beneath the eyes, then the replacement of the facial fat pads with dermal filler will make shadows almost invisible. Some of the hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane, hoist the skin that has sunk by supplementing it from within. Some microdroplets of filler are properly located to counteract orbital rim laxity and prevent concave deficits. As it has been mentioned, to achieve the best result in the augmentation of the hollow eye troughs, multiple filler injection sessions with small gradations of the filler are necessary.

Fat Grafting

Autologous fat transplant is a process where excess fat from a particular part of the body is used to correct the sagging facial skin. Adipose tissue collected from other parts of the body such as the abdomen or the buttocks is carefully injected into the face areas where there are wrinkles or sagging skin such as eye hollows. Autologous fat grafting therefore restores the loss of adipose tissue due to aging or genetic superiority. Recently it is reported that some of the fat volume transferred is gradually assimilated. But touch up grafting assists in sustaining the fullness enhancements as a permanent solution.

Blepharoplasty Surgery

In some of the families with hereditary hollowness of the face, the cheeks, contributing to the unpleasant slant of the slacker eyes, come to create the dark eye circle scenario. Blepharoplasty also involves pulling off puffy fat bags through a surgical process, and it also involves tightening of loose skin for a youthful look. It redesigns and rebuilds the sagging upper and lower eyelids with more firmness and structure. The cosmetic surgery of the bone structure of the eyes by blepharoplasty removes the hooded and baggy looks and makes them look less weary. Combined with the eyelid chemical peel, the degree of dazzle that can be achieved with blepharoplasty is incomparable. 

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet activation ensues, and then their concentration is collected from a patient and carefully reinfused to promote cellular repair and collagen synthesis. Multiple PRP treatment sessions, with a 4-week interval between the procedures, improve the overall brightness of the periorbital region. PRP revitalizes thin skin as it reforms both the strength and tone. When PRP growth factors are mixed with fractionated microneedling, the healing and regeneration result in significant change on difficult dark circles under the eyes.

Radiofrequency with Micro-needling

RF microneedling invigorates skin rejuvenation and tightening by integrating microneedling procedures with radiofrequency energy. The heat introduced through the fine needle insertion raises the collagen production according to the radiofrequency heat. It offers unparalleled enhancements by directing the radio waves to the tissues below the thin and feeble skin of the periorbital area. Thus, improving the skin’s elasticity and thickness together with increasing the blood flow to the desired area erases the discoloration and the shadowing. The following plan, 4 treatments in 1 month with a one month interval can cause significant transformations.

Lifestyle Measures

Proper diet helps support almost every under eye treatment because maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to overall rehabilitation. That way, collagen reserves are replenished while blood vessels are not as wide open as they would be if you stayed up all night.General health such as drinking sufficient water and taking the necessary nutrients allow the skin to be healthy and moist. Using proper sunglasses when in the sun and wide-brimmed hats also assume a role in minimizing the amount of sun one gets.

Evaluating the proven strategies and techniques for minimizing the exposure of the skin to possible stress factors is effective in keeping the eye area looking youthful.

Prevention Tips

Even though some people are born with a tendency to dark circles on their face, the skin on the face is sensitive, so it will still be beneficial to protect it. Antioxidant and vitamin C serums used daily protects the skin from free radicals from sun and pollution which is civilized skin aging. Less frequent occurrence of blood vessels that become prominent through thin skin of the lower eyelid can address some of these measures, for instance, washing, moisturizing, refraining from alcohol, not smoking and getting enough sleep.

Intervening to perform rejuvenation of the eyes before the skin becomes too deeply hollow and wrinkled will yield better results from non-surgical procedures. Superimposing the topical skin conditioning treatments of the office procedures, along with injections replaces the lost volume more easily treatable early in the game. Holding off on treatments worsens the results and increases the number of treatments required to address periorbital shadows, lines, and facial tiredness.


The periorbital dark circle is a form of structural defect and colour change, which may be addressed in cosmetic and medical treatments. Customized dual treatment plan based on specific requirements and goals brings 50% improvement in under eye hollowness no matter how severe. Everything from vitamin C,folic acid, retinol, to collagen peptides the market offers solutions to brightening dull sleepy eyes. These factors maintain the skin healthy, remove the layer of dead skin cells, avoid exposure to the sun, provide the skin with moisture, and ensure the regenerating treatments are not transient. Periorbital rejuvenation to maintain and prevent results in well-lit, wakeful-looking eyes that are sure to last for years.


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