New Xbox Games Showcase 2024

The Xbox Games Showcase is an annual event planned and executed by Microsoft where they present upcoming games and content for their Xbox home consoles. The second half of 2024 looks to be a hall-of-fame year for Xbox with heavy hitters, sequels, new IPs, and hopefully some surprises. Here is an overview of what we might see at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024:Here is an overview of what we might see at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024:

Halo Infinite DLC

Halo Infinite has been released in the last year of 2021, and the game has received mostly positive reviews. Although the campaign was a great story, there was hardly anything for the multiplayer at the time of the release. For the next year, or 2024, we anticipate 343 Industries to keep on supporting Halo Infinite with new maps, modes, events, and potentially story drops. Gossips also suggest a battle royale mode in development – this could be unveiled at the showcase.

Forza Motorsport Reboot

Forza Horizon 5 was the highlight of the E3 2021 conference, as it became Xbox’s best-selling first-party game within record time. Forza Motorsport series that has realistic tracks based racing games is all set to get a brand-new start in 2024 after a long hiatus. This is in support of their reboot title by Playground Games that will showcase the potential of next-gen consoles through ray tracing and hyper-realistic visuals with the best racing simulation.

Perfect Dark Reboot

One of the first games that Nintendo 64 fans still remember is Perfect Dark that came out as a first-person shooter game will be remade by The Initiative, an Xbox studio which is formed by the best employees of Rocksteady and Crystal Dynamics. The spy-fi thriller is slated for a launch in 2024, and that is when gamers should expect to learn a lot more about the game’s plot and gameplay mechanics after years of speculation..

Fable 4

Additionally, Playground Games remains tight-lipped about the much-anticipated Fable series reboot, which will be released the following year, 2024. It is difficult to name other franchises that evoke as much emotional response in Xbox fans. With the fabulous and funny world presented with the gameplaying elements and the systems of humor and morality Fable determined the meaning of the RPGs of the turn of the century. There’s going to be a huge open world with graphics that capitalize on the advantages of the new generation consoles and new stories to tell within Albion and beyond.

New IPs

Xbox spent a lot of money in the last few years for buying studios filled with talent to deliver creative experiences. Despite having sequels and reboots of well-known universes are approaching, one should expect new IPs in Games Showcase 2024. Regarding unannounced IPs, we are likely to see fresh games titles from Ninja Theory, Obsidian, Compulsion Games and three new studios from Xbox namely Roundhouse, Alpha Dog and ZeniMax Online San Diego.


Phil Spencer seems to always take some surprises to the Xbox shows also, which is cool. Will they finally announce that the streaming sticks were true all along and are in the pipeline to be released in 2024? Some questions may arise, such as, is Microsoft considering acquiring large Japanese studios in order to boost the Xbox market? Will future Activision hits such as Call of Duty one day grace Game Pass if Microsoft pulls off the acquisition in 2021? A disaster is coming so stay tuned for more shocking revelation.

XBox Games x Third-Party Content

Of course, that is where Xbox safeguards, as it claims that more than a hundred plus games are going to be a part of the Game Pass. The showcase also offers information on other third-party games coming to Xbox as well. This is why we expect Japanese publishers to bring it out in their upcoming E3 shows, which could be Persona 6 or the release date for Final Fantasy XVI. It includes the principal multiple-platform releases of Ubisoft, CD Projekt Red, and Warner Bros.

I believe the Xbox Games Showcase becomes even more thrilling and unpredictable every year with Xbox building up its first party roster. 2024 specifically has gigantic potential on the horizon given that Xbox’s stable of studios is dedicated to creating new worlds and narratives from franchises which have been M.I.A for many years. We do hope they put up a great show of gaming innovation that Xbox intends to achieve for inclusive entertainment this decade.


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