Natural Remedies for Dark Circles: Banish Under-Eye Shadows with Simple Home Remedies


Eye circles of one form or the other are a common problem as far as the cosmetics of both male and female are concerned. These can make you look like you are fatigued, ill, or even older than you are.

There are several reasons for darkening of the skin under the eyes: heredity, poor night’s rest, allergy, overexposure to the sun, aging, eczema and delamination of skin under the eyes. Sometimes it is due to some causes which are time bound, and some of the times those annoying dark circles are always around.

Fortunately, there are many ways and products, both natural and medical, that could help lighten and fade the color of the under eye circles and make them less and less noticeable day by day.

Below are the simple home remedies to get rid of unwanted black circles around your eyes in this article, you will find 25 solutions.

Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by a variety of factors including heredity, eye strain, aging, lack of sleep, allergies, and illness.

Before detailing how to get rid of dark circles using home remedies, let’s first look at what causes them to appear in the first place:Before detailing how to get rid of dark circles using home remedies, let’s first look at what causes them to appear in the first place:


Some of the causes of dark circles include genetics, and there are people who genetically acquire certain facial characteristics from their parents. Thanks, Mom and Dad! In this case, the gene for hyperpigmentation brings about comparatively darker under-eye circles.

Lack of Sleep

If you deprive your body of sleep, blood vessels located beneath the skin in the area of your eyes may become inflamed, thereby leading to swelling and discoloration of the skin. Dark circles can be called “bags” under the eyes because they look like small swollen sacs.


Illnesses such as the flu, common cold, and sinusitis can cause swelling of the under eye area, and discoloration which can be observed as dark circles under eyes. Eye swelling is one of the signs showing that your body is fighting histamines.

Sun Exposure

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to skin tanning and darkening due to the effects of Ultraviolet B rays on the skin below the eyes. Squinting of the eyes is also bad for you because it creates crow’s feet and fine lines around your eyes which become more prominent when you squint in the sun.


In addition, collagen reduces as the skin becomes thinner with age, and the skin is more vulnerable to scarring. Due to the thinness of under eye skin and the relative ease of seeing blood vessels and muscles, the dark circles under eyes appear.


Eczema is commonly known as an itchy rash on the skin that ends up making the skin appear to be inflamed and scaly. Squeezing the affected part around the eyes will only worsen the skin condition of eczema by darkening the inner thighs.

Dark circles, bags under the eyes

The skin that is under our eyes is very thin and it is known to wrinkle easily. In other, it becomes even thinner, and the blood vessels and tissues underneath become more apparent as one ages. This gives the look of thinning skin and deeper, blacker circles under the eyes.

Here’s list of 25 home remedies that can help to lighten the dark circles around your eyes:

Ready for banishing under eye bags, puffiness and dark circles? Try these 25 home remedies to lighten and reduce the appearance of under eye circles quickly and naturally:Try these 25 home remedies to lighten and reduce the appearance of under eye circles quickly and naturally:

1. Cold Compress

Using an anti-inflammatory product or chilled object under your eyes will cause blood vessels to narrow, leading to a decrease in the swelling or accumulation of fluids, which contributes to the appearance of the circles under your eyes. If you want to make a cold compress, it is as easy as a bag of frozen peas. When using the item, it is recommended to wrap it in a soft cloth then place it gently on the under eye area for about 10 minutes daily. They help to reduce inflammation and thus prevent the skin from becoming swollen and different colors.

2. Cucumber Slices

Cucumbers have skin lightening and mild astringent properties that will help decrease the Puffiness and the appearance of the dark circles to some extent. Also, one gets to remove the eye makeup and the cold temperature is gentle on the eyes especially those with puffy eyes. Cucumber is soothing to the eyes, so take a break and place cucumber slices over your closed eyes every day for fifteen minutes.

3. Rose Water

The skin bleaching ability of rose water is not very strong but it is useful in other ways particularly in the removal of dark circles around the eyes and is also good for the skin around the eyes because it is sensitive skin. Rose water is useful for this purpose and can be applied on closed eyes using cotton balls that have been soaked in this water for about fifteen minutes each day for about two weeks. It can be used in conjunction with refrigeration to have an even more profound effect on the swelling of the eyes.

4. Potato Slices

Raw potato can be used as home remedy for each one of the above mentioned skin ailments including dark circles under the eyes. Besides, potatoes have some level of bleaching properties and the cooling sensation is perfect to reduce irritation and eye swelling. Scrub and use juice on both the eyelids for about 15 minutes. Rinse and pat dry.

5. Almond Oil Massage

Almonds contain Vitamin E. By applying almond oil and gently massaging it on the face, especially under the eye areas before going to bed, it helps to moisturize the skin around the eyes and hence, helps to bring back the glow to tired looking eyes by increasing blood flow in that area.

6. Tea Bags

Coffees and herb teas should be conveyed in teabags that can help diminish eye circles and eye bags for some time. Black tea contains tannin that contracts the blood vessels; on the other hand, eucalyptus and chamomile tea have the ability to reduce inflammation and soothe the irritated part. It is even better if you could immerse the tea bags in the fridge first to enhance the coolness of the tea.

7. Vitamin E Oil

The Vitamin E oil offers protection from early aging by the sun and skin blotching due to increased renewal of skin cells. Using vitamin E oil, apply it by tapping softly around the sensitive area under the eyes using your ring finger in circular movements. It is recommended to make sure the oil penetrates the skin before applying makeup or any other product on the skin.

8. Tomato Slices

Tomatoes contain lycopene which has slightly bleaching properties that help to protect the skin against the UV radiation from the sun. One simple remedy for too much darkness under eyes is to put chilled tomato slices on the eyes, as this is an excellent remedy in shrinking the blood vessels under the eye area.

9. Vitamin K Eye Cream

Topical vitamin K eye cream to improve capillaries and blood vessels around the eyes: it improves the bruise-like darkening according to the Mayo Clinic. The creams should have not less than 0.1 percent concentration of vitamin K. It is recommended to be used lightly around eyes, twice daily, after washing and toning.

10. Arnica Gel or Cream

Eye creams and gels made from arnica help in treating swollen and puffy eyes due to its ability to reduce inflammation of the skin under eyes as well as promote the speedy elimination of oedema. This assists in fading the appearance of the dark, sunken in skin of the dark under eye circles. Stay on the dosage and follow the instructions first, do patch test.

11. Massage Acupressure Points

The technique of using acupressure to counter under eye circle entails using the index fingers and finding acupressure points near the inner corners of the eyes, adjacent to the nasal area. This helps in promoting circulation and drainage of fluids In this case, a tremor would be of benefit. Repeat daily.

12. Cucumber and Lemon Juice

The slight acidity, astringent nature and skin lightening benefits of cucumbers and lemon render it a good natural treatment for getting rid of impermissible dark eye circles. In a blender blend one cucumber and remove the juice from one fresh lemon. Use two bits of cotton wool, dip into mixture, place under eyes for 15 minutes and wash off.

13. Avocado Mask

Scoop out half of the avocado and blend until paste-like consistency then apply near eyes using a flat flat foundation brush. May be left on the hair for 15 minutes before washing off with cold water till clean. It also contains potassium, fiber, vitamin E, antioxidants, that promote skin health and reduce inflammation, thus supporting eyes.

14. Cold Milk Compress

Applying cold milk over the eyes helps decrease the circulation of blood in the area of the under eyes, reducing under eye circles in the quickest time possible. Cool two cotton pads with cold milk and rub them on pimples for 10 – 15 minutes until darkness disappears, and use them as eye masks at night until darkness abates. The proteins and minerals feed the tender skin as it needs food just like the rest of our body.

15. Comfrey to Reduce Puffiness

The comfrey herb reduces inflammation and therefore when applied on the area under the tired irritated eyes, swelling and puffiness are eliminated. Steep comfrey root or fresh leaf in water, strain and use as an eyewash on cotton balls or as hair wash water. Comfrey used in the form of dried parts of the plant can also help relieve the eyes.

16. Chamomile Tea Bath

Drinking a warm chamomile tea before going to bed to get a facial steam helps to open the pores and wash out the eyes to remove any irritants causing swelling and darkness in the area. Bring water to a boil, carefully pour hot water into a bowl, adding chamomile tea bags. Position face 12 inches above, close eyes and take in fumes for 5 – 10 minutes with deep breathing. Lastly, external eye cleansing should be done by rinsing the eyes with cold water.

17. Launched as Green Tea Bags or Black Tea Bags

Both black and green tea consist of tannins that have astringent properties and are effective in reducing eye bags, swelling as well as puckered under eye regions. Dip tea bags in warm water and leave to cool, then apply these on the eyes for 10-15 minutes every day for a more youthful appearance.

18. Cold Green Tea Compress

The antioxidants and tannins in the green tea used externally soothes and minimizes inflammation of the eye area and shields sensitive skin around the eyes from sunburn as well. On a daily basis, they should put cold green tea bags under the eyes for approximately 10 – 15 minutes. For further relief one can boil green tea, cool it and soak cotton balls in this and apply on the affected area.

19. Eye Massage

Using your ring fingers, wash your face then place them under your eyes and apply light pressure while making circular motions from the inside of the eye outwards. An example of a light touch lymphatic drainage performed using only the tips of the fingers to give a daily lymphatic eye drainage massage pulls out stagnant fluids that causes swelling thus reducing eye puffiness.

20. Your Wrists Ice Cubes Massaged on Eyes

An ever speedy solution to erase under eye circles is to gently pat an ice cube all around the area of the orbital bone beginning from the inner corner towards the outer area. Cold weather reduces blood flow and the visibility of vascular lesions through the skin by making the blood vessels constrict. Last, apply the moisturizer all over your body.

21. Aloe Vera Gel

Organic aloe vera gel applied on the skin does not contain any chemical that may harm the skin but it aids in skin health and gradual disappearance of brown spots as a result of sunburn. It also refreshes and reduces eye swelling for the exhausted ones due to the presence of natural salicylic acids. Rub aloe vera gel around the eyes with your fingertips in circular motions.

22. Rosewater or Flowering Water Receptor

Rose extracts can be anti-aging and at the same time soothing for the skin of the eyes, making the area look smoother and younger. For the skin under eyes, massage rose essential oil with gentle fingers under the eyes and for a refreshing eye spray, keep rose facial mists in the refrigerator and use these for cooling eye treatments to get a glowing skin in quick time.

23. Nasal Strips at Night

Using nasal strips let the airways in the sinuses expand for improved breathing at night particularly when asleep. Puffiness and darkness under the eyes due to congestion and lack of blood decreases during the night where respiration passages are opened with nasal strips or drops.

24. Cosmetic Eye Concealer

For situations where you require makeup that will cover dark circles for a short while, use an under eye concealer with a yellow undertone and one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Using the concealer, take a small amount and apply it on the thickest part of the circle, and apply gently in an outward motion using a makeup sponge or finger. Applied by sprinkling facial loose powder on the skin and then sweeping it off with a large powder brush after. It can be reapplied daily or whenever needed, especially the concealer since it is most likely to fade out.

25. Doctor Administered Fillers

When hollowness and sunken eyes are extreme and long term effects make you look like you haven’t slept or age has caught up with you, consult your dermatologist about the injectable hyaluronic acid fillers. Injections replace the face’s lost volume under the eyes for an enhanced look of rejuvenation and the appearance of bag free eyes.

This is another important question as it provides insights on situations when individuals should seek medical attention.

If the changes in the daily routine, home remedies and cosmetic cover-ups have not helped to reduce the appearance of the dark under eye circles within 1 month, then please make a visit to the doctor. They can examine the under eye region and establish whether there is a reason for the excess production of melanin. New prescribed treatments may help in minimizing difficult older looking hollow, dark eye circles.


Therefore, and no matter if they are genetic or result from treatable causes like aging, allergy irritation, or lack of sleep, dark circles under or around the eyes are an undesirable condition that makes you look tired, sick, or much older than your actual age. Fortunately, there are several home remedies that one can take in order to deal with under eye puffiness, bags and darkness gradually in the natural world. Although you may not have a medical condition, simple remedies such as placing cold tea bags over closed eyes, using ice packs, applying ointments or using makeup to conceal swelling are useful when you have a big event to attend and your eyes appear swollen in the morning.

To treat persistent hollow eye circles cosmetic injections are efficient in filling in the sunken areas under the eyes that depreciated due to aging and the sun. Today it is easy to find many cheap potions and lotions that will help you achieve long term under eye circle lighting and it is possible to look well rested and face the world boldly.

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