Men’s Fashion Tips: What Can A Man Wear When He Wants To Look Good But Doesn’t Want To Exert Much Effort?


Fashion does not have to be a thing that we complicate or a thing that we just decide to makeover ourselves for. Most men do not need much styling help as even with small changes in clothing and the way they dress, they can dress smart without much thinking in the mornings. This guide brings you simple fashion tips for men, whether you are going for business meetings or a day out wearing jeans.

Find minor closet updates, coordinating outfit ideas for those who do not understand how to combine different elements, shaving tips, and shopping recommendations for men who desire to look classic and well-groomed.

 If there is anything that can be vouched for when making a first impression, it is these fashion basics.

Simplify Your Wardrobe

The key to good style is having simple and basic wardrobe staples, which include a variety of solid colors and subtle prints. Build your wardrobe around these wardrobe basics:Build your wardrobe around these wardrobe basics:

  • Dark wash straight leg or slim jeans- These types of jeans are considered formal wear during the working times or evenings. The straight or slim fits tend to look best on everybody, at least they do not look horrible on most people.
  • T-shirts in white, gray, navy – Make sure you have enough long-sleeved, fitted crew neck or v-neck tees to wear under shirts or on the outside.
  • Button down shirts in classic checks and stripes – Button up shirts are best worn in solid and checked, neat and simple stripes among others and recommended buttons include blue, pink, white, gingham among others.
  • Tan, olive, navy chinos – SLacks are versatile where they are appropriate for both working day wear and business casual wear.
  • Crew neck sweaters made of wool in grey, navy – perfect for layering over the collared shirt or as a standalone garment.
  • Cotton quarter zip pullover shirts
  • Stylish black or brown leather belt
  • A pair of black or dark brown formal dress shoes.

Matching of the pieces of clothing can be as follows:

Removing the element of chance when trying to put together an outfit is a lifesaver when you want to be fancy while doing it without much effort. Use these effortless outfit formulas for foolproof pairings:Use these effortless outfit formulas for foolproof pairings:

Business Casual Outfits:

  • Chinos + button down shirt + sweater + leather shoes
  • Dark jeans with a buttoned shirt, a plain cotton jacket, and leather shoes

Weekend Casual Outfits:

  • Black trousers + white T-shirt + black leather motorcycle jacket + black leather engineer boots
  • Chinos + linen shirt + sneakers

Night Out Outfits:

  • Business casual = Black skinny jeans + striped or checked shirt + leather bomber jacket or blazer
  • Black jeans + white/plain tee + black leather jacket + Chelsea boots

Pro Tip: Keep on a T, wear a dress shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirt, sweater, etc., in any get-up switcheroo as necessary.

Stand out with the right accessories

I believe that accessories play a major role in enhancing any plain and simple outfit to give it that much needed polish.

Invest in these accessories:

  • Stainless steel watch – Opt for clean cut design and it is better to get a face color that will not be too loud.
  • Tripster-style sunglasses – The simple shape suits all face shapes.
  • Leather belt – For better matching with shoes to have a well coordinated appearance.
  • Wallet – Choose a bi-fold as it is an everyday accessory that you can use for your money.

Everyday Accessories:

  • The ballcap is perfect for casual days or those days when you want to look a little more laid back and relaxed.
  • The headdress is a beanie for winter.

Get a Better Fit + Better Body Shape

An average guy turns into a well dressed guy just by putting on well fitting clothes; clothes made to fit his body type. Avoid these common fit mistakes:Avoid these common fit mistakes:


  • Loose t-shirts that fall beyond the waist line, loose button up shirts, and loose jogging pants or jeans dominate your figure.


  • Oversized and synthetic ‘super skinny’ jeans and shirts constrict and clasp at athletic body silhouettes.


  • Baggy T-shirts and elastic straight leg trousers are also very likely to inhibit the figure.

Fix these issues with these easy solutions:Fix these issues with these easy solutions:

  • Look for current models of athletic cut shirts, straight casual jeans and pants that are comfortable and fitted but not remarkably tight.
  • Wear clothes to a fitter and get shirts fitted on the sides and arms and pants on the lower thighs for a well-fitted look.
  • My advice in regard to clothing, is that one should always make an effort to wear something before purchasing it.

Learn this simple trick to check shirt fit: Make fists and raise arms straight up overhead – if the shirt pulls up and becomes untucked behind, then it is a sign to go for a smaller size or take it to the tailor.

Grooming Pointers

Failure to groom oneself is among the effective ways of demoting your status on style. Step up your grooming game:Step up your grooming game:


  • Beauty tips: It is recommended to get hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks to maintain your style.
  • styling hair: it can be done using a little product such as wax or clay.
  • Delight in a stray hairs trim by a qualified barber

Facial Hair Grooming:

  • It is recommended that beards should be of moderate length and should be taken to a professional barber to be trimmed uniformly.
  • Necessary to remove unwanted hair like beard, cheek, or neck hair.


  • Cleaning of the face should be done in the morning and in the evening.
  • The recommended skin care regimen to follow in a week is to use an exfoliating face scrub once a week.
  • Moisturize your face with a cream that has sunscreen protection, which should be done every day.

Nail Grooming:

  • Do not have long nails and if you do then make certain that they are clean cut.
  • File any snags
  • Clean under nails

Where to Shop

Skip department stores and shop these stores for elevated basics:Skip department stores and shop these stores for elevated basics:

  • Banana Republic
  • Jcrew
  • Club Monaco
  • Everlane

For quality investment pieces, check out:For quality investment pieces, check out:

  • Suitsupply
  • Brooks Brothers
  • Bonobos

Subscribe to newsletters at your stores of preference in order to get information about special offers and codes.


Some of these simple men’s style tips outlined above can be adopted to ease the morning fuss without compromising style. Upgrade your classic pieces, discover the correct way to mix and match outfits and upgrade your skincare game. With some minor improvements, in no time you will notice the day to day laid back look which will be the testimony of the fact that you take some effort dressing well but you do not overdo yourself.

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