Ultimate Learning the Grinch Makeup Look no 1

Learning the Grinch Makeup Look: It is therefore necessary that an individual takes the following step by step guide:


The Grinch makeup is also a popular Christmas figure, he is huge and furry green creature who decided to take special revenge on the population of the Whoville. The character Grinch is an iconic figure that has been copied and imitated every other time when there is a festival such as the holidays.

As seen from the final look that was adopted, anyone can mimic this ludicrous grumpy character by applying the right techniques and products. Here they are, easy to follow steps, and useful pieces of advice to help you master the Grinch makeup for novices.

Here’s what we are going to do next – we will show you how to create and apply the green color base, to enhance the facial features, to apply dark circles, and to complete the Grinch look with Santa hat. With a little effort and some time invested, it will not be long before the next Christmas rolls around and you are able to be the Grinch that everyone loves to hate.

Supplies Needed

Yet, before we proceed with the guide on makeup application, there are some essentials that you have to ensure you have with you. Here’s what you’ll need:

• Any green make up on face or body or green body paint
• Black eye shadow or eyeliner would be ideal for this color combination since it creates a rather dramatic look.
• To complete the look, you can try using red eye shadow or face paint.
• Dark brown or black is the best choice for your brow pencil.
• Cotton balls
• Spirit gum and synthetic wig hair if desired
• Red lipstick
• Santa hat
• Brushes for application

It can also help refer to the makeup details and use the picture of the Grinch’s face and follow the details properly. Well now let’s proceed to the actual guide on how the grinch transformed step by step!

Applying the Green Base

Highlighting of the Grinch costume would be incomplete without mention of the lime green fur. When applying the green color base :When applying the green color base:

• Remember to cleanse your face and make sure it is dry before applying the makeup because this enhances the application of the makeup. Move your legs a bit if they are stiff, and apply some moisturizer if you wish.
• A green cream makeup is preferred or better yet, professional makeup paint – do not use party city face paints. We have found that Mehron or Ben Nye brands are the best.
• Begin to dab or blend the green makeup color gradually and begin with small portions using a wedge sponge, brush or bare hands. Glide from your brow, over your cheeks, down to the mandible, across ears and all of your neck.
• Give it a while to dry, and then add other layers of green onto the layer you have just applied. The deeper the layer the less amount of skin color which will be visible.
• Go on further increasing the build-up of the color gradually. Continue blowing until you get a flat, solid and even pitch.
• Now take the green makeup and slide it down the neck area all the way to your Adam’s apple level to make sure there is no skin visible under your chin with any space in between.
• If these body parts will be exposed paint the ears, hand, arms green too. Even color is key!

The green base might take 15–20 minutes to layer and set before proceeding to further application of the process. Wait for sometime and use mirror to check if the surfaces have been polished uniformly.

Defining Grinch Facial Features

After that part is done, it’s time to turn the normal, basic human face into the face of the Grinch.

Eyes and Brow Sculpting

• Using black eye shadow or eyeliner pencil, run it on the inner side of the eye to give it a line that descends below the inner and outer corner of the eye. Smudge lightly.
• Pull the black shadow or liner on upper lash line, as makeshift eyeliner wing – and stretch the shape beyond the eye shape in an amplified up and out direction.
• Draw more shadow at the outer edge of the lower lashes and the extreme corners to lengthen as well as drop the shape of the eyes.
• For more angular shape take a dark brown or black brow pencil and fill in the desired shape, sweeping the tails downwards at a sharp angle. Leave it slightly contracted or expanded – however, do not bring it back to the starting position.
• Place brow pomade on top of the brow hairs in case some hairs need to be combed back.

Nose and Cheeks

• Using the paint, outline down the sides of your nose and up onto the upper cheeks to look like a drunk’s flushed face. Boldly drag, smear the red vese randomly.
• Use the same dark brown/black brow pencil to accentuate the nostrils to make the noise appear wider. First you have to draw circles inside and outside the nostrils then continue the nostrils shape down under the sides of the actual nose.
• To carve out the apples of the cheeks, use a bronzer to draw a thin line just under the apples to make them appear more hollow.

Chin and Jaw

• For laugh lines, apply black eyeliner or dark shadow to make those areas stand out and darken the jaw line for contours.
• Draw black vertical lines that start from the lower lip and go down to make the ‘boo boo boo’ which resembles Grinch ’s lips.
• With makeup, darken chin and overemphasize it, if necessary, to complement the square jaw to the character like Grinch.

Adding Grinch Details

Now, let us describe some of the elements that the Grinch added to the story to make it complete. Ample extra details are here to make your look even more exuberant!

Dark Undereye Circles

• You should use black or dark brown shadow by using a thin brush and apply it on the undereye area in a circular manner covering just the lower lash line.
• Blending the shadow in, patting it so that it sits low in the skin do not swipe heavily across the skin.
• Then run the pencil sideways slightly outward in order to smudge properly, to avoid visible lines where green skin meets darkness.
• These circles should look ‘puffy’ or ‘tired’, which is the very look the Grinch has when he spends all night plotting his evil schemes!

Hair loss on the head is manifested in such features as Wig Tufts and Forehead Lines.

• For additional authenticity, take new scissors and give an old wig or extensions an unkempt look by styling them into messy tufts or cowlicks.
• Place the hairline tufts at the hairline area using spirit gum adhesive making them to stick out in random manner improving the hair’s dimension.
• However, if you want to add only mere hints of texture, attach individual strands of fake fur, yarn, or wig hair with a light adhesive at the forehead and cheeks.
• Before the start of drawing, you need to create a sketch of the main character and emphasize his emotional state: draw carved wrinkle lines on the forehead and between the eyebrows with a black pencil. Cautiously rub the shadow with a cotton tip.

Finishing Makeup Touches

Finally top off your complete Grinch transformation by adding these last few steps: Finally top off your complete Grinch transformation by adding these last few steps:

• Use a neutral color to draw a thin line horizontally in the middle of the lower lip to give the caricature a traditional cartoon look. Do not line the lips before to prevent the color from extending to the lip area.
• If you want to reduce the visibility of your eyes, put on yellow contact lenses to cover the iris.
• Place the white facing backward on the hat, put on the santa hat and make sure that the white part of the trim is at the back of your head rather than your forehead.
• In case the skin on your hands and arms is still exposed, another layer of green paint must be applied to make the hands appear completely green.

And that’s it! That’s your Grinch makeup look all done and ready for photographing! Look at your own reflection and use all your imagination to appreciate the grumpy animal you have become.

Prepare for some childish and whimsical fun as you wreak havoc through Whoville during the most wonderful time of the year.

Guide for Holding Poses and Further Accessories

That is why, apart from the makeup appearance, adopting the Grinch/CAA persona entails the right body language. Here are some posing ideas to set the mood:Here are some posing ideas to set the mood:

• Teach the kids how to scowl like the Grinch in the mirror, fake smiles, and big wide nutty eyes. Make the movement of your face lively, similar to a cartoon, and overemphasize motions of your mouth and eyebrows.
• Stand with palms facing the ceiling and arms open wide and bragging of the tricks you are up to. Swing the upper body from side to side imitating the movements and actions while acting like the Grinch.
• Lean forward with your shoulders, making a hunched posture to your stance. Tuck hands behind the back occasionally when one is secretly creeping around.
• Sometimes put hands to chin while positioning yourself as the villainous plans start to brew in your mind about how you plan on stealing all the Whoville gifts.
• Grab fake items such as a sack similar to what Santa uses, the stuffed dog Max, gifts or decorations that you pretend to steal for better storyline to depict in the photos. Ham it up!

Tips on How to Look After Your Grinch Makeup

That is why, like any costume look, Grinch makeup should be stored properly, whether you want to wear it during the day or transform at night. Follow these tips:

• Do not try to touch, wipe, prop or lean your face on your hands in a bid to interfere with the work.
• Remove green skin with blotting oil shine through out wear use flat compact powder so that it doesn’t slip.
• If makeup starts to crack or chip apply and blend the concealer brush and extra coverage foundation or paint over the areas.
• Ensure makeup remover wipes and kit is taken for any other touch up if the wig and makeup is to be worn for long.
• It is recommended to wash off all makeup products completely before going to bed using cleansers that are safe for the eyes in case one develops skin reactions during the night.

The Grinch Makeup Look – Questions And Answers

We receive lots of questions about mastering the Grinch makeup, so here are some of the most frequently asked:
How many hours can it take to make Grinch make up?
Depending on preparation, laying the base, putting in small details, and highlights, as well as the final touches, the Grinch makeup application should take between 45 minutes to an hour. Yes, but I found that I work best slowly as well as careful with layering and stacking.

Which companies provide the best makeup products for Grinch?

This is why we suggest patrons to opt for stage brands such as Mehron Ben Nye or Kryolan which are commonly used in cinemas. These deliver super-saturated colors that do not budge and are ideal for a full body makeup for all holiday adventures.

How can I prevent this green skin from happening to me?

Only wear makeup products at night and remove all the makeup gently with the use of eye-friendly products for removal and always apply the main product/primary products before applying makeup as this helps to act as a barrier. Do not use heavy makeup on face especially around the eyes and mouth since they absorb more.

Is it safe for kids to try and recreate the Grinch makeup seen in the latest movie?

Yes, there are non-toxic brand of makeup for theater like Snazaroo that is safe for children 4 years old and above which is the Grinch face painting design simplified. Conform to guidelines for selection and usage of child costumes and oversee children’s application of costumes.


Although it may seem challenging at first, knowing how to do the Grinch makeup for Christmas occasions might be great fun for occasions such as events, the holiday season, costume parties, and many others. You now know every step that is involved in doing this look.

So you can easily replicate this timeless style at home. Ranging from arranging props, getting dressed in green coat layers, modeling the face and ears, applying wig hair, and even positioning – you will suddenly become the convincing even grumpy mean one stealing the show.

Well gather up your dog Max, arm yourself with your Santa sack and out there go and spread some merry grinning Grinchy havoc! Just remember not to spoil the festive mood of the rest of Whoville inhabitants while dealing with the tricks.


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