Ultimate guide to Korean Fried Chicken no 1

The delectable and crispy delight of Korean Fried Chicken


Korean fried chicken or KFC mainly has gained much attention in the latter years and now is enjoyed by anyone around the globe. It tastes like fried chicken – the outside is crispy, and the inside tender and delectable; eating KFC will change your perception of a starchy side.

This article will focus on the origin of this exciting food, what its component parts are, the process of preparing and frying them, the fames KFC flavors that cone from around the globe, the health effects of this marvelous food and the fact that it is among the best foods that is being sold in many parts of the world. Read on for all the info about the famed Korean fried chicken!

History and Origins

Although fried chicken can be traced back to the Scottish and West African regions, KFC is a form of chicken that originated from South Korea. It is believed that Koreans learnt how to fry chicken from the American soldiers who had the meal during the Korean War in the 1950s.

It started to be consumed locally in a short time and was distinguished by its crispiness and a delicious combination of salt and savory that people loved. In the subsequent decades, local chefs started adding on to the fryer and tossing the chicken in Korean sweet and spicy chili sauces thus giving what we know today as KFC. The dish subsequently remained much in demand in Korea during the early of the 1960 and 1970s and went international.


The first step in the process of preparing Korean fried chicken is through the use of fresh chicken that is marinated. The white and the dark chicken meat are used, they are chopped into small pieces with the bone for desired flavor.
It is prepared from chicken marinated in buttermilk, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, black pepper and other spices responsible for giving it a taste.

However, prior to the chicken being placed in the fryer, it is normally coated with a dusting of flour or cornstarch lightly. Fried chicken can be given a second fry for enhanced crispiness though this may not always be the case. Its sauce varies depending on customers’ request whereby the common ones are soy garlic sauce, spicy gochujang sauce, honey butter sauce, among others.

Cooking Methods

The original Korean fried chicken is based on a few important process stages. Chicken cuts should ideally be marinated for 30 minutes if they are small pieces to make the meat tender enough. In order to achieve the perfect crispness of the coating without destroying the chicken meat, the temperature of the oil should be between 350-375°F, which means ideally the fryer should not be over cooked to ensure even heat circulation and efficient chicken production.

Even in most popular joints in town, KFC restaurants are known to portion the lean and fatty pieces and make some adjustments in the time taken for the chicken to turn tender and gold brown. After frying, chicken is coated with a sauce either honey butter or soy garlic, however, some people opt for the chicken without any addition in order to taste the natural flavor of the chicken.

Popular Flavors and Variations

While traditional KFC spotlighted the delicious chicken itself, today’s popular flavors add sweet, sour, savory, and spicy flair: While traditional KFC spotlighted the delicious chicken itself, today’s popular flavors add sweet, sour, savory, and spicy flair:

Soy Garlic Chicken: The first divides KFC’s flavor in a way that provides soy salty but mellow garlic at the same time.

Spicy Chicken: For spiced lovers Zinger flavor goes tongue tingling hot with the addition of gochujang chili sauce for KFC.

Honey Butter Chicken: Tender and glossy honey butter complements the caramelized exterior of fried chicken very well.

Peanuts and Jelly KFC: Fresh nuts have a crispy crunch when combined with fruity chili jelly for palatable taste complementarity.

Newer menus such as cheese KFC, curry KFC, shrimp KFC introduce tantalizing fusion taste sensations.

Health Considerations

Korean fried chicken contains significantly higher levels of calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol than do bland steamed chicken. Nonetheless, common consumers have no problems eating KFC in moderate quantities with other balanced meals. Persons having high blood pressure or other heart related diseases should restrict their salt intake as far as KFC is concerned. Skin should be peeled off before eating since it contains fats, or rather, to choose the breast part rather than the thighs, which is also fatty.

Global Spread

Being served in South Korean restaurants all over the world as South Korean pop culture and food increases in popularity, so does the Korean fried chicken. Korean KFC chain restaurants with inspiring designs and careful taste are still long-waiting to make each batch passionate. The dish even becoming the centerpiece in Korean dramas, movies, and television series, ranging from popular Squid Game to Oscar-winning Parasite. This made the world to open up to kfcs expansion as it opened new centers by tourists and students who wanted to taste the dish seen on their favorite media.

Today, it is possible to taste Korean fried chicken not only in Korea but also in other capitals of the world such as Los Angeles, New York, London, Sydney and many others. While beer bites turns multicultural millennial, don’t be surprised to see more KFC outlets opening in other food cities across the globe. The special crispy and saucy recipe to the sensational cultural craze behind Korean fried chicken has made it a rather new and immensely popular trend from the East.


As an addictive snack to watch and eat, Korean fried chicken with a delicate, crunchy skin that cracks to reveal juicy and tender chicken that has been marinated and seasoned well, coated in a sweet soy-garlic sauce, and cooked to perfection in a process that takes it from simple comfort food to addictive savory delight makes it one of the best preparations of chicken one could ever hope to come across.

South Koreans transformed a normal meal option into a must-try delight which incorporates the spicy zest of sweet chili and delectable taste of garlic in every bite. And as KFC carries on the cultural hype train around the globe, both, old school and new generation enthusiasts are literally hooked to the crispy taste. Korean fried chicken: this one is for those moments when you want to taste a simply perfect combination of spices and herbs in a chicken’s body.

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