How to Create Your First Home Gym


While it is beneficial to utilize your own home gym, it can be quite useful and less costly. It is possible to find the right home workout gear that will help you maximize efficiency and time when working out from home without having to spend a lot of money. This article is the ultimate on the first ever home gym and has all the information you need on how to set it and the equipment to use.

Step 1 : Identify the Goals and Requirements

Before going in for any equipment, ask yourself why you need a home gym and how you’ll use it. Consider these key questions:

  •  What do you want to achieve by exercising? Losing weight? Bulking up? General health? The kind of equipment depends on the objectives you have set.Reading the above subtopics, you will be in a position to know the goals of the company with ease. For instance, those who wish to build their cardio endurance will need equipment that is different from what those that want to perform power lifts movements will require.
  • When it comes to exercising, do you prefer to go at it alone or do you prefer having company? In case exercising with somebody else such as a partner, a family member or a flat mate, ensure that there is adequate space and equipment (like adjustable dumbbells) for the two of you.
  • How frequent will your usage be at the home gym? Since the construction is used in everyday practice, it requires durable and high-quality equipment. Consequently, if you only desire to exercise once in a while, you do not have to invest in expensive muscle building equipment.
  • Do you like aerobic exercises or anaerobic exercises more? Don’t forget to take into account the equipment for the activities you prefer and the kind of training you prefer, be it cycling, yoga, Pilates, or lifting weights.

Lack of fitness goals and desired usage of the gym means that you could be setting up your home gym and purchasing equipment only to realize later that it was not adequate for your needs or worse still wasted your resources on equipment which you rarely use. It is also important to devote time for a real evaluation on how one wants to train at home before shopping.

Choose a Dedicated Space

As much as it is necessary to go to a gym, exercising at home has its advantages especially when one owns a home gym, that allows him/her to workout any time he/she wants. However, to get these benefits, you need to ensure that the space you set up for your gym remains dedicated and not to be converted to other uses constantly.

Seek a space in the home that has no activity, and can accommodate the targeted equipment and activities. This may be a basement that has been closed off and completed, a garage that can be left open, an attic space or even a bedroom that may not be in use. It is as beneficial for some individuals as when people transform outdoor sheds or barns into gyms.

Regardless of the place, it is preferred that there are grounded and covered power outlets to avoid any incidents when using any electrical equipment. Others that should also be given attention include lighting, ventilation, insulation, storage and floor loading in case there will be heavy items to be stored. It is evident for one to acknowledge that floor mats have benefits that serve to protect both floors and falling bodies.

Last but not least, I want to create a home gym environment that is motivating to enter, thereby increasing its usage. A boring basement is not very instrumental in providing the initial stimulus or excitement. Consider making sure the color of the walls is encouraging and friendly, having motivational posters and artworks around, arranging your weights properly on the shelves, and ensuring that there is upbeat music playing in the background. Without much effort, that empty area can become your personal fitness and workout haven.

Here are some of the pieces of equipment that are very important in strength training:

Except if you intend to solely do bodyweight cardio workouts, stretching or martial arts at your home gym, strength training equipment is a necessity for your gym. Start out with these versatile basics:Start out with these versatile basics:


  • Buy new hex or round shaped dumbbells with fixed weights starting from 5 lbs to 50 lbs for a complete set. These enable the performance of a number of strength exercises that stress out different muscles.
  • Alternatively, you can go for purchasing a set which includes heavy, medium and light adjustable dumbbells. Search for some dials, or spin lock mechanisms that allow you to set the weight of each dumbbell very fast.

Resistance bands

  • A loop and flat resistance bands can be used in the place of dumbbells to load bodyweight exercise. They can be moved from one point to another with ease and do not take as much space as the weights. Should have bands of different calibres of light, medium and heavy to meet all the needs of the mission.
  • Additional fixtures such as door anchors, handles, and ankle straps give more versatility to your resistance band exercises. Make sure to get a full set of protective gear.


  • While kettlebells cost more than dumbbells, they can be used as all round apparatus for full body exercising, such as deadlift, squats, and swings.
  • Begin with a medium weight bell (15-30 pounds for women, 30-45 pounds for men) and once the form has been perfected, then go for lighter and the heaviest.

Pull up bar

  • The simplest and most portable types of home upper body exercise equipment are the pull up bar that can be mounted on a doorway to enable one to do pull ups, chin ups, leg raises, hangs, among others.
  • In order to have more stability especially during kipping or any other vigorous bodyweight exercise, it is better to use a freestanding power tower instead. They include pull up bars and, Parelletes, Support beams, & Rows, Push-ups, muscle ups, and dips.

Medicine ball

  • These include weighted balls which are between 2 and over 20 pounds involving throw, slam, catch as well as hold in developing explosive strength. They are effective for both conditioning the entire body and in plyometric circuits.

Flat Bench, Incline Bench, Decline Bench

  • To complete any home gym, you just need a versatile adjustable weight bench that will help you do chest presses, flies, rows, shoulder presses, curls, and much more with dumbbells or barbells. Target models that have a tilt range with a decline of up to -20 degrees and an incline of not less than 80 degrees.

The Olympic barbell & plate consists of a barbell and a plate.

  • An Olympic barbell, which stands at 7 feet, can support heavier weights than dumbbells, by design. Weights ranged from 2.5 pounds to 45 pounds Olympic plates stack on for exercises such as squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, overhead presses, and bench press.
  • Begin with plate totals of about 250 pounds and you can add more as you progress. Rubber coated plates are the most preferred because of their durability and the ability to reduce noise levels.

Bumper plates

  • For serious Olympic weightlifting at home or dropping loaded bars frequently, make rubber bumper plates your go-to. These are more costly than normal plates but help in protecting the barbells and the floor in case they fall down. Twenty-five thirty-five forty-five pound plates may be a good start.

Safety & Storage Solutions

Once your gym space and basic strength equipment is in place, invest in accessories to keep both you and your gear safe and organized:Once your gym space and basic strength equipment is in place, invest in accessories to keep both you and your gear safe and organized:

Home Gym Flooring

  • Rubber matting or foam padding should be used on concrete, laminated or wooden floors which are likely to be subjected to weights being thrown on to them. It also falls and absorbs noise to these cushions.

Commercial Gym Equipment Power Rack & Squat Cage

  • In order to work out heavy barbell lifts such as squats when there is no one around to spot you, you should use a power rack or squat cage. These sturdy racks can catch falling bars and can also come in set heights for correct bar placement.

Weightlifting Belt

  • Wearing a leather or vegan leather belt offers better body and spine support during some of the most heavily laden movements such as squats and deadlifts. As a result, it is used to minimize the chances of getting injured in the long run.

Weight Tree

  • Stack the plates on a weight tree when not in use, and store dumb bells and barbells in the same manner. This way it removes weights off the floor and is space saving as it can be placed in your garage or bedroom whenever you are doing your gym.

Dumbbell Rack

  • In the same manner, place dumbbells in sets in a convenient and organized manner on the exposed racks or cages. Some of the racks have an option of being inclined vertically or diagonally to minimize space on the floor. Keep in mind that the shape of the storage resembles the shape of a dumbbell.

Medicine Ball Rack

  • Organize your space by getting a medicine ball rack and attach it on the wall to store your balls when not using them.

Rubber Flooring Rolls

  • For home gyms that have a limited weight of only several hundred pounds, rubber rolls may just be enough instead of rubber tiles. Determine the room size to get the precise roll size that will fit the walls perfectly.

Resistance Band Anchor Station

  • Secure the ends of your resistance bands to a centrally located portable or a wall mounted anchor point. This enables the bands to stretch under a load which is much safer instead of relying on door attachments.

Other Optional but Fun Gear

Once your home gym is fully functioning for strength and resistance training, consider adding equipment to enjoy other types of exercise without leaving home:Once your home gym is fully functioning for strength and resistance training, consider adding equipment to enjoy other types of exercise without leaving home:


  • Designed for stability, it is perfect for walking, running and climbing hills at various adjustable speeds and gradients. You should look for motors with high horsepower, cooling fans and speakers that are installed in it and a cushion deck.

Elliptical Machine

  • Cardio machines that involve low impact to mimic the movements of one striding in the natural environment. The feature of moving handles enable target area training of the glutes, quads, calves, and much more; in addition, it comes with adjustable levels of resistance.

Indoor Cycling Bike

  • Stationary bicycles which are used for interval training, spin classes, and cycling races. Components such as flywheels with a certain level of weight and belts and pulleys that have a more polished look affect the feel of the ride and its loudness.

Rowing Machine

  • Rowers can burn more calories than most exercises that involve both cardio and strength in the entire body. Out of the air, magnetic, hydraulic and water models, you will be able to source one that suits the level of smoothness, noise and the price range that you prefer.

Punching bags

  • Position heavy bags, speed bags and uppercut bags in customized heights in relation to the physique of the user. Effective for boxing combinations, cardio kickboxing and just want to relieve some stress!

Yoga gear

  • From blocks to straps, towels, mats and many more, they assist in getting better flexibility, balance, and mindfulness with home yoga and Pilates routines.


  • Mirrors are positioned in such a way that you can easily observe your form during heavy lifts – very useful during solo workouts where you cannot rely on cues from a coach/spotter.


  • Gadgets such as the fitness applications, calorie counters, heart rate monitors, and workout headphones enhance workout sessions. There are many ways to mount the tablets or TVs to stream the workouts in a wall-mounted manner.


First time home gym establishment needs planning on the specific uses of the equipment, available space, and the planned fitness course. Having a workout area right in the house, let alone a few steps from the bedroom or the kitchen after it has been constructed can be so motivating and eliminates all sorts of reasons to skip a workout. You can exercise at home and use a set of weights, rubber bands, and a bench to keep your body in shape forever – without ever hitting a crowded gym!

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