Friendship Day 2024

Friendship Day: In this narrative, the bonds celebrated are quite distinct from the television series and feature characters with unique and complex relationships to one another.

It is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August with an intention of promoting the spirit of friendship. It is a day to demonstrate to your friends how much they are valued and important in your life.

The origin of Friendship Day is rooted deeply in history and is not a modern concept.

Although the celebration of Friendship Day is being observed in many parts of the world, it actually originated in the United States of America when the founder of Hallmark cards, Joyce Hall, initiated it in 1930. Hall earlier had a vision of having people show appreciation to friends through exchanging greeting cards on a special day known as Friendship Day. The day was not as popular as it is today and by 1935, the Greeting Cards National Association was even putting out promotional material for the day.

It is notable that the United Nations approved the International Friendship Day on September 27, 1998. After that, many countries including India, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and United States celebrate the first Sunday of August as the international friendship day annually.

Significance of Friendship Day

In today’s fast-paced world of professionalism and increased complexity, the Friendship Day is a timely call for people to give some more effort for their friendly bonds. This feature highlights the centrality of friends in our lives.
Good friendships have been found to provide several benefits such as:Good friendships have been found to provide several benefits such as:

  1. In the long term, improved happiness, and life satisfaction can be expected.
  2. The positive impact in the process of goal assignment and accomplishment
  3. A few words of encouragement during the most challenging periods that one experiences in life.
  4. They experience improved bodily and mental well-being

The friendships also help a person to learn qualities such as patience, negotiations, and being loyal thus transforming the person to be a better person.

Celebrate Friendship Day

There are many creative ways people choose to celebrate Friendship day and express gratitude towards their friends such as:There are many creative ways people choose to celebrate Friendship day and express gratitude towards their friends such as:

  1. Placing a fun gathering. This is the main form of interaction of friends on this day, they organize a party and have fun together.
  2. Give friendship bands and some tokens. Symbolizing mini friendship bracelets and small tokens are exchanged to symbolize and cherish the friendship.
  3. Go online and share a post. There are usually themed posts such as best friends, birthday or any other special event and there are usually captions to images of friends.
  4. Bake a cake. Some also prepare pictures cakes to match friendship day occasion for instance, they prepare pictures cakes for their friends.
  5. Watch a movie. Among friends, some prefer bonding over a movie and the latest flick is a perfect way to spend Friendship day.
  6. Take a holiday. For the travelers and adventurers, other would be to simply travel to any destination, go on treks and enjoy other forms of adventures in order to celebrate this special day.

In any way Friendship Day is going to be celebrated, it means that true friendship should not be taken for granted and friends should be embraced wholly.

However, friendship in the era of social media is a complex form of relationship, which can be characterized as a combination of the two types of friendship described above.

Although by using social sites one can easily make friends online, the value of friendliness that holds friendship has gradually faded over time. Nothing can replace the feeling of seeing your best friends in the flesh as it is always a source of energy.

This is simply trying to see friends, dropping by to say hi, assisting friends during challenging moments or just to have a good laugh enhances the meaning of friendship. Whereas material representation of friendships has shifted from expensive products, emotional bonds are now valued more.

Friendship Day is the perfect occasion to reaffirm these emotions, and to spend time together, as valuable as it is, with real friends.

The Dynamics of Contemporaneous Friendship over the Life Span

Thus, friendships are also not an exception and they always change with time like any other relationship. This is a significant factor as meanings of friendship change depending on the phase of development from childhood to teenage hood and adulthood.

The social relationships of children are more specifically playing companionship or the fun of daily life. This is because teen friendships focus on sharing of common interests, as well as assisting each other in coping with changes occurring in the body and emotions.

Finally, the idea of adult friendship becomes more responsible rather than mere fun, where friends begin to understand, empathize and help each other take up more responsibilities. The last phase of young adulthood marked for many to state that relationship is more important than the self- gain is in the 20s-early 30s.

Consequently, when the first childhood best friend adapts to the next developmental level, at each level, we have new compressive significant relationship with other individuals similar to the current state of development.

In fact the meaning of friendship varies in different stages of life but Friendship Day process enables us to be grateful for all the beautiful souls that are part of our life and this we do in form of celebration.

The takeaway

Friendship day is exactly the right opportunity moment of the year that can help you reinforce your relationship with friends. In essence, it is a call for people to tell the people they love, how they feel about them and appreciate the presence of the people who enriched their lives. I must mention that it is of immense importance to cultivate these relationships and to contribute greatly towards a happy and healthy life.


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