Eltz Castle in Germany Would You Like to Live also? Castle Life What it’s Really Like!


Eltz Castle: A Real Life Fairy Tale Located in the beautiful hilly country side of Eifel in Germany. The stone construction of this massive building with towers and thick walls, history of centuries can amaze even the most bored reader of fairy tales.

Eltz Castle is one of the only castles on the left side of the Rhine that has never been destroyed and belongs to the family who was inhabiting this castle twelve centuries ago. If you always wanted to live in a real medieval castle, then Eltz Castle would be the place to visit as it provides a medieval-like experience. But what’s it like to be you and your family and be residing in a castle that quite possibly was built in the 1000’s in the year 2000? Now that we have a basic understanding of Eltz Castle and its history, let’s delve into the practical aspects of living there.

The History

Eltz Castle has an interesting history which dates back to the twelfth century when the Eltz family constructed a fortified manor house to occupy the area. For the next 500 years, the Eltz’s dynasty went on to develop and improve the castle with even more advanced defense systems.

While Eltz Castle was situated in a region, which during the Middle Ages was at the crossroads of several trade routes, the castle was never actually captured and destroyed due to some quite shrewd diplomacy. Today, it is one of the most well- preserved medieval castles in Germany and has undergone several changes over the years. Exploring the halls, chambers and patio, courtyards of Eltz Castle gives people a glimpse of how the knights, noble and the servants of this castle lived several centuries back. The castle that has been the home to the Eltz family is indeed impressive, and extends its history for thirty generations!

The Location

I dare say that the factor which is undeniably a plus when choosing an abode is the location, and in this case it is superb. The castle is located and built on top of a forest with stunning views of the Elzbach River and natural gardens. This factor ensured that it had a defensive advantage since it was on a hillside and it had beautiful pastoral appearances over the valley.

It also makes little villages which offer necessary services easily accessible, but at the same time being surrounded by forests and meadows, the castle remains rather secluded. Arrangements for the camp are made in a serene natural environment of the forest, and this will make you feel that you are far away from the busy world. Concurrently, larger towns with some of the desired urban features are but a few miles of driving distance away whenever needed. Is there any place as delightful as this to live in? The combination of interior design and architecture is such that even if you reside in the castle itself, nature will be present around you on a daily basis.

The Building Itself

From the exterior, Eltz Castle presents a rather intimidating façade with eight towers and massive curtain walls. But as soon as one crosses into the second court, which is the interior of the actual palace, the mood is immediately brighter and more inviting.

It is actually composed of a main square with a single dwelling, although there are some small towers on the plans. Eltz Castle is one of the best-preserved examples of castles in Europe whose architectural design ranges from the eighth to the sixteenth century with renaissance and baroque influencing the castle. The castle is liberally scattered with small rooms containing such curiosities as a chapel, treasury, armory, a porcelain chamber, and hundreds of other rooms that offer a peep into the actual lives of the castle inhabitants. Eltz’s architecture has many beautiful features, but perhaps, the most memorable one is the Baroque Rodendorf House which looks like a wealthy manor house merged with the medieval walls.

It will take you a lifetime to furnish the house and they offer all the modern conveniences while you get to live in a real castle.

Daily Living & Amenities

Even if there are some rooms in Eltz Castle that may have seemed medieval to us, thankfully the comforts and facilities make it much more comfortable for the modern guests! Modern facilities such as plumbing, electricity, heating, security, housekeeping services and other minor comforts that are considered necessary in the current world are offered to the inhabitants of the castle.

However, there are certainly some peculiarities of everyday life in a medieval castle as a dwelling of that age. One of the things is that thick stone walls block most of the natural light indoors and so you are likely to require artificial light even during the daytime.

Floor plans include a labyrinth of stairs, low doors and such things that cause discomfort due to numerous unsystematic alterations over the centuries. However, the castle does indeed lack some of the amenities one might expect from a comfortable modern home such as proper insulation so be sure to wear warm clothes especially when visiting during the colder months! The study shows that most of the available living spaces are moderately sized and at times, confined living spaces.

On the other hand, as a resident you will be able to freely roam around the castle grounds, small gardens and towers which, for some reason or the other, are all a part of your living space that you can turn into whatever you want it to be. You might also get a possibility to hold festivities in the opulent ceremonial chambers. There is even a give and take when it comes to establishing a home here that is so worth it!

The Neighbors

What is more, one of the key benefits of living in Eltz Castle is becoming a member of a small family-like community of the inhabitants of the Castle. Instead of a crowded apartment complex or new subdivision, your neighbors are only a small number of people who would like to be around the few select, historic people who also value their privacy. Due to the fact that Eltz Castle is not a state-owned property and belongs to the Eltz family at the present time, it can be said that a count or countess may live next door. Many family members occupy different wings and houses within the castle of the present day.

The fact that one can get to meet and interact with people who can be referred to as real nobility, who have their roots that can be traced almost a thousand years back living in this place gives a sense of novelty when it comes to interacting with neighbors.

You also will probably interact with hardworking employers who take care of the maintenance of the castle and serve people. It is as it enters a small, friendly village that is shut off from the rest of society.

Owning Property & Renting

If you are indeed ready to make living in Eltz Castle more than just a dream, then what are the possibilities? I would like to note that at the moment one cannot own apartments in the castle on a private basis. The buildings of the Eltz Castle are also owned by the Eltz Family Foundation where people can rent spaces to live in.

However, there are sometimes possibilities to rent a restored house and to live inside this fairy tale castle for a limited time. Suppose you can spend your nights and weekends in a medieval bedroom, or in a baroque mansion! Of the two, only a few sections are today lettable for holiday letting and some parts have been occupied by craftsmen and caretakers.

With prior notice, you may most probably go to the extent of making arrangements for leasing an apartment permanently in the castle. It is not everyday that you get to utter your address and actually be proud of it, imagine having the address of Eltz Castle. You cannot technically say that the castle belongs to you exclusively and that you can live there for as long as you want, but the concept of renting a space here will enable you to have the full medieval experience.

The Cost

When it comes to the list of the German castles for sale then unfortunately, Eltz Castle is not available on the list of the private properties for sale. But even renting here is not cheap, at least if you are not a super-rich person, as most of the buildings are luxury.

Since there is huge demand for castle apartments and they are considered to be high class, the cost of renting a self-catered castle apartment could range from $1200-$1900+ per week depending on the type of apartment suite. Residency is pricey and rightfully so, since it is situated in a UNESCO World Heritage Site and only admits a very few artists in at a time. The high price includes not only the address of the future residence and the preservation of the facilities, individual tours, assistance from the staff of Eltz Castle, and other privileges.

The pricing of a room during normal days cost from $270 per night to up to $530 per night especially during holidays. After going through all the historical backgrounds, the architectural designs and the luxurious lifestyle that Eltz Castle offers, perhaps it is still worth it to be able to rent an accommodation here. It must feel amazing to be able to afford to spend even one or two nights in a perfectly real castle!

The Verdict

Eltz Castle is more than 900 years old or thereabouts and moving into the castle will provide a unique opportunity to live in a castle of the middle age. As a castle built a long time ago it offers all the contemporary comforts in a picturesque, rural setting. The ability to sneak a look at medieval life, if not to live in an actual castle, is an experience like no other.

Not only do you revive yourself to the enchanting views of a real-life castle, but you become part of an elite group of people that have been served by the castle’s nobility for generations. At any rate, being able to rent an apartment or spend a vacation in a room within the Eltz Castle walls is a fairy tale that can come true unless one is forbidden by law to own property in Germany, or unless they have to spend billions to rent a house in Europe.

The castle itself is a historical masterpiece, and not to mention, an architectural wonder for all the history lovers and architecture lovers out there or for all those who would like to spend time in their dreams, well, here they have a luxurious opportunity to live in the Eltz Castle.


As pictures show, the Eltz Castle is located in Germany, the beautiful medieval castle towers in the middle of the forests and hills and looks like it’s from a fairy tale.

The mysteries regarding the truth of the contemporary life behind the walls of this castle built as early as in the 11th century. In addition to the expected clichés of a mysterious medieval atmosphere, a real German castle, a residence of noble families, has no small conveniences and specific features of living in its facilities, from the intricacies of moving around the palace and houses in the daytime, dealing with existing discomforts, to meetings with fellow nobles and other inhabitants during the day.

While people cannot own property in the country, one can rent an apartment for holidays or even long term letting or even a glimpse of royal living. Eltz Castle – where you are not just a spectator who watches history, but rather an active participant who experiences it.

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