Doraemon in Real Life: Imagining a World with the Robotic Cat from the Future


Doraemon, the earless robotic cat from the 22nd century, continues to endear and inspire children as well as adults who first encountered this character in a Japanese manga series in 1969. Lovingly endearing and unendingly patient with the clumsy Nobita, with a four-dimensional pocket full of magical paraphernalia, Doraemon has become one of the most vibrant symbols of the technologically advanced society and a loyal friend.

But what if there was another world in which Doraemon was not merely an invention of literature and art? What if one day an earless blue cat Robot came into existence and was all ready to help us in our daily lives with gadgets from the future? The show is loved by children around the world and it would be interesting to think what having a real Doraemon would be like.

Doraemon’s Appearance and Abilities

They would easily point to him and call out the character because people around the world would immediately recognize the shape and colors of Doraemon. Standing with a round figure, blue fluffy coat, lack of robotic ears, and red bowtie and bell as accessories, this character from the 22nd century matches his Anime and manga appearance.

However, the most thrilling aspect of watching and learning from Doraemon is the fact that he carries a briefcase from the future with all kinds of amazing gadgets. If the cartoon cat Doraemon ever became animated, we would want him to come equipped with devices like Bamboo Copter, the Anywhere Door, the Time Machine, and other such gadgets of the future. In particular, one can imagine what kinds of modern issues with the help of Doraemon and its belongings!

In What Ways Would Doraemon Be Useful to People

This is why the appearance of a real-life Doraemon could prove to be such a significant advantage to many people, making life interesting and easier to live. To young learners who may be having some difficulties with their academic work, Doraemon could assist with the following gadgets; Memory Bread – it has the ability of helping one to memorize information and; Test Answering Badge – this allows one to input any right answer.

But this is not the end of the possibilities and options available in the world of binary options trading. The gadgets such as Shrinking Torch and Gulliver Tunnel which Doraemon gets in the series can transform a normal playtime for kids to the most amazing period. His Translation Jelly would help reduce language barriers in as much as 60 seconds. From simple chores, such as washing dishes and cooking, to the mundane task of commuting to work or school, everything would be more enjoyable and less tiring with handy gadgets from Doraemon.

The Effects of Doraemon847 A Brief History of Doraemon Doraemon, a popular animated series in Japan, began its run in September 1979 and has remained a favorite of children and the young at heart up to this day The show has since been aired in over ninety five countries and has been translated into twenty one different languages Doraemon is a cat robot who is sent by his great great great grandfather from the 22nd

Of course, if you had Doraemon around, life would be much more fun for some people. As is the case with many other cat characters who are shown with their respective owners, it is incredible to imagine how the futuristic feline could change societies and cultures around the world.

Technologically speaking, Doraemon could bring in gadgets that could inspire new inventions and improvements in the field of transportation, buildings, health, ecological concerns, and the likes. It was interesting to see how various communities could benefit from advanced devices such as Doraemon’s Electricity Paint – a magical paint that turns any surface into an electrical device, the seed which, when planted, grows green trees in an instant, and various constructing tools that could build safe and affordable houses within minutes.

Neocognitively, the fascination triggered by the anime and the show would most probably be elevated to an even higher level if the Doraemon actually materialized physically and became a real pet. There might be art, fashion, movies, songs, toys, games, and books that imitate the content of Doraemon or contain elements related to it. It is essential to understand that the positive messages of friendship and helping others could bring more impact to the global society if promoted in Doraemon.

Possible negative consequences that could result from having Doraemon in real life

However, having cat-like aliens from space strolling around the streets of our world and giving out flying fish and time travel mirrors does come with some logistical questions. Some of the installments of the series would probably stir controversies in terms of ethical issues and safety measures with reference to some of the inventions that are not entirely innocent in the show. A real live Doraemon may have to then blink twice before whipping out his Replicating Bread or even Body Switching Biscuits as often as he does!

This would also definitely raise topics of privacy, data, hacking concern, and so on with the advanced Doraemon technology in society. Patents, trademarks, rights of distribution about gadgets related to the Doraemon might pose some problems.

Of course Doraemon is always well-meaning but even traveling through time a little too literally and introducing real 22nd century robotic cats with pocket dimensions and warp pipes could create a stir!

Doraemon’s Lasting Global Appeal

Likable characters and its ability to invent and use whimsical gadgets both in manga panels and in reality makes Doraemon popular among children and adults. The idea that one can have a robotic cat best friend which presents magical doodads accompanied by a single ring of its special bell is enough to bring joy and wonder to the face of most people.

But even if his gadgets are more futuristic than ours Doraemon shows such important values as loyalty, support and helping to improve ourselves with the help of true friendship – qualities which nobody would disagree to have. Doraemon became friends with children of all generations around the world and it teaches us that whether we are advanced in technology or not, one’s goodness in the heart is enough to make him/her special.

Thus, while some comic characters like Doraemon might still be dreaming of being able to jump out of the pages of a manga and into the real world of the people through a magical pocket, it is not really necessary. The social consequences this earless robotic cat has brought with him already are sufficient to state that he is very much real in our reality for years to come.


Doraemon, the story of the blue robot, has been loved by children all around the world for more than fifty years, and this is because everyone wants to have friends like Doraemon, who has made everyone’s wishes become true – to have machines that could help him or her with daily problems or to have company on lonely nights. As for believing in actual time machines and intergalactic cats, it may seem quite far-fetched but thinking of a world with Doraemon is something that can make people smile.

Most importantly, Doraemon embodies the use of futuristic apparatus, for beneficial purposes rather than self-rewarding. He symbolizes this virtue because he shows support between two friends. Despite being a robot, he carries some of the best things that are associated with humanity. And that is why for many years, the show and its titular character, who is a symbol of imagination, wonder and simple kindness, appeared to be strikingly real to generations of viewers irrespective of their cultural background.

Well, even if Doraemon himself does not pop out of the television set at least, the values he exemplifies can. And the world could definitely use more of those positive attributes that are still in vogue regardless of the time period- even if they are brought in by a time machine, a take copter or even if they exist in our mind.

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