Halloween Celebrations and the Creepy yet Glamorous Look of Spider Eye Makeup

Halloween is among the most celebrated festivals across the globe where individuals are freer to dress up in unique outfits, carve pumpkins, consume scrumptious treats and most importantly, indulge in all sorts of fun that sparks fear at night. While going from house to house with a bag and watching horror movies are the norm now, great costumes and makeup ideas have become the highlight of Halloween nowadays. And one of the most famous Halloween make-up styles is the spider eye makeup which is both shocking and stylish, violent and sexy.

Spider Eye Makeup Look: Dead Sexy or Just Plain Dead?

The spider eye makeup takes its name from the fact that it makes the face look as if it has a spider on the eye, or because of the lines made on the face that represent spider legs reaching from the corners of the eyes to the hairline and the actual designs, rhinestones, or glitter placed on the eyes. Circular spider body artwork adorns the center of the eyelid, usually it has a bloody hole in the middle to add horror to it. Shades of grey, black and dark red are limited to blood to achieve the horror mood. The overall appearance that is achieved is thus dramatic, scary as well as artistic, which is ideal for Halloween costume parties and events.

Spider eye makeup might seem like something that is quite easy to do, but there is some effort and specific steps one has to take to achieve the perfect result. But the outcome is definitely worth it as this eye look will definitely shock and engage every Halloween party person when you come strolling in. That fake blood smeared all over your face together with the 3D spider fastened on your eyelid will give everyone a heads up that you’re the real deal before you can even say ‘trick or treat!’

The Spider Eye Makeup: A Short History

As it is well known, using makeup to make up the faces of people in creepy manners has always been part of the Halloween customs similar to wearing costumes and carving pumpkins. Children liked painting their faces like skulls or zombies or vampires and other horrors that were popular at that time. Even though full face makeup coupled with the costume masks has been put to the side now due to the very comfortable yet elaborate designs accessible in the stores, the thematic eye makeup looks are still a hit for those who are interested in adding a little bit of their own flair to simple store bought costumes.

Spider eye makeup can be claimed to have gotten such a popularity boost since 2010, with YouTube and Instagram makeup tutorials presenting a new spin on this trend. As indicated by cut crease technique, the movable eyelid area can be intensified with colour and the contrasting area is great in making spider patterns, webs and legs radiating out. The last touches include the sticky fake blood and spider webs that give the stage a more textured and horror appearance. However, as of 2020, there are more than quarter million posts under #spider eyes in Instagram, which proves that this Halloween eye look is popular and trendy.

Spooky Spider Eyes makeup tutorial: How to plan your own terrifying look

If striking yet creepy spider eye makeup seems like the perfect way for you to celebrate Halloween this year, here is a step-by-step guide to creating this look at home:If striking yet creepy spider eye makeup seems like the perfect way for you to celebrate Halloween this year, here is a step-by-step guide to creating this look at home:

Products and Tools Needed

Cream and beige lip liners

  • Fake blood in red and black flavours
  • White liquid eyeliner
  • Black pencil eyeliner
  • Black mascara
  • Red and grey coloured eyeliners are preferred.
  • Glue for applying glitter or adhesive for the false lashes
  • Spider wigs or fake lashes that mimic spider legs or spider rings/brooches.
  • Three colours for rhinestones/studs: red, grey, black
  • Small makeup spatula
  • Angled eyeliner brush
  • Fine tipped and weekly eyeshadow brushes
  • Cyanoacrylate glue for prosthetic devices

Step 1 – Creating the Spider Body Spider’s body:

Anatomical spider body parts are: the cephalothorax, and the opisthosoma, on which the legs are located, are connected to the cephalothorax and opisthosoma.

For the exact makeup, ensure that your skin is clean and dry at the beginning of the makeup process and your base on. To do this, using the black pencil eyeliner, you will draw a large circle with a smaller circle in the middle of the movable eyelid to form the body of the spider. Now carefully and completely with black eyeshadow fill the stencil using the details brush. Now take the gray shadow and then add the highlights, the contours and the shadows within the spider so that we get a better look at depth.

Step 2 – Adding Spider Legs:

In this step, the bones, joints and muscles that form the spider’s legs are depicted and painted in a skeletal form.

With the help of the angled brush, and the black gel eyeliner lightly draw spindly leg shapes climbing out from the spider body along the line of the eyelid. Thinning out as they extend from the center down to the ground surface and making them narrower as they spread apart should also be considered. Stretch it down a couple of legs further beyond the eye creases and towards your temples.

Step 3 – Attaching the False Spider:

This step is done to ensure that the false spider is securely fastened to the top of the web and angled in a specific direction to give the appearance of a fresh web.

To make it more thrilling, wear actual spider rings which are available in costume shops or small plastic spiders available in shops close to Halloween. Attach a medium sized spider directly onto the spider body artwork by using glue or any form of adhesive. The 3D effect creates an illusion that something is sitting on the eye of a spider).

Step 4 – Adding the Gory Details:

The steps outlined above may not capture the complete picture of all the processes involved in executing a particular duty.

I’ve also got the benefit of blood, gore and gaps to add that authentic spider eye look! Using a small spatula, apply fake blood of variant consistencies spots on the model. Morph the figure in the center of the spider body design into an opened bloody mouth. Let some of the blood trickle down from the spider-like legs also. Place small circles of glue in and around and flick some red paint to resemble black blood splatter.

Step 5 – Touching It Up

Next, drawing with a white liquid eyeliner, carefully outline the contours of the spider legs so that they are emphasized. Wear red eyeliner and draw it thick on the lower lash line and smudge it to look like blood was splattered. When choosing mascara for definition apply on your upper and lower eyelashes. With regard to the shell, the stick on gray and black rhinestones of different sizes were positioned on the spider body with emphasis on the legs as eyes of the spider.

And that’s it! That is it, this terrifying yet classy spider eye makeup look is now ready. Using realistic fake blood, precise drawing of the eyeshadow and adding three dimensional accents at the corners of the mouth, this creative makeup design is perfect for any Halloween party or event. Well here is your chance to get ready for the so many screams and stares!

Here are some ideas for giving your spider eye makeup the perfect finish.

  • When applying the eyeshadows, one should use cut crease technique for depth and the crease level.
  • Check that the circle outlines for the spider body are equal regarding size on both eyes
  • Even the spider legs coming from the eyes should be practiced before the actual draw Bookmark and share this with someone today!
  • The use of fake blood; this should be applied in layers and in different variants to get the best gory look.
  • Apply setting spray for the makeup to last for an extended period through the night.
  • Lay a soft cotton pad beneath the prosthetics and fake blood so any squirts can be easily mopped up

Great Ideas for Costumes to Wear that Would Best Complement the Application of Spider Eye Makeup

First of all, it is reasonable that spider eye makeup can be used not only as the main attraction but it can also become the central part of the Halloween costume. Here are some outfit ideas that would perfectly complement those artistic yet creepy spider eyes:Here are some outfit ideas that would perfectly complement those artistic yet creepy spider eyes:

  • Black Widow from Marvel – body suit with black colour with touches of gold, red wig
  • Victorian Gothic Doll – black lace dress corset and gorgeous dark make up.
  • Black Magic Witch – long black gown, black cloak with red jewelries
  • Spider Queen/ Lady of Spiders – black dress with spider motifs on it & spider-themed crown
  • Punk Rocker Girl – black leather or sleeveless denim jacket with red fishnets & combat shoes
  • Ms. Spider Bride of Frankenstein – black dress with ripped veil, monster bride appearance
  • Evil Fairy Queen – as you can see, she wears a fairy dress like Maleficent but wearing skeleton wings.

The spider eye gives a dramatic effect that can complement any Halloween costume that has something to do with gothic, dark fantasy or horror theme. Try to be as innovative as you can and find great costumes that will fit perfectly with this powerful makeup.

Let’s become thrilled and prepared for the Halloween party celebration.

Halloween takes everybody to their favourite pastime of fascination with the dark, with the eerie, with the strange, with the abnormal. Amidst the ghosts, ghouls, spiders, and bats, the appropriate themes and setting, and the candy rampage, it is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable vacations. So, spice up this year’s dressing with fashionable spider eye makeup and be in a daring costume for the haunting experience, and get set for an unforgettable gothic Halloween party!


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