10 Comfortable Postures of Breastfeeding for the Mother and Her Newborn

Breastfeeding can be said categorically as one of the most natural things for a woman to do and at the same time, one of the most challenging tasks of being a mother.It is critical to be as comfortable as you can be for the feeding to be successful.Right positioning ensures that both the mother and the baby do not struggle while breastfeeding.

In this article you will find what are considered 10 comfortable breastfeeding positions. For your case, for each position, we shall discuss how to get into that position, and why it is good to be in that position. This way, if one gets uncomfortable, then there is an alternative position that could be taken when both you or your little one feels tired.

Cradle Hold

The cradle hold is among the most typical breastfeeding positions that a mother can adopt when feeding her baby.

How to do cradle hold

– To perform this technique hold your baby with one hand supporting the head of the baby while the other hand supporting the rest of the baby’s body and the baby’s whole body is facing yours.

– Place your hand and forearm behind their head, on their back, and under their bottom. Remember to ensure that the ear, shoulder, and hip are aligned straight to avoid pulled muscles or ligaments.

– Hold your baby close to you so that the two of your tummies are touching, and put the baby to your breast.

Comfort factor:This position ensures that you hold your baby while your hand molds the breast for your baby to latch on properly. For as your baby lies across your body, it is likely to feel safe and hugged. This makes the cradle ideal for the newborns in that they can be placed on it to sleep without any harm coming unto them.

Cross Cradle Hold

Cross cradle holds also provide the cradle like position but the position of the arms are different.

How to do cross cradle hold

– Keep your baby on the side of the body which is on the opposite side of the breast you are using to feed him. So if you nurse on the left side, cradle your baby with your right arm to give them proper support.

– Cradle and support your baby’s head and back with this hand and forearm to bring the baby closer to your body.

– Your other hand should be used to sculpt your breast besides keeping the weight of your breast.

Comfort factor:Face to face position is appropriate for your baby because he or she has a chest facing towards you and they also get full body support and this makes it comfortable for nursing. This close contact makes some babies have a good suckling ability as compared to others.

 Football Hold

The football hold got its name from how you embrace the baby as you tuck the body under your arm, just like the ball.

How to do football hold

– Position your baby in such a manner that his or her face is at the breast but looking back at you.

– Utilize your arms and hand of the same side to help in holding the weight of your baby on your lap across the back, bottom and shoulders.

– Leave about an inch between your index finger and your thumb to form a “V” to hold their head/neck. Let their legs freewheel behind you in such a way that you don’t have to turn around and look at them.

Comfort factor:The football hold helps avoid pressure to the abdomen and thus may be helpful when one is recovering from a cesarean section. It is also suitable for babies who have reflux problems or parents who would like to have clear views when positioning the baby.

Side Lying Position

 It is convenient for both of you to feed when you are lying down since it will be comforting during feedings.

How to do side lying position

– Decide if it is best to lie on either the right side or the left side of the body. Help your baby get in a straight line facing you and bring their body as close as possible.

– You should avoid bending your head forward while sleeping or else you should use a pillow to support your head when sleeping to avoid neck pains.

– Support your baby from the elbow to the shoulder; use the other hand to support the head and cover the breast.

Comfort factor: The side lying pose can also be used to ensure that one does not have to put some much pressure on the healing c-section or other sensitive areas. It also provides you with an opportunity to sleep whenever the baby is feeding, especially during the night times.

Laid-back Breastfeeding

Also known as biological nurturing, laid-back cradles nursed optimal comfort.

How to do laid back position

– Sit back in your chair or lie on your side. Stand upright and make sure there is something behind you to lean on if need be.

– Put your baby lying face-down on your body. Let them switch to natural movements to move towards the nipple and latch onto themselves.

– They should not tilt their head or make any obstruction unless called upon to do so. Let the baby use its rooting reflexes.

Comfort factor: This position also puts little pressure on the body and thus you can both be relaxed when feeding this child. It also increases the oxytocin levels to facilitate better bonding and let-down mechanisms.

Koala Hold

The koala hold is named thus due to the manner in which your baby grips you with his/her arms as a baby koala grips its mother.

How to do koala hold

– This should be performed while sitting up straight with your baby’s face towards your chest. During the painting, have their legs spread, with one leg to each side of the midriff region.

– As for your hands, let them grasp onto your back and shoulders as one might cling onto the branches of a tree while you, in turn, work on supporting their bottom.

– Draw them inwards and make them accommodate themselves in a way that they are close enough to feed sufficiently. It is important to use head control and be alert at all times.

Comfort factor: This close chest-to-chest hug allows the two hands to be free for use. It also assists them with their reflux issues by keeping the babies upright after they have fed on the baby’s food.

Twin Hold

Like the name suggests, the twin hold is especially useful when you are feeding two kids at the same time. However, it may also be used where there is only one baby.

How to do twin hold

– Feed a baby sitting up with one baby positioned near each breast in football hold style.

– Move your arms under each baby head to ensure that both babies have enough support.

– Some moms may require a special breastfeeding pillow such as the Twin Z pillow to ensure that positioning is kept under check.

Comfort factor:This is achieved by the twin hold to enable the mother to breastfeed two babies at the same time. It also works with one baby if they are comfortable with the football positioning better than the pillow positioning.

Reclined Position

Laying down helps the body of the baby be held in place by the force of gravity which makes it more comfortable for it.

How to do reclined position

– This can be done by sitting on a 45-degree angle, using the couch cushions or the nursing pillows.

– To bring the baby in for feeding, ensure you employ the cradle or cross cradle hold.

Comfort factor: The incline aligns the baby’s face to the nipple so they stay attached while gravity ensures the breast is positioned correctly for feeding. Fewer stress points on your upper body make this a preferred nursing position.

 Dancer Hand Hold

It is also referred to as the dancer’s hold as it offers a lot of support to the back.

How to do dancer hand hold

– Hold your baby upright and place them on the side that is in front of you and slightly above your elbow and chest.

– The second fingers should be placed under the baby’s head and neck, while the thumb and index finger should form a U-shape.

– You also have to use your other hand to mold the breast for the feeding process.

Comfort factor: The discrete hold enables the parent to feed while still baby wearing. The neck and head support also provide a good and safe grip for the baby especially the lighter ones.

 Laid Back Cradle

A laid back cradle incorporates some elements of other favorite poses.

How to do laid back cradle 

– Pull up the chair or lie down on your side, although propping the baby on a nursing pillow will make you relaxed.

– Hold your baby diagonally across the second area of the body as you cradle his or her body and make sure that the ear, shoulder, and hip of the baby is in line.

– Place the head on the fold of your elbow while your hand presses the breast to remain in place.

Comfort factor: Reclining makes this position comfortable while the cradling gives the baby a comfort feeling that is associated with being nurtured. Another configuration which works very well for the sleepy feed is This configuration works great for the sleepy feed.

 Tips for Breastfeeding Comfort

Apart from positioning, there are some other factors which influence your level of comfort when breastfeeding. Here is how to optimize the experience:Here is how to optimize the experience:

Latch properly

Ensure that your baby covers a maximum amount of the breast tissue with the lips while nursing. This makes it easier to transfer milk and avoid any discomfort that may be occasioned by use of the breast pump. If feeling discomfort is experienced, do not dismiss it; try to change position to have a better position for latch-on.

Use pillow reinforcement

Place nursing pillows close to your back and arms when feeding so that they can help you in maintaining a good position. This also helps to keep your baby at a good height so that handling and positioning him or her does not strain you.

Switch sides

Switch beginning sides and positions for feedings so that the weight of the baby does not remain on one area for an extended amount of time and to avoid poor milk supply. Flip over your baby if your baby unlatches or becomes uncomfortable.

Keep hydrated

It is advisable to ensure that you are well-hydrated and have a healthy snack beside you because those long nursing sessions can surely be long. If you have left boredom behind, it is best advised to stay hydrated and eat because hunger and thirst only make it worse.

Invest in tools

Invest in a good quality and stylish nursing chair, rocker or glider. Also buy nursing tops that allow a discreet and easy feed for both of you to enjoy.

Ask for help

If you are still struggling with pain or proper positioning of the infant, it is advisable to seek help from lactation support professionals. They can offer specific suggestions.

Benefits of Proper Positioning

Taking the time to find comfortable arrangements for breastfeeding has ample rewards, including:Taking the time to find comfortable arrangements for breastfeeding has ample rewards, including:

-Enhanced milk supply:It is also critical to position oneself correctly to ensure that the areola is in the correct position for milk ejection and drainage even from the posterior ducts.

– Longer feedings: It is easier to maintain full mouth contact when both the mother and the baby feel comfortable during the nursing session.

– Reduced strain:This is because a correctly positioned computer, keyboard, mouse and chair ensure that pressure is evenly distributed on the wrists, neck, back and abdomen.

– Minimized fussiness: Well-sucking babies are those that feed undisturbed while nursing which ensures more intake of food.

– Confidence building: These various breastfeeding positions aid in creating nursing confidence as a mother.

So when breastfeeding has a learning curve, as it does in the first week or two, don’t give up. Try out different holds and find out which ones suit you and your baby most especially at various occasions. The ideal is that feeding time is a feeding time and a fun time, which is as it should be.


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