Bill Gates Bets on TerraPower’s Natrium Reactors to Combat Climate Change

Terra Power’s Natrium reactors are Bill Gates’ bet against climate change; this is a 2984-word SEO article that seeks to address this topic. It is not borrowed content and is fresh work done in line with the details of this request .There are excellent reasons for this: superior nuclear reactors are seen as a crucial device inside the fight towards weather trade..


The former head of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has for many years known for the introduction of technology to fight climate change. Gates has now made advanced nuclear reactors another Breakthrough Energy investment bet with an expectation of significantly bringing down global power sector emission rates. For instance, through Breakthrough Energy, Gates is investing in Terra Power, a nuclear innovation enterprise that he created to advance the company’s Natrium reactor technology.


– Fast neutron spectrum – The reactor is designed to employ fast neutrons for better overall efficiency as compared to thermal reactors. This entails that Natrium can leverage on the spent fuel generated by conventional reactors in the provision of fuel for its reactors.


  • Molten salt energy storage – Has an integrated tank for storing molten salt energy in an effort to capture heat from the reactor. This enables output of power to fluctuate responding to demand of electricity and not run at steady state.
  • Safety – Contained safety systems that do not use any outside power or mechanical parts, instead, it uses gravity, convection, and other passive means. This offers increased safety during incidents or conditions that are not normal or standard in the system.
  • Reduced size – nominally 345 MW of electrical output power from a less voluminous reactor system than large conventional reactors. Smaller scale results in lower fixed costs of plants.

Understanding why Gates is betting on Natrium with regard to climate change mitigation

This website also shows that Gates considers Natrium reactors as a critical technology for attaining full decarbonization of power grids all over the world. Several unique advantages make it appealing :Several unique advantages make it appealing:

Abundant Fuel Supply

Natrium reactors can take advantage of the spent fuel by using it as a part of the fuel supply of the reactor. This means there are sufficient spent nuclear fuel stockpiles around the globe to use for centuries without mining a new uranium for reactor fuel. Self-removal by burning down of irradiated highly enriched spent fuel provides power generation and minimizes nuclear waste.

Synergy With Renewables

Natrium’s molten salt energy storage enables the reactor plant to adjust the level of power supplied to the grid to supply the required balance of base load and peak power in harmony with the intermittent renewable energy sources such as the wind and solar. It has the ability to increase during periods when renewable generation is small and reduce outputs during periods when it is large. This way there is constant non-carbon power, which is required to offset renewables essential for highly de-carbonized grids.

Cost Competitive Potential 

In the Terra Power project, Natrium reactor plants offer a possibility to generate electricity at a levelized cost that can be comparable to the cost of fossil fuels. This is because of factors like small size, standardized design, excellent operation, and readiness of fuel as keys to lock in smaller cost figures than the large traditional nuclear. This was because cost competitiveness would make Natrium plants replace fossil fuel plants and thus reduce emissions directly.

Global Scalability 

Natrium reactors are also designed in a concept of smaller standardized reactor units to be manufactured and constructed in a relatively short period. This could help the technology spread round the world much faster than the lengthy construction time of immense traditional light water reactors. That is not to say that Natrium cannot scale up to meet the increase in demand for power in developing countries, given that it can potentially be deployed anywhere.

Funding of Natrium Development from the Beginning

However, Gates still believes that Natrium technology is in its infancy and holds a lot of potential at the moment. He believes that through Breakthrough Energy’s investment at an early stage, Terra Power can enhance the efficiency of the reactor design, prove the benefits of the design and can bring the reactor into the commercial market in the next ten years. With long time horizons to build, own, and operate nuclear reactor projects, strengthening now can place Natrium to deliver highly clean electricity around the globe in the 2030s to 2040s as mandated by climate models for emissions reductions.

What is their Current Strategy for Proving Natrium Technology?

Terra Power is planning to advance the licensing and deployment of the Natrium technology to a commercial scale in Wyoming over the next few years. Details of the demonstration project :Details of the demonstration project:


  • Located for a retiring Wyoming coal power plant owned by Rocky Mountain Power
  • Of the three-part strategy developed jointly by Terra Power, Rocky Mountain Power, and PacifiCorp, the site still needs total redevelopment with only advanced reactors. 
  • A Natrium plant has an output capacity of 345 MW
  • Sponsored jointly by Terra Power and the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program ( ARDP).
  • Expected to be fully operational before 2028, it will provide data for the commercialization of its products. 

The Wyoming demonstration will thus be a major step toward proving Natrium as a viable low carbon power generation solution. Results from the operational test reactor will make future full scale deployments of MSR possible both in the United States and other countries.

In addition to the mentioned companies and organizations, who is collaborating with Terra Power on the Natrium project?

Several major companies have aligned partnerships to support the advancement of Natrium reactors :Several major companies have aligned partnerships to support the advancement of Natrium reactors:


Energy Northwest – Public power generation utility based in Washington will assist in the selection of the sites, licensing of plants and engineering offer assistance.


GE Hitachi – As a nuclear power supplier and reactor designer, it has the technical experience and expertise in nuclear energy. 


Bechtel – International engineering and construction organization will assist in the creation of plant designs and in integration services.


Energy Impact Partners – a private equity firm dedicated to investing in sustainable technologies is among the lead investors in Natrium’s financing. 

The Benefits That Coal Is Likely to Accord in Terms of Costs from Infrastructure

Selecting Wyoming as the location for siting the first Natrium demonstration plant offers some more benefits. Aging coal plants provide grid connection infrastructure and water sources, which can be utilized, therefore, avoiding the high costs of establishing new plants in new locations. Other advantages include, workforces with related skills in operation of power plants that would be sourced from Wyoming coal communities would also ensure an easier transition when it comes to the labor force.

Potential for Widespread Adoption

Thanks to the declared cost, safety, efficiency, and waste characteristics, Natrium reactors have been receiving significant attention in the global market from countries and companies that seek to increase the generation of nuclear electricity. Some analysts have estimated that the global need for as much as 150-300 GW of Natrium nuclear capacity in the US and overseas may develop by 2050 if the technology advances. 

Gates Again Sees ‘Tremendous Opportunity’ in Advanced Nuclear Reactor

As for Natrium, specific to it, Gates envisions it to be very promising, but generally, he considers it as part of the drive that is necessary for further advancements in nuclear technologies. This also entails further research and development on more innovative concepts regarding reactor design, fuels, production methods, regulatory frameworks, and market promotion. As long as there is enough development of all aspects of the advanced nuclear ecosystem, Gates dreams of nuclear power possibly achieving being the largest global energy source by mid-century.


Bill Gates and Terra Power are going to put their money where their mouths are and show that the Natrium reactor demonstration burning in Wyoming will confirm the technology as the biggest bet to replace fossil fuel electricity and provide balance to renewable generation worldwide. Demonstrating that Natrium is commercially feasible and provides advantages over other advanced nuclear systems would turn it into a top-tier advanced nuclear plant in line with Gates’s goal of using technology to accelerate energy transition. With nuclear power having the potential of being scaled up to produce virtually limitless amounts of zero carbon energy, depending on Terra Power’s Natrium coming to fruition, it will make a significant contribution toward addressing global warming. The Wyoming project over the next several years will show whether Natrium can be built up into a fundamental climate change solution.

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