BEST Places to visit in LA 2024

Into 2024, Los Angeles will remain packed with such excellent things to do that will attract the attention of tourists. For example, LA offers different views ranging from traditional tourist sites, modern and historical sites and new areas. Top 10 destinations of interest include: This article focuses on the ten places that can be recommended to both, newcomers and those who have traveled to this country several times.

Santa Monica

Take a Solar Powered Ferris Ride, enjoy Toss and Try luck or even get a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. Savor fun performances, roving vendors for souvenir shopping at the boardwalk. Eat fresh seafoods at restaurants with direct access to the beach. They go on to say that it is the best place to be if one wants to experience the California spirit of ease.

The Getty center

Stroll through the modern sculpture parks and some examples of French ornamental arts installation. Outside get to see beautiful scenery of a city stretching to the ocean. Wishing you hadn’t come: the gardens and terraces at The Getty offer spectacular glimpses of the downtown LA skyline at night.

Venice Canals

Take a walk or ride your bike in new colorful Venice Canals with miles of alive water. Stroll through the well manicured gardens and appreciate the lovely houses, cute paths and bridges in this peaceful community. This gives an element of space and peace from the bustling Venice Beach which is only a few minutes’ walk away. This is especially true for reflections of the houses and palm trees which are best captured during sunrise or at dusk.

The Broad

The Broad contemporary art museum stays constantly presenting postmodern pieces and organizing talked-about one-time-only shows. This contemporary art museum with enormous open galleries illuminating art by legends such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and emerging stars. The target guests of the Centre include people of all age interested in the innovations in the field of art as well as those who are willing to learn. Make sure to visit the Infinite Mirror Rooms, which are loved by visitors. We are still advising on the use of timed-entry tickets for this extremely popular venue located in downtown.

Conducting itself as a musical instrument and an architecture masterpiece, Walt Disney Concert Hall is an orchestra that combines sight and sound symphony of art and music.
Despite the controversy, the smooth, reflective Gehry’s design of Walt Disney Concert Hall continues to dazzle the eye. Spend your time here to go for a guided tour to have a look at the gracefully curved exterior of stainless steel and also the specially designed auditorium. To really get into live music, consider catching a concert by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. Founded by and starring the brilliant Gustavo Dudamel, this Grammy-winning orchestra is still going strong and pushing boundaries in 2024. Throughout the year Movie Nights & other special music performances are presented at this wonderful downtown venue, which has excellent acoustics.

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard continues to serve as the epitome of tributes honoring the Hollywood industry. Make a pose besides your favorite celebrities through stencils of brass stars at the walk of fame. Explore the extended Academy Museum of Motion Pictures to see distinctive costumes and props worn in famous movies and other relics. What other events related to premières and red-carpet affairs are there outside the classic TCL Chinese Theatre? Go to rooftop bars and restaurants to have a chance to see celebrities amid the iconic backdrop of Hollywood.

The Grove and Farmer’s Market LosAngeles, California

The grove- it is a large upscale shopping district with both retail stores and restaurants; it is only a few blocks away from Tinseltown. A central fountain and Picture Bridge are its photographic highlights, which are typically LA. The extra vigour of music and events all-round the year creates a festive environment. Right next door is the famous Farmer’s Market with food specialty shops and eateries built in little cottages and town style buildings. Here, we have the house, there the garage, and over there the rest of it – it’s all straight out of a vintage Hollywood film lot. Crawfords Family Fountain featuring mechanized puppet shows, loved by everyone, must not be missed.

Watts Towers

For south LA, Watts Towers Arts Center is one of the album’s key highlights of 2024. As an example, the National Historic Landmark of Watts, built from 1921 to 1954 by Italian immigrant Simon Rodia, includes 17 interconnected sculptural towers made of mosaic tiles, glass, and other recycled materials. This is also an art gallery with the 1921 Watts Station, Charles Mingus – Youth Arts Center for music, multicultural performances, jazz, and the art of the diaspora, with exhibits and workshops/festivals. Tours are available every day, however, the most interesting and engaging weekend trips attract the most people.

The Last Bookstore

Book lovers are drawn to downtown LA and what is, perhaps, the largest independent bookstore in California, known as The Last Bookstore, located in the former bank. Shop your favorite title from new release to old stock displayed on two floors comprising of books, CDs, records and other trinkets. On the second level, look inside the literal book safe and take a photo with the book tunnel which is actually a walkway made of over 35,000 books. These installations have made this location one of the best to take Instagram photos. Opportunities for special readings, book signings, music events and many other still continue taking place making this shop to have an everlasting charm of a community.


Some scenes show Los Angeles’ growth and development up to 2024 but it also honors its past. All the locations that are associated with LA will surpass the visitor’s expectations in terms of new services to be provided in addition to the newly revealed places. Whether an iconic diner by the beach front, a historical street art, games and matches, night life with stars, different boroughs, and new food trends, LA promises new experiences for frequent and first time visitors. In other words, there will always be something new to discover in this warm, artistic, famous Orange County. 

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