Ultimate guide to choose banana peel and it’s uses 2024?

This paper seeks to establish why banana peel should be chosen and its uses in various areas.


Banana peels are known to have many uses and offer numerous benefits that make it important for us to use this product part of banana more frequently. You will find several good reasons to pick banana peel as follows.

Banana Peel Nutrition



Amino Acids

For instance, amino acids are essential to create protein and can strengthen muscles.

Using banana peel

From natural teeth whitening to teeth whitening, banana extract has many new uses that many people overlook

Beauty treatments

Many beauty treatments can be done at home with bananas :There are numerous beauty treatments that can be done at home and bananas are a part of many of them.

Stain remover – when bananas are applied on the teeth, it can eliminate stains on the surface of the teeth and also assists in bringing out the natural color of the teeth through manganese and other compound that aids the absorption of plaque. You only need to dip the pale white into an orange and then brush it gently against your teeth for about 2 minutes.

Wrinkle Reliever – This is true because the infusion of vitamins and antioxidant properties in banana peel will reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skin Massage the peel in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes once a week.

Acne Treatment – This fruit has the capacity to manage acne because it is antibacterial in nature. Just apply a peel on the affected areas such as those that tend to have inflammation or pimples at night in order to reduce inflammation and subsequent breakouts. It may also help to avoid further worsening of weeping pimples since it has a way of drying the skin on one’s face.

Shoe Polisher – scraping the banana skin against the surface of the leather shoes polish it without even using a chemical compound. The oils in the peel make leather shoes glimmer and gleam like polishing them with special wax.

Around the House

You can also reuse banana peels in several smart ways around your home:

Garden compos t – Banana peels contribute to calcium and phosphorus in the ground as they decompose when put in the compost.

Silver Polish – It may sound unbelievable but banana peel contains oxidants and fibers and it can polish your tarnished silver jewels and cutleries by just rubbing the peel on them. It does this without requiring the use of harsh chemicals that could harm the material being cleaned by the process.

Fertilizer- The banana peels can be put in water and you get what I call a liquid fertilizer containing calcium, phosphorus and potassium for the houseplants. The applicator notes suggest that it should be diluted with water prior to use.

Splinter Remover – Banana Peel – Simply rub the insides of the banana peel over the affected skin area and leave the skin on the area for another 10-15 minutes. The enzymes may make the wood to become soft at the place of the splinter so that the tweezers used in pulling can easily remove the splinter.

Health Benefits

Eating banana peel can provide these health advantages :Eating banana peel can provide these health advantages:

Digestion Aid – Bananas’ skin is high in fiber which may help to ease the problem of constipation if eaten often. The amount of prebiotics present in the peel also support the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

The digestive system – Banana peel can be blended to make a smoothie and taken in the morning as it contains vitamins and other minerals including potassium that can reduce symptoms such as headaches or dehydration that are associated with a hangover.

Sleep Aid – The banana peel has high tryptophan content which is converted into melatonin and serotonin for sound and restful sleep when consumed at night.

Sustainable Choice

With rising environmental concerns, choosing to use banana peel offers some sustainability benefits:

Food Waste Reduction – One of the biggest challenges in the world today is food waste especially in developed countries where an estimated 40% of food produced ends up in landfill and eventually disposal Eating bananas by peeling them reduces the amount of food waste within your home since you are taking more of the bananas.

Packaging Reduction- Instead of using banana peel, one may not need to purchase things like, silver polish or shoe polish which usually comes in more packaging which is usually single use plastics and other materials.

Less Environmental Pollution: Discarding banana peel impacts the local environment and landfill as it will not produce methane gas as it decomposes with other waste products that are dumped in the landfills.


As you can observe from the above discussion, banana peels are actually a very functional and nutrient-dense food and household item when the garbage can is rejected in favor of it. Given that the fruit is used in everything from natural teeth whitening to remedies for hangovers, one has to wonder why the peels should not be utilized in as many ways as possible. The next time you enjoy your banana, take a few minutes to look at some of the smart uses of the peel as part of the health benefits and world sustainability.


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