An Eye Opener: The Top Eye Vitamins

That I had not seen before till I had an eye opener and a revelation into a new world.

An Eye Opener can be described as a phrase that people use to describe an event in which they were suddenly enlightened and experienced a completely new reality which they had not known before. It broadens one’s perspective and enlarges his/her horizon and makes one embrace different perspectives in life.

The Journey From Closed to Open

It has become a norm for most individuals to go around with their own lenses influenced by their experiences or prejudice. This closed perspective can be thought of as eye blinkers in that it narrows our vision and our ability to comprehend the world. We make assumptions. We judge quickly. This is so because we always fight for our opinions and will never support opinions that do not align with ours. The problem lies in the fact that the scope and extent of our vision are limited by the frames we have put in place unconsciously.

An eye opening experience dismantles the barriers that may have been built up, sometimes, layer after layer throughout one’s existence. As the walls crumble, there is enlightenment and then, we are able to view others, circumstances, opportunities, and life itself through a lens that is pure.

What was hidden becomes open now. Preconceptions and prejudices are erased and one gains understanding of the matter at hand. Once sleepy eyes are now open, we can see more and gain more truths in life so that we can be enlightened in our vision.

Moments That Awaken and Expand Our Sight

As I have mentioned earlier, there are numerous experience that can trigger this kind of eye opening revelation. Some examples include:

Travel That Exposes One to Different Lands and Cultures
Exploring unfamiliar places helps to activate more senses, forcing us to question and to see the value of the lives people have, which is more than what we often find ourselves experiencing in familiar environments. Studying abroad can be enlightening because the latter makes one realize that there are other methods, which are effective as well. That is why comprehensive views present a more extensive range of possibilities and, therefore, various truths.

Art and Literature That Unpacks Complex Emotions
The best of painting, sculpture, and writing give the old itch, the desire to reach and grasp, even though briefly, other realms and feelings beyond the mundane. The audiences catch a brief look at the lives that elicit sympathy, spark the creative mind, and give people strength and purpose.

Spiritual and Religious Transformations That Reveal New Meaning
The founders of the great faith traditions have given at the very heart, the concept of metanoia – change of heart. The moment in our faith life opens our eyes to divine revelations that question, yet fulfill, the life we build for ourselves. We are welcomed by mercy, freedom, and love which the world has not offered us before.

Natural Phenomena Whose Grandeur Inspires Awe and Wonder
Eclipses, auroras, meteors soaring in the dark midnights – natural phenomena leave our gaped and make us astonished in the word’s most direct sense of the meaning. We are once more reminded of ‘things beyond our ken’ of other-worldly enigma. It seems we recall ourselves as the small people who exist in such a big universe and in such a tiny piece of time.

Encounters With Goodness Despite Upbringing or Odds
Seeing those individuals, who despite many obstacles, choose to remain strong and keep fighting, makes us look at our issues and grievances from another perspective. Witnessing human beings live love, forgive, and walk in justice where hatred, violence, and oppression once reigned makes us rethink human nature.

What Changes After Eyes Are Opened

Once a person is able to see what before was not seen or unknown transformation starts. With better vision, we apprehend the reality that is painted in more vivid hues, and is richer in its parameters and interconnections. This is the beauty of this particular kind of storytelling, where dogma and certainty are destabilized and replaced with curiosity and human frailty. Judgments subside. Presence increases. This too is tender and gentle, our gaze to look for beauty in the world and to embrace it.

While the first insight may well occur in a moment, perhaps even a moment of the mystical, awakening is refined through time. They stated that day after day, we throw away the old prejudices and滤enses that blind us. By constant training, we cultivate the discernment to recognize benevolence, opportunity and illumination everywhere we look. The more open the eyes the more one learns to see the love in people and situations throughout the world.

Discovering The Beauty And Responsibility Of Open Eyes

According to Kavan , the benediction of awakened life is perhaps to observe beauty often and to know that they can make it too. It points out an imperative to employ the sight which one has received for the benefit of those who are yet to have the light. To shine light on possibility in every instance of suffering. More literally, it means to look for pearls in people and in a situation or parts that others see only dust and debris. It may be looked into as an ability to look hope full when signs call for alarm.

Followers of this article will understand when I say that our eyes light up the darkness in our world. We develop perceptions depending on what we see and these perceptions shape how we feel and what we do. The greater the amount of beauty which we prevail upon ourselves to see, the greater is the impulse to act beautifully. Given enough sustained commitment to the practices arising from the higher perspective, our reality is gradually reborn.

Still A Beginning, Not an Arrival

An eye opener is not the final station but a starting signal. However, despite its vastness, this new view we have is still not the full picture. We see farther, we do not look full. Deeper, but not completely. This submission frees us from arrogance and pride with regard to our vision of what should or could be. Optimistic we are for the infinite frontier that still lies in front of us. We think we need to go further up the mountain. Perhaps are still longing for somewhat broader scenes which are performed before our greedy, wide eyes watching in admiration.

However, if an experience ever gets to make our eyes open, wider realities hitherto shut out rush in at once. Casting a haze that was gradually blurring everything before it, what was once obscured is now brought into focus. The secrets unveiled cannot be unheard or unseen, erasing previous versions of reality to showcase a terrain promising a brand-new beginning. Even if we have some knowledge, now we are aware of it only in part, and there is always more to learn in the future. Through learning, we are privileged to be opened to different views that alter not just the way we view the world but the way we exist in it.

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