Alia Bhatt wows in Sabyasachi Sari:Met Gala 2024

Alia Bhatt channeled major Indian fairy princess vibes at the Met Gala 2024.Alia Bhatt’s presence shocked the entire world when she walked on the red carpet in the Met gala 2024. and she looked ethereal in a custom Sabysachi floral sari with a long ‘pallu’ that acted like a glamorous train, catching eyeballs at the event. Shutterbugs went nuts capturing every detail of her outfit, jewelry and hairstyle. However, the story behind creating the picture-perfect outfit is just as fascinating as the saree itself.

Why Alia Bhatt’s sari worth the hype:



Let’s talk about Alia Bhatt’s sari designed by Indian couture designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee and its 23 foot long train.

The Met gala is not really about who looked the best and while Alia bhatt sari might actually be our favorite look from the whole night is because her dress is more about a celebration of artistic craftsmanship and celebrating both the theme and exhibit of the Met gala.

After all, the Met’s costume institute is actually about preserving the craftsmanship of the making of clothing and its cultural history.Its not just about the Met gala. So with all that in mind, Alia bhatt sari hits on all of these points.

Did you know that the first mention historically of a sari is in Rig Veda.Its a Hindu book of hymns that dates back to 3,000BC.The Sari represents about 5,000 years of human culture 


Alia Bhatt discussed on the red carpet, “How important it was for her to wear a Sari,not just because of her own personal heritage but because of the fact that it represents so much cultural history.”


Alia bhatt wore a custom Sabyasachi sari:



This Sari boosts a 23 foot long train that has been beautifully embroidered with delicate florals using silk thread,glass beadings and semi precious stones.

The bodice of the Sari was embroidered with crystals,glass beads,semi precious stones and emeralds.

The entire outfit boasts more than $1 million in jewels and semi precious stones.

The Sari’s translucent glass light appearance is not just a nod to the theme “The Garden of Time”but is also a tribute to the incredible craftsmen and artists of India.



This dress represents a beautiful success in merging traditional craftsmanship with modern avant garde sensibilities and design.

It is a perfect mix of traditional sensibilities and avant garde aesthetics.



To create this incredible Sari the designer Sabyasachi has a team of 163 people working putting showers ,dyers,fabric makers,silk weavers and embroiderers which help to make this dress.



When you see the details up close you can understand why it took 1,965 hours which is about 50 weeks or around 2 months to make this dress.

National Geographic is quoted and saying that “India is one of the last great power houses of handicraft cultures.”


The designer Sabyasachi quotes about Alia Bhatt’s sari:



The designer Sabyasachi quoted as saying, “I am honoured to create the signature garment of India,A Sari,handcrafted from techniques handed down over generations and mastered during a lifetime of effort for Alia Bhatt,this sari represents the history and pride of Indian craftsmanship that i have dedicated my career to promoting ,protecting and preserving.”


Alia Bhatt spokes to Gwendoline at Met Gala:



Alia spoke to Gwendoline Christie (of Game of Thrones fame) and model Ashley Graham from Vogue about what went into creating her gorgeous saree.She said,

“It is my second time at the Met Gala,but my first time wearing a sari and when I thought of the dress code, Garden of Time .I felt like it needed something timeless and there’s nothing more timeless than a Sari.” She explains the detailing of her Sari by saying,

“This custom Sari is all hand embroidered and it took 1,905 man hours and 163 craftsmen ,embroidery workers,everybody,to make this gown”


Hair style of Alia Bhatt:


Alia Bhatt opts for dewy skin and a messy bun to match her jeweled headband for the Met Gala 2024

The beautiful ensemble was complete with hair and make-up that embraced a delicate nostalgia, she added. “An elevated coiffure embellished with intricately woven braids and soft freckles – a homage to time’s gentle caress.”

As for her makeup, Alia Bhatt looked daisy-fresh, her skin serving as a soft, radiant canvas for the rest of the look to shine through. A coral blush applied to the apples of her cheeks while the strategic highlighter placement along her cheekbones and on the bridge of her nose added a subtle shimmer and dimension to her skin. Soft brown kohl enhanced the shape of her eyes, while her mascara-coated lashes added intensity to her gaze. Her look was tied together with neatly filled-in brows and a pink-peach matte coral lipstick.


Alia Bhatt’s Sari represents everything that I think is great about the Met gala and the costume institute.

When a designer and an artist speaks so beautifully about the garment that they are wearing to the event then it helps exemplify the whole experience and the whole reason that we are there in the first place which is to celebrate the conservation of clothing as culture history.

In short,Alia Bhatt sari was hands down one of the favorite outfits of the Met Gala evening because it has these Indian elements and this RoCoco vibe.Colours of the Sari are so  beautiful and it’s just on point with the theme and the dress code for the evening.


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