Activities to have done when in early forties so that you won’t regret when you are in your eighties


Some people have it that life starts when one becomes forty years of age. This is because the children are more independent, the career is more set up, and the financial position is more solid during this period making it ideal for planning on achieving goals and fulfilling dreams.

But this age, middle age, is the age which gives one pause and makes one think that life is half over. The years and the decades are seemingly running faster than ever. Before you know it you are 80 years of age, having never for instance been skydiving, and having only dreamed of jumping out of an airplane.

Who and how you are when forty shapes how you will feel when elderly or after twenty years at least. Fortunately, there is still some time through which one must adjust to avoid living a life filled with regret. This article will give the customer information on the different experiences, relationships, health, finance and personal development to consider as a priority during the 40s. If you take care of these areas in your youth and middle age, your golden years will by no means be dull.

This can indeed be achieved by valuing time with family and friends.

There is nothing that is more crucial in life than relationships and the need for them becomes even more significant as one advances in age. It is important to realize this so that one does not have to regret not having spent time with the ones he or she loved when still alive.

So, if there is an opportunity to stay with the family during the work week, then do so.

When it comes to establishing professions and nurturing children, it is very possible for your spouse to be neglected at this period of his or her life. Not neglect your marriage, they should try to go out on dates at least once a week, weekend getaway, or any activity that they both love. Take time to actually sit and speak to each other in a more formalized one on one basis at least once per week.

Connect Deeply With Friends

The dynamics of marriages and the arrival of children is a common known fact that makes friendships take a back seat. Try to foster the relationships that you care about and value. Cultivate and maintain friendships by going out occasionally at night on weekends or at least twice a month. Arrange to talk with those people over video call or meet them during the weekends or other days if they do not reside closely.

For adult children and other family members: Provide emotional support

Your children in this bracket are young adults in a new phase in life involving career choice, relationships as well as establishing individual lives. Availability to listen and be of support when needed without criticism or the act of judging them. Yet, they are not completely free; they need their parents’ help and direction.

Plan Meaningful Family Vacations

One might want to consider a grand family tour every few years, when the children are young. Traveling to Africa, hiking to the top of the Machu Picchu, Greek island  hopping, or a road trip across National parks are some of the incredible ways people can have amazing time together and make beautiful memories.

Some of the other important facets of life include; Eat Right, Exercise Daily.

I can confidently assure you that your 50s and 60s will most probably be very active if you maintain fitness and health today. Any kind of bad habits must be left as early as possible before it becomes very difficult to trim the waistline, increase muscle mass and strength or even heal an injury. It is an investment one can make when still young, in your 40s and reap its benefits as you enjoy your elderly ages.

Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

It means eating healthy is a noble virtue that helps an individual lead a healthy life and age gracefully .Gradual substitution of animal fats by vegetable fats, substituting foods containing simple sugars with vegetables, fruits, whole grain foods and lean meat. Exclude those products that are not healthy for our body like sugars, salt, and unhealthy fats that will later impact our health in the next few years. It leads to portion control as well as less time is used in preparing meals during the busy weekend or evening time.

Incorporate Regular Exercise

Prevent muscle and bone density loss, chronic diseases in old age and get 30- 60 minutes exercise 4+ days a week. Combine aerobic exercises for  healthy heart and lungs to maintain muscle strength for mobility. It can be boring to do the same challenging sports like boxing, rock climbing or playing tennis among others. This has been regarded as a way of ensuring independence in physical matters in future.

Improve Sleep Habits

In later years of life, growth hormones are reduced in the human body and accompanied by change in peoples’ habits causing them to develop poor quality sleep.The quantity of quality sleep that is possible should be guaranteed, adhering to a schedule when it is appropriate to go to bed and when to wake up, avoiding screen time before the night, and cutting back on the consumption of caffeine and alcohol. It will be a sheer pleasure when you hear those words from your 80-year-old self: I appreciate it, the middle-aged person that I am.

Tackle Any Vices

With most risky health behaviours becoming more challenging to alter as one grows older, it is equally necessary to focus on the promotion of healthy lifestyles. If one is a smoker they should quit as well as with the consumption of alcohol one should cut down. Reduce or stop using any illicit substances; seek help from a health professional if required. It is better to address these issues at this stage before such health implications occur.

Get Regular Checkups

To be more specific, everyone should be checked annually in order to defeat the troubles when they are still on the primary stage .Undergo an annual physical check-up with your general practitioner and a dental examination with your dental surgeon. Some of the self-physical tests include; mammogram tests for women over 40 years, prostate examinations for men over 50 years, Cardiovascular as well as Skin cancer tests.  Do not wait long to address any issues that you find in your work.

Invest Wisely For Retirement

The money that one saves towards retirement and other forms of savings, investments that one makes during the 40s determines the amount of freedom one has in the later years. Discuss with financial planners to forecast requirements and make sure to save the right amount towards your retirement money.

Pay Off Debt

Debt management to retirement ages exacerbates the loss of quality of life because of fixed or limited incomes. High priority should be given to prepayment of credit card balances, personal loan and car loans. If possible, cut all payments and have your home paid off by the time you retire. Hobbies and relationships are also a part of life, and having little or no debt later on allows you the flexibility to do as you please.

Which brings us to start the End of Life planning.

Although it seems macabre, it is quite useful to make the last will and testament at the current time to spare relatives and friends from the need to guess what you wanted in one or another situation. Update or establish your will so that your assets are distributed to the intended recipients. Explain sensitive passwords to family members or close friends. They may want to look into buying life insurance, long term care insurance or prepay for funeral expenses.

Pursue Meaning And Passion

During this stage of the life cycle, self-reflect in order to determine what it will take to bring joy to your existence – and then ensure that these things become the priorities in your life. Find activities you might want to indulge in over the next forty years.

Contemplate On What Is Worth The Most

To do this, find time and space for quiet contemplation through journaling, walking in nature, or talking with friends or family members. Identify what makes for meaning and meaninglessness. Then align structure priorities and goals in the same manner.

Learn And Grow

Strengthen your brain and fend off decline by practicing a new tough skill every day – a language, an instrument, a craft, a game, or a voluntary post that requires solving problems and thinking quickly. Of course, it is advised to set learning goals for each year, then fully immerse in the process. This keeps your mind sharp for the next few decades lies ahead of you.

Give Back To Others

Do not allow your time, talent and resources to be wasted, invest them in doing something productive. Organize with entities of interest with which you have similar beliefs and ideals and where you can provide assistance. Or just carry out the policy of ‘you are welcome’ to the general public and engage them with courtesy. Volunteering is very fulfilling at any age and it is a known fact that people are grateful when they can contribute back to society.

Things to cross off the bucket list

Well, if not now, then when? This line is usually used to justify choosing the dreams and goals that one has in their bucket list. Define the fantasies you would always like to fulfill such as genealogical research abroad, walking the entire length and breadth of your country’s National Trail, or observing the Great Barrier Reef. Create realistic goals and personalities and then ensure that you set out to achieve one daring dream at least per annum.


Life moves incredibly fast. It becomes a process of going through the years one by one only to realize that you are already at the stage of contemplating retirement. The bright side of it is that you can safely plan and arrange your life to avoid any regrets in the future, provided that you concentrate your efforts on the essential aspects of one’s life during the 40s, such as relationships, health, financial status, and personal development. Make the next ten years focus on deepening and cherishing relationships, maintaining health, investing into pensions and spending more time on what you consider fulfilling. If you make proper decisions when it comes to choosing your path in life, and spare no effort to achieve the things that are meaningful to you, then your old age is definitely going to be a time of happiness and contentment, at least as far as physical abilities are concerned.

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